10 Best SUV to Drive in Nigeria

SUVs are car models with an every-time premium touch. This gets more exciting when you have one of the best SUV to drive in Nigeria. You further the excitement by going for the best fuel economy SUV in Nigeria.

best Suv to drive in Nigeria

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There are occasions where the SUV is very necessary. For example, during summer when it rains always. And, with the wheel inches, most SUVs in Nigeria carry, owners, are less likely to be affected by the rain. Other reasons include road bumps, potholes, etc. SUVs will easily survive these hurdles while the driver and passengers remain comfortably inside the car.

Do you know that owning an SUV accords respect in Nigeria? For instance, owning any of the best SUV cars in Nigeria gives people the impression that you’re the boss. Would you love to be this respected? Consider getting any of the below listed best SUV to drive in Nigeria.

Toyota Rav4

Talking of compact crossovers, Rav4 is Toyota’s first compact crossover. It first debuted in Japan and today, we find several models in Nigeria. First and second-generation Rav4 SUVs are the best Toyota cars below 1 million Naira in Nigeria.

The production of this compact SUV car started in 1994 and still ongoing with rugged models coming in yearly. Talking about safety, Toyota Rav4 rises to the game. Its crashworthiness has been rated at a decently warming level, enough to convince any potential buyer of this SUV model from Toyota.

It has a crashworthiness rating for its roof, seats, head, sides of the car, and even a moderate overlap front rating. However, the IIHS Small Overlap Frontal Test isn’t too good.

Rav4 is recommended for its increased cargo room which is very necessary for occasions that require space for packing whatever.

The Rav4 models are mostly 4-wheel drives although optional and they each have higher visibility. Talking of fuel here is one best fuel economy SUV to own in Nigeria. It costs depending on the models.

The first-generation models go for as low 800,000 Naira. Models between 2007 and 2013 fall between 1.2 million Naira and 3 million Naira. Models of 2020 cost as high as 10 million to 15 million while Tokunbo versions cost lower.

Mercedes GLK-Class

You might want to opt for the Mercedes GLK SUV which embodies complete features of SUV cars. It’s not the best on the list but the Rav4 has its own uniqueness. It very well falls under the list of best fuel economy SUV in Nigeria.

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2008 is the production year of this powerful SUV car featuring an increased cargo room in vehicles. It can contain almost anything without force, pressure, or space complaint in the cargo room. This Benz model assembles in Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, and China as the best SUV to drive in Nigeria.

However, its production ended in 2015 and it has then been replaced with Mercedes GLC-Class. The SUV is a mid-size luxury crossover sporting 5 doors and has an integrated 4matic layout with a 7-spd auto transmission. Owning a 2015 Mercedes GLK-Class means that you are cruising the latest GLK-Class SUV in Nigeria. This price of Mercedes GLK-Class in Nigeria falls between 2.6 million Naira and 7.2 million Naira depending on the model.

Honda CR-V

Typing in a keyword like “best SUV in Nigeria Nairaland” would display tons of reviews on Honda CR-V. That is to say that this compact crossover SUV in Nigeria has all it takes to captivate car lovers.

Do you ever wonder what CR-V stands for? Well, Honda CR-V stands for Honda ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle’. The meaning of this acronym equally defines what the CR-V models are all about.

The Honda CR-V features several generations as a mid-range utility car in Nigeria. The production of its first-generation, for instance, started in 1995 and ended in 2001 with subsequent generations following up till today. All released generations feature a body style of 5-door with an enlarged cargo room enough to fit in anything. Transmission type differs as some Honda CR-V cars sport 5-spd AWD, 5-spd FWD, MDMA 4-spd auto, and MDLA 4-spd auto. Needless to talk about its Nigerian road compatibility as it survives on any road condition in Nigeria.

Ford Escape

Here is another best SUV to drive in Nigeria on any road. It is a compact crossover SUV by Ford. The production of this vehicle started in 2001 and is still being produced year in and year out.

So far, there are over four generations on the Ford Escape in Nigeria with more generations to come. All models feature large cargo rooms, 5 doors, and then there is an option for an auto or manual transmission system.

The wheel inches are large enough to keep the car standing above ground level and this makes it fit for any road in Nigeria.

First, second, and third-generation Ford Escape SUVs cost between 750k and 1.3 million Naira. The prices of Ford Escape for subsequent generations amount between 2 million Naira and 8 million Naira depending on the released years.

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Here is a full-size SUV first manufactured by Toyota in the year 2000. At the moment, the production is still ongoing with the SUV becoming more and more luxurious with its design.

It could be said to be a giant car with a wheelbase of up to 118.1 inches. This could trample any road in Nigeria with passengers having optimal comforts. The Sequoia sports 5 doors including the cargo room door.

Its cargo room capacity is large enough for any occasion and this car could very serve any family that purchases it. Some models sport a 4-wheel drive type while others feature front-wheel drive type.

Moreover, models between 2001 and 2004 feature a 4-spd auto transmission system while models between 2005 and 2007 feature a 5-spd auto transmission. The price of Toyota Sequoia in Nigeria falls within 3 million Naira and 13 million Naira depending on the model.

Land Rover Range Rover

Here is another full-size SUV in Nigeria to opt for. It is a sport utility SUV manufactured by Range Rover. Its production started in 1970 and is currently ongoing worldwide. There are over four generations of this car model in the world with all featuring premium touches.

The car is large-looking and so is the car cargo room. The versions in Nigeria have gas engine types and also sport 5 doors. Older models sport a manual transmission system while newer models feature mostly automatic transmission systems.

The price of Range Rover in Nigeria falls between 1.3 million Naira and up to 50 million Naira. For a car of its class, its worth is okay for the price

Toyota Highlander

The Highlander is a crossover built on the platform that the Toyota Camry is built on. The build platform is Toyota K and its present models give a complete luxurious touch. The production of the Highlander SUVs started in April 2000 and several generations of the Toyota Highlander have been so far manufactured. In Nigeria, it can’t be owned with as low as 900 thousand for models of the 2000s and up to 3 million for models of 2010s.

As a typical best SUV to drive in Nigeria, it sports an average of 106.9 wheelbase which provides stability for Nigerian roads. The various models feature either 4-spd auto or 5-spd auto transmission systems, depending on the build. The notable average length of Toyota highlanders 2001, 2004, Hybrid, etc. is 184.5 inches.

The cargo room is large and the SUV sports 5 doors. There is an option for Front-wheel and all-wheel drive type. The engine type for Highlander crossover SUVs in Nigeria is gas and they are one of the few cars good for Nigerian roads.

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Acura MDX

This is a mid-size, 3-row luxury crossover SUV. Its production started in 2000 and it has been the best selling car in its category. It is equally the best SUV to drive in Nigeria on any road and weather.

The Acura features a 3-row seat that is enough to contain over 7 seaters comfortably. Moreover, it is a luxurious ride and one of the most affordable cars in Nigeria for its class. It is not as cheap as several SUVs on this list but it’s definitely worth the price.

Meanwhile, these are the only cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.

Lexus RX

One of the SUVs that often appear when you type in “best SUV in Nigeria Nairaland” in the Lexus. It is a very popular SUV in Nigeria and lots of reviews reveal that this is the choice car for anyone in Nigeria. Talking of the best fuel economy SUV, this crossover comes in as one of the SUV cars in Nigeria.

The Lexus RX is also called Toyota Harrier and its production started in 1998. The models between 1998 and 2003 are compact luxury crossover SUV cars while the models between 2004 and the present productions are mid-size luxury SUV cars.

It sports up to 5 doors and a large cargo room for items. The first-generation Lexus goes for as low as 700 thousand and 1 million Naira. The later models begin from 1.5 million to 10 million, depending on the year and car condition. Here is where to buy used Lexus cars in Nigeria without a headache.

Final Thoughts

Having seen this 9-car list showing the best SUV to drive in Nigeria, which would you go for?

Before putting a newly acquired SUV on the road, here are all documents required to drive a car in Nigeria.

Do have in mind that most of the listed cars are fuel-efficient. In terms of road compatibility, they all possess the ability to surf any road in Nigeria without difficulties.

Lastly, their prices will differ depending on several conditions. For example, a fairly used SUV in Nigeria will cost cheaper than a Tokunbo. Just this way, a brand new will cost twice the amount o Tokunbo. Depending on your budget, go for the SUV that lures happiness.

Getting a fairly used SUV? See the Documents to Collect when Buying a Used Car in Nigeria.