How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria

The number of travels within and outside Nigeria is astonishing. For this reason alone, you should learn how to become a travel agent in Nigeria and earn from the traveling trend.

How to become a travel agent in Nigeria

Over 10 million persons depart Nigeria via the airport yearly. And almost the same number flies into the country, which means lots of money.

When you venture into the travel agent business in Nigeria, you do not need a huge workforce or machines for it to be effective. First, you have to partake in the travel agent training in Nigeria. You may assist your knowledge with free courses online.

In the sections below, I discuss how you can become a travel agent in Nigeria.

Travel Agent Requirement in Nigeria for Individual

To start a travel agent business in Nigeria needs more than money to keep the business alive.

You must possess some individual traits such as customer-friendliness, determination, and the ability to manage your workforce.

Of course, you will train your staff to become better in the position of customer servicing. The speech quality must be excellent and each individual should know how to address a customer politely.

Travel Agency Options

Below are options you may consider before you start a travel agency:

  1. International Travel Agent (Licensed with IATA)
  2. Freelance Travel Consultant


International Travel Agent

To become an international travel agent in Nigeria, you will register for a license with an agency such as IATA.

Of course, without a license as an international travel agent, you are limited to domestic travel in Nigeria.

Freelance Travel Consultant

As a freelance travel consultant, you can only work with local flights within Nigeria. Operating as a freelance travel consultant permits you to work almost from any place.

All you will do is to connect with clients and describe their travels, and maybe advise them about the travels.

You won’t have to worry about things other than connecting with clients and explaining what they ought to know about a tour.

The reason why freelance travel agency is good is that it requires low capital, unlike the international travel agency.

If your budget is low, then this should be your pick. It saves cost and cuts down stress.

How to Become a Travel Agent in Nigeria

In this section, you will discover how you can establish a successful travel agency in Nigeria.

How much do travel agents earn in Nigeria

Below are the steps to become a travel agent in Nigeria:

  1. Research Questions

Regarding how to become a travel agent in Nigeria, it advisable to make personal researches and get people to answer your questions.

Your best learning ground would be groups and forums (like Nairaland) related to a travel agency, where you will gain advanced knowledge of the business.

Also, you should take the travel agent training in Nigeria if you have not. A typical travel agent in Nigeria would have attended the travel agent training to garner ideas for the business.

Partaking in online classes and taking up online courses are good ways to build your profile too. You will not only be certified educationally in the business, but it builds your business profile.

  1. Take the Travel Agent Training in Nigeria

Whether your course of study agrees with this profession or not, you could take up travel agency training to build your skills.

A reputable way to train/learn is to serve at another travel agency for at least 6 months.

  1. Formulate a Realistic Business Plan

A business plan is crucial for a delicate business like starting a travel agency in Nigeria. It is a profession occupied by several persons, especially in advanced states such as Lagos.

A business plan is the vision of the business; it reminds you of the things to do and not to do. And if you are to earn sponsorships, your business plan would be required to verify the authenticity of your vision.

A typical business plan for the travel agency business in Nigeria would feature the identity of your business.

Before you create one, make a thorough research of the travel agency market, especially your local competitors.

  1. Find a Suitable Location

A travel agency does not have to be in an open space, however, it should be situated at locations that are easy to access.

When clients find it challenging to locate your office, you may lose them to competitors. Endeavor to rent or purchase an office at a location known in the state.

As a mobile travel consultant, you do not require an office necessarily. Nonetheless, you should establish one because it makes your business professional.

A simple and well-furnished room that is not extra-large is enough to serve as an office for a typical travel agent business.

  1. Get the Equipment

Of course, you have to equip your office. Fortunately, a small amount of money can set up an ideal travel agent office for you in Nigeria.

Equipment for travel agency business include:

  • A computer
  • Fax machine
  • Copier
  • A printer
  • Landline phones
  • Customized notebooks
  • Power source
  • Stable internet

Some of the tools you need for travel agency business are Google Drive (save files); Evernote (keeping notes); Nozbe (manage your tasks); Expensify (track your expenses); Flight Track (keep track of flight data); Full Contact (contact management); and OneLogin (save passwords).

  1. Get Certified

Regarding how to become a travel agent in Nigeria, you require some paperwork before you get started.

You will register with an agency like the IATA (International Air Transport Association) if you intend to operate as an international agency.

  1. Publicize Your Business

You may run ads on social platforms or get in touch with travel agencies in Nigeria to build your profile.

When you start getting clients, encourage to return and refer more persons to your travel agency business.

What a Travel Agent Does

Below are what you will do as a travel agent in Nigeria:

Event Ticket Sales

As a travel agent, you can sell event tickets to people visiting Nigeria for events. It could be a football match, wrestling contest, running event, etc.

You could purchase the tickets, advertise and resell to visiting travelers.

Accommodation Booking

A stranger would not know the best hotel to lodge for a night. You have to earn by recommending the best accommodation venues for visitors.

You should be able to classify the expensive hotels from the less expensive hotels. Of course, a traveler would want to know the best hotel that will accommodate them.

If you affiliate with some hotels, you could earn a commission for referrals.

Flight Ticket Retailer

You could become a licensed flight ticket retailer. The task is simple; help your clients to book their tickets and get paid.

Tour Travel Guide

When tourists arrive in Nigeria, they would expect someone to guide them on the best tourist centers.

Information on the internet would not be enough, so, you are supposed to be informed of the best places for your client on tour.

Security is crucial; find out the locations within Nigeria that are not safe. Of course, you will not recommend such places to your client. However, if a client insists that they are interested in touring the location, provide them with the emergency lines of that location to keep in handy in case of a problem.

Flight Consultations

Clients will consult you for a travel guide of all sorts. It could be about the best cities to invest, reside, host a conference, etc.

How Much Does a Travel Agent Earn in Nigeria?

A typical travel agent in Nigeria earns at least 100,000 Naira on average monthly. As a beginner, you will not earn as much unless you can gather the clients as you start the business immediately.

Final Thought

Before you start a travel agent business, inquire about the business, especially in your location. Sincerely, not all locations in Nigeria are suitable for establishing a travel agency.

If you have no foresight or foreknowledge of the business, serve at another agency for a period not less than 6 months.