List of UK Best Used Small Cars Under 5000 Pounds

Best Performance Cars Under 5k in the UK

Sometimes a deluxe-looking sort of car for a low budget is necessary. We do not have to cruise on a million-pound ride persistently even when we can afford to own a number of them. This article presents a list of best used small cars under 5000 for an intending car lover.

Many doubt the presence of new cars for £5000, but, what if there are a number of them available with luxurious finishes? Well, we will sort this out within 8 minutes of scrolling through your device or computer.

The list is based on the best performance cars under 5k for any UK family. Do you prefer your car transmission automatic? Then, look out for the automatic cars under £5000 below and dump your luxury ride or public transport for a long while.

1. Suzuki Celerio

best used small cars under 5000


The Suzuki Celerio in context is the 2014 Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GL. It is one of the best used small cars under 5000 to grace this list and it’s worth a mention. Beginning from the engine, for its worth and all, it is perfection. It is, however, not the sort of car to hit a long distance with. The traverse alignment engine-type seats in front and supports petrol as fuel type. It sports 12 valves to better complement its abilities.
Talking of performance, is this one of the best performance cars under 5k in the UK? It certainly is.
Despite its small nature, it couples a horsepower of up to 68 clocked @6000 rpm and a torque of 90 @ 3500 rpm. The handling is not bad. However, it is not one of the many automatic cars under £5000 due to its 5-speed manual transmission system.

Celerio Pricing

In terms of pricing, the Celerio does not qualify as one of the new cars for £5000 only. However, for a used Suzuki Celerio, the price is anywhere within the range of £4,500 and £5,500. Interested? Check out the Suzuki Celerio car prices on Motors. I sort of prefer carrying out trades on AutoTrader though. We do not know your stand but a 2015 AutoTrader Suzuki Celerios are somewhat cheap. As stated in this compilation, the price of Suzuki Celerio ranges within £5k. We have placed a couple of orders already and hope to see you there.
Uhm, lest I forget, the cargo room is not a large one.

2. Vauxhall Astra GTC

best used small cars under 5000


This is an affordable high performance front wheel drive vehicle with a 5-spd manual gearbox. It sports a horsepower of up to 101 @ 6000 rpm and 96 torque @ 4000 rpm with fuel support. Vauxhall GTC speeds up to 101 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph within 14.5 seconds. This car as part of the best used small cars under 5000 for a used model is a great choice if you should go for one.

Pricing of Vauxhall Astra GTC 2015

There are over 180 Vauxhall GTC cars on UK Motors in stock at the moment. Or, check out the 5000 pounds Vauxhall cars on AutoTrader.

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Rac Cars offer Vauxhalls, 2015 models, as one of the best used small cars under 5000 Pounds. We not very familiar with Rac Cars but from reviews, they are good. Simply, follow the embedded link to own a Vauxhall GTC today.

Note: we keep this list updated at all times to provide you with the best useful information.

3. Dacia Sandero

best performance cars under 5k


Dacia 2014, although a subcompact car less than 5000 pounds in the UK, is a beast of its kind. Launched in Brazil, the ride has gained prominence among the lovers of cars. It sports a 0.9-litre cyl (3 cylinders) and consumes an average of 5.32 l/100km. This is, however, a manual transmission system car with a 5-spd gearbox and can accelerate from 0.100km/h within 11.1 seconds according to claims. Perhaps, this could be down to its turbo engine.

Think of it, this cheap FWD car for winter would be gracious. Imagine speeding away from cold and possibly hitting 90 on a 40 way (don’t try it, mate).

Concerning the interior, everything, going by the recent assessment is sound. The cargo room is not so large and it is not expected that you have something too big for this affordable car less than 5000 pounds.

Pricing of Dacia Sadero

We checked in on Desperate Seller for cheap Dacia Sandero cars or even less than £5k. Surprisingly, these prices are real. Here is a hot Dacia Sandero deal in the UK! Look, once this deal is off, we’ll update it with a fresher and even better deal. Meanwhile, the much trusted UK Motors packs lots of cheap Dacia Sandero cars for sale right now. How about this particular deal? We still prefer Desperate Seller deal though.

4. Cadillac BLS 2.0T SE

best performance cars under 5k

Cadillac 2.0T

This is one of the few sedan cars below 5k pounds in the UK. BLS 2.0T with 4 cyls and petrol support with a traverse engine alignment is cool at 5k pounds. The front wheel drive vehicle with turbo aspiration is coupled with 175hp @ 5500 rpm and 260 torque @ 5500 rpm. Interestingly, this is a 12 valve car below 5000 pounds, if not 3000 pounds or 4000 pounds in the UK.

In terms of speed, 137mph is what you get and BLS 2.0T can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 8.70s.

Pricing of the Cadillac

Cadillac BLS between 2007 and 2010 fall under automatic cars under £5000, however, not all releases are engineered with auto transmissions. The Cadillac BLS 2.0T SE 4dr Auto is a 2007 model saloon car. UK Motors has this Cadillac in stock for as low as £2,995. It is, however, a low mileage ride. This price might change anytime soon and this article will change with it too. Surprisingly, this same ride is available on Desperate Seller for the same price, £2,995.

5. Volkswagen Phaeton

best performance cars under 5k


The production of the Volkswagen Phaeton ride started in 2002 and ended in 2016. This, therefore, means that if you are opting for a 2016 model, you are definitely cruising on it as one of the latest performance cars under 5000.

The V Phaeton is an all wheel drive sedan with high-performance car. The base engine bumps up to 335hp and torque of 317 @ 3500 rpm. Moreover, this ride features a 4.2 l V8 engine. Good enough, this is one of the automatic cars under £5000 in the UK for a used type. It is an auto ride with 6-spd. Do you have a family of 5? Not to worry, the sedan Phaeton would have you all covered.

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Lest it is omitted, Phaeton is engineered with side airbags and front airbags against accidental impacts. You are gifted with traction control support from the car as well.

Price of used Volkswagen Phaeton today

I See Cars have quite a collection of the Volkswagen Phaeton. However, there are a couple of 2004 model Phaeton cars of 5000 pounds on the website. The Phaeton is one of the automatic cars under £5000. By this, the car in reference is the 2006 model that sports a 6-speed automatic transmission with support for a manual shift. The 2004 model equally supports an auto transmission but you may want to opt for a used Phaeton 2006 model for a cheap price.

6. Peugeot 407 SW

best used small cars under 5000


The production of this car started in 2004 and ended in 2011. Despite being a long-gone car, its specs keep it alive. As one of the cheap best used small cars under 5000, it does not fail to impress. The Peugeot 407 features a 136hp @ 4000 and 236 torque @ 2000. Moreover, this is a two wheel vehicle with transmission type varying as manual and automatic and it sports 6 gears. What may seem a down is the fact that it supports diesel as fuel type.

Pricing of Peugeot 407 SW

Check out cheap used Peugeot 407 on Gumtree with almost no scratch.

7. Porsche Cayenne

best performance cars under 5k


The Cayenne 2014 is a V8 engine ride of 400hp @ 6500 rpm. The torque couples up to 369 @ 3500 rpm. Going for the used models between 2010 and 2015 would really envelop sense. The chances that 2016, 2017 and above as used cars below 5000 pounds would be defective are high.

Price of Used Porsche Cayenne

The price somehow differs though. If you have a Porsche Boxster in mind, be ready to splash more cash or settle for the 90s model. For the Cayenne, you’d be driving between 2007 and 2015 Porsche cars for 5000 pounds in the UK. On Desperate Seller, there are lots of Cayenne cars below £5k. You may want to opt for any one of them now.

8. Mazda 2

best performance cars under 5k

Mazda 2

Mazda may not be the best used small cars under 5000 in the Uk but it is worth it. The hatchback has a fuel capacity of 11.3 gallons and a base engine size of 1.5 l. The performance ability coupling 100 hp @ 6000 and 98 torque @4000 rpm is not odd as well.

Thinking of Mazda car for 3k pounds? Consider models from 2007 and you would get a clean car. At 5k pounds, a super clean car is certain.

Price of Used Mazda 2

Here is a sweet Mazda 2 deal on Desperate Seller at the moment. The Mazda 2 is one of the very best used small cars under 5000 and as such, a number of them are live on Desperate Seller for a quick sell. Moreover, UK Motors is currently selling of these hatchback cars for even as low as 3,000 pounds to intending car buyers. If a 2007 model tickles you, follow this link for a 2007 Mazda 2 at 3,295 pounds.

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9. Rover Mini Cooper

best used small cars under 5000

Rover Mini

Although old, it won’t be a bad touch. Its production ended in 2000 but the mini cooper is still an amazing ride. You can get this ride for even as low as 2000 pounds. In fact, with up to 5000 pounds, you can easily go away with 2 Rover Minis.

Mini cooper offers you 63 hp @ 5500 rpm and 50 torque @ 2500 rpm. Not so cool, yea, but not bad for its cheap cost. It does not offer up to 100 top speed but at about 80-90 spd, mini cooper is a good decision. One more thing, this mini car can accelerate from 0 to 60mph within 18 seconds.

Price of a Used Rover Mini Cooper

It seems this Rover 1.6 Mini Cooper is the sexiest deal so far. Anyway, you should see a couple of Mini Cooper best used small cars under 5000 pounds at the moment. In as much as we trust these affordable rides, careful scrutinize the ride before making payments.

10. MG MG3

automatic cars under 5000


The MG MG3 offers a top speed of up to 108 mph for the 2015 model. It can well accelerate from 0 to 60mph within 10.6 seconds as claimed. However, a used model may not be able to offer this ability.

MG3 weighs 1125kg and can hold up to 45 litres of petrol. People love this car and you should love it too.

Price of MG MG3

Do you like deals of GumTree? If you do, consider these MG MG3 cars below 5,000 pounds on the platform. The Mg 3 3 Style Lux Vti-tech goes for as low as £4,490 on Theaa. Extensively, here is a collection of several cheap MG3 below and a bit above 5000 pounds on UK Motors.

11. Volvo C30

best used small cars under 5000

Volvo C30

The Volvo C30 is a 15.9 gal ride with 103.9 inches of wheelbase. The hatchback sports a 2.5 base engine size. It hits up to a 227 hp @ 5000 rpm and its torque is 237 lb @ 1500 rpm. Do you like cars with front wheel drive-trains? If you do, then, pick the C30. It is a cool ride, no doubt and promises to be superb for its affordable cost.

Price of Volvo C30 UK

Traditionally, the Volvo C30 would cost a bit. But then, the 2010 model does not exceed 5000 pounds. On UK Motors, the Volvo C30 of 2010 goes for £3,290 up to £4,695.

Our Thoughts

In this piece, nothing but the best used small cars under 5000 have been identified. It is then your responsibility to make a pick, precisely a car worth less than 5000 pounds. All cars here are best performance cars under 5k pounds in the UK and the price would undergo no changes anytime soon.

Moreover, some cars on this list are automatic cars under £5000 for every UK intending car owner. Frankly, you may not quite find new cars for £5000, however, there are clean cars at this rate. And, a couple of such cars have been duly mentioned in this compilation.

Are you new to the car buying sphere? Well, we recommend knowing how to buy a car for the first time without taint. Even so, you need to have the checklist for buying a car at the tip of your fingers before approaching a car dealer.

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