11 Best Tyre Brands in Nigeria

It’s recommendable for drivers to use the best tyre brands in Nigeria for a seamless driving experience. Why? Tyres matter while you have the vehicle on the Nigerian roads. It defines the responsiveness of vehicle handling, smoothness, fuel economy and, of course, the overall performance of the vehicle.

This article highlights 11 brands with the best tyre for Nigerian roads. Interestingly, each of these brands boasts of a reputable identity coupled with reliability worldwide.

Experience, as you know, matters in production and we present the brands with suitable experiences for best tyre manufacturing.

11 Best Tyre Brands in Nigeria


World’s Largest Tyre Manufacturer

best tyre brands in Nigeria

“Are Bridgestone tyres the best tyres in Nigeria?” Earnestly, Bridgestone’s position as the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer says it all. In truth, Bridgestone is the touchstone for the best tyre brands in Nigeria.

“Bridgestone” is derived from the Japanese expression ‘Ishibashi’ which means ‘Stone Bridge’. As it stands, ‘Ishibashi’ commemorates the quality of tyres manufactured by Bridgestone.

Bridgestone tyres are bridges that let drivers go over wobble roadways and potholes while maintaining optimal balance. It’s needless to mention the degree of comfortability Bridgestone tyres provide while handling a vehicle and the increased fuel economy. A typical vehicle with Bridgestone tyres reportedly enjoys 100% handling improvements, thus, making the driving experience seamless.


The starting price for a Bridgestone tyre is 45,000 Naira.


Second-Largest Manufacturer Worldwide

best tyre brands in Nigeria

Regarded as the world’s second-largest tyre manufacturer, Michelin boasts of rugged vehicle tyres for Nigerian roads. They have developed rapidly over the years and have attracted about 23% of vehicle owners in Nigeria. Michelin stands on quality and reliability. Moreover, when it comes to the best tyre for Nigerian roads, Michelin comes to mind.

Being recognized as one of the best tyre brands in Nigeria is not the sole reason why Michelin is recommended. The reason is greatly that Michelin utilizes premium materials for tyre production. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, fabric and high-quality wires are combined for exceptional production.

Ultimately, Michelin builds tyres for terrains, muds and waters. Get one today and beat the bad road conditions in Nigeria.


The starting price for Michelin tyres in Nigeria is 40,000 Naira.


The Conqueror of Terrains in Nigeria

best tyre brands in Nigeria

Goodyear recognizes with top manufacturers like Japan’s Bridgestone, France’s Michelin and Germany’s Continental. They’re in the league of best tyre brands in Nigeria providing Nigerians with the best tyres for the seamless driving experience.

Considering the nature of mountainous landscapes in Nigeria, Goodyear has vowed to rise to the demand on Nigerian roads. They manufacture tyres for various vehicles including but not limited to trucks, SUVs, sports cars, farm machinery and even aeroplanes.

The relevance of Goodyear in Nigeria is greatly impacted by Continental’s international presence. They are key tyre suppliers in Formula One and several others which means they know quality. Interestingly, teams racing with Goodyear tyres often record massive victories inspired by the brilliance of the Goodyear.

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The starting price for Goodyear tyres is 10,000 Naira. Nonetheless, it becomes pricier depending on the vehicle in question.


World’s Fourth-Largest Tyre Manufacturer

best tyre brands in Nigeria

Continental tyres have never succumbed to the doggedness of roads in Nigeria. The tyre brand doubtlessly produces the best tyres for Nigerian roads. They understand Nigeria’s landscape and are consistently manufacturing tyres that measure up to the Nigerian road requirements. In short, Continental is a brand that puts consumers first.

With the admirable path Continental is threading in Nigeria, it’s obvious they have infiltrated the market with quality. Every continental tyre – big, medium or small, is designed with unique premium materials. If you’re sick about the best tyre for Nigerian roads, sincerely Continental tyre is the medicine. Little wonder why they’ve long been present in the league of best tyre brands in Nigeria.


The starting price of Continental tyre is 30,000 Naira. For a used Continental tyre, you’d buy one at 8,000 Naira.


World’s Fifth Largest Tyre Manufacturer

best tyre for Nigerian roads

Pirelli is one of the best tyre brands in Nigeria and an influential tyre manufacturer worldwide. They are rooted in an amazing history coupled with quality in tyre production. Today, they are being regarded as the fifth largest tyre maker and such is a feat only the greatest can achieve.

Since the inception of top brands like Pirelli, Nigeria has witnessed a significant decrease in the rate of road accidents. Drivers have been able to have better control over vehicles and vehicle handling has been seamless. Moreover, Nigerian vehicle owners using Pirelli tyres save more than 10% of fuel expenses yearly.

Pirelli has successfully gained acceptance from millions for being consistent in the production of the best car tyres in Nigeria. The acceptance is based on the fact that Pirelli tyres save fuel, balance vehicles, and decreases the rate of road accidents.


The starting price for the Pirelli tyre in Nigeria is 15,000 Naira.


Tyres On the Road Matter

best tyre for Nigerian roads

Maxxis brand of tyres in Nigeria are a class apart from other brands. Popular all over the country, Maxxis produces the best tyres in Nigeria for all occasions. They have tyre collections to support SUVs, 4x4s, off-road-trucks, sedans, hatchbacks, etc.

Going off-road, climbing downhills, speeding with balance and saving gas is the trademark of every tyre manufactured by the company. The tyres are firm to the ground and do not easily bloat until after a long period of usage. This, of course, is enhanced by the topnotch materials used during the production.

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The starting price of Maxxis tyres is 18,500 Naira.


World’s Seventh-Largest Tyre Maker

best tyre for Nigerian roads

Hankook is an adventurous tyre manufacturing company universally recognized as the seventh-largest in the industry. Right from the start of the 21st century, the company has been investing heftily on expansion and quality. Today, they’ve graced the Nigerian market with nothing but quality to enhance driving experiences and to help vehicle owners conquer tough terrains.

To sustain the recognition as one of the best tyre brands in Nigeria, the company employs the use of premium materials. They rely on sophisticated platforms to build tyres with enhanced winter traction capable of seamless terrain cruising, improved fuel efficiency, etc. A tyre from Hankook is synonymous with superiority and you should get one today.


The starting price of Hankook tyres in Nigeria is 40,000 Naira.


Unrivalled in the Industry

best car tyres in Nigeria

Yokohama is deservingly one of the best tyre brands in Nigeria. They are famous for well-refined tyres capable of trespassing the difficult regions of Nigeria. Yokohama tyres can seamlessly withstand high pressure, drive upon thorns and significantly increase the speed of your vehicle.

The company has remained at recognizable limelight for manufacturing the best car tyres in Nigeria for years now. All thanks to the premium materials, including the carbon black solution used for Yokohama tyres.

Moreover, the increasing relevance of Yokohama in Nigeria shows no sign of coming to a halt just yet. This suggests that the prestigious tyre brand will continue to serve Nigerians with the most rugged tyres for any occasion.


The starting price of Yokohama tyres in Nigeria is 45,000 Naira. Used tyres cost as low as 8,000 Naira at reputable stores.


An All-Season Vehicle Traction

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Every important journey in Nigeria requires the best car tyres in Nigeria manufactured by Dunlop. The company is famous for its all-season tyres evidently exceptional during winters and rough summers. Dunlop tyres trigger responsive handling and enhance the overall performance of any vehicle.

The brand has duly enjoyed lavished commendations as the manufacturer of the best tyre for Nigerian roads. They’re so prominent that every car tyre inscribed with “DUNLOP” is regarded as superior in Nigeria. With Dunlop tyres, traction becomes seamless, threading on terrains, muds and potholes become super-smooth.


The starting price of Dunlop tyres in Nigeria is 40,000 Naira.


A Manufacturer with Great History

best tyres in Nigeria

BFGoodrich was established over 150 years ago and became the first manufacturer to produce radial tyres. Moreover, the first car to cross the U.S. used BFGoodrich tyres and the first successful flight across the Atlantic featured BFGoodrich tyres. These entail the company’s longevity and experiences gathered, which today includes them in the league of best tyre brands in Nigeria.

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It suffices, thus, to note that BFGoodrich has been in the game for ages, and they continue to thrive. BFGoodrich tyres ensure seamless driving for your SUV, 4×4, sedan, pickup truck, etc. Each tyre is built on an advanced technology platform with the best premium materials. They’re coated with special carbon black solutions and a few other potent materials to enhance the entire driving experience.


The starting price of BFGoodrich tyres in Nigeria is 25,000 Naira.


Driving to Brighter Days

best tyres in Nigeria

Firestone tyres are built for the toughest road explorations. Featuring the most advanced engineering, Firestone tyres can seamlessly perform in a herculean manner during any season. You need not worry while your wheels are on the road during winter because Firestone tyres are enhanced for winter.

A journey has never been to easy considering the nature of Nigerian roads; it has also never been easy crossing potholes and wobble roads. However, embracing Firestone tyres translates to threading on bad road conditions without fright in Nigeria.


The starting price of Firestone tyres in Nigeria is 15,000 Naira.

Other Good Tyres Mention:

  • GT Radial
  • Cougar

Note: The price range for each tyre is dependent on its nature and the kind of vehicle in question. Used tyres cost way less than a newly purchased.

Why These Tyres Are Recommended

Fuel Efficiency

A good car tyre helps to improve the fuel economy of a vehicle. This translates to saving more money on fuel and driving more miles. The above-mentioned brands offer the best tyres in Nigeria that save fuel and save you costs.

Better Traction

A bad tyre wouldn’t be able to resist the ground when vehicle torque is pressurized by the axle of the vehicle. If a bad tyre manages to resist, expect tyre bloating within a few days. This, however, is not the case with car tyres offered by the above-mentioned brands. Expect balance even when you’re speeding or on slippery grounds.


Although there is no answer regarding how long tyres should last, good tyres can function well for up to 8 years. However, endeavor to replace your car tyres after every 10,000 – 50,000 miles. The aforementioned tyre brands in Nigeria are promising and they manufacture tyres with the best life-span.

Final Thoughts

You’ve been duly fed with brands that offer the best tyre for Nigerian roads. Pick a preferred and prepare to explore the roads seamlessly. For adventures, make sure the expedition vehicle is well fitted with off-road tyres from any of the brands above.

Endeavour to check well before buying and buy only from trusted dealers.