9 Cars Below 2 Million Naira

In this article, we will discuss the cars below 2 million Naira. Every year comes with a car bang in Nigeria. Today, a few hundreds of thousands can get you a car to drive in Nigeria.

cars below 2 million naira

Moreover, these cars are very easily accessible. For example, talking about tokunbo clean cars Ikeja comes to mind. Are you in Abuja? Enugu? Ibadan? Just name your location in Nigeria and cheap cars of 1.5 million will be proved available.

Meanwhile, it is very necessary to know where to buy cars in Nigeria. Compared to some years ago, cars for 1.2 million Naira and even more could be owned while in bed today. Going back to the subject, there are 9 hot 9 cars below 2 million Naira.

In as much as these cars are being quietly sold to prevent too many buyers, we have collected a couple of them from trusted sources.


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Cars Below 2 Million Naira

This section lists all top deals for cars of 1.2 million Naira. We will as well link each available car to a source so that you can check it out. In the meantime, here are the best cars below 2 million Naira in Nigeria:

1. Toyota Corolla 2006

Toyota, no doubt, is a household name in Nigeria. Some Nigerians love and others want to have a test of the brand. on the other hand, a few others do not seem to like the brand for some reason. Overall, Toyota is good and the Corolla 2006 is a precious model as one of the cars below 2 million Naira.

Now, let’s describe this car. Cars of 1.5 million Naira do not normally feature a good sport a good displacement. But, in the Toyota Corolla, there is a 1.8L displacement.

The engine type is gas and then it features an SMPI fuel system. Very few cars below 1.5 million have the good horsepower. Corolla 2006 defies this scope and clocks up to 126 horsepower at 6000 rpm. This is complemented by a torque of 122 ft-Il clocked at 4200 rpm. The transmission is okay at 5-spd manual w/OD with its front-wheel-drive support.

There are a few complaints about this car of less than 2 million Naira. However, for the price of this car, these mean nothing. One such downside is that the accelerator pedal is touchy and light-weighted.

Do you know how it feels when a car is giving a motionless sense while you are on the road? That’s exactly what you get in the Corolla 2006. Meanwhile, it is a good car for Nigerian roads. As stated, these models cost less than 2 million Naira for a clean tokunbo version. Here are links to check out the car. We will update this list frequently.

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2. 2005 Honda Accord

Many wonder whether Honda is a good competitor of Toyota in Nigeria. Well, this may be right or true but we’d love you to understand that Honda is a great brand and affordable. Their fuel efficiency is great and commendable depending on the sort of engine you opt for.

2005 Honda supports a gas I4 engine and a displacement of 2.4 liters. You can go around Nigerian roads for quite a good long time without worries after fueling the car. The cargo room is not so large but for a car of this size, it is large enough. Despite being one of the cars of 1.5 million Naira, it allows you experience a 160 horsepower clocked at 5500 rpm and coupled with a 161 torque at 4500 rpm.

It is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and a 5-spd manual transmission. It is a rugged car for Nigerian roads and a decent car under 2 million Naira.

The price is not high for a 2006 Honda Accord that is not in a bad condition. Check it ‘here’ or opt for a 2004 Accord model car below 1 million Naira on Cheki. In tears of fuel economy, Honda 2006 is very fuel-efficient for any driving task.

3. Rav4 2006

Here is a mini SUV car for every car lover who intends to have a luxurious feeling at a cheap cost.

Before you drive a Rav4 in Nigeria, here are all documents required to drive.

The Mini SUV Rav4 features a gas engine and 2.L displacement. It reaches a 166, horsepower clocked at 6000 rpm and a torque of 265 ft-lb clocked at 4000 rpm

The cargo room of this car is quite small and it can house up to 4 seaters. It can as well house 5 seater but there will be no freedom.

4. Nissan Xterra

Nigerians know the Nissan Xterra tobe a good car to drive on Nigerian roads. For an SUV like Xterra as one of the cars below 2 million Naira, it’s very affordable. Nissan discontinued the production of Xterra in 2015 as they could not meet up with the expected technological features. This suggests that owning a 2015 Xterra signifies owning the latest model.

Nissans aren’t the best car and they are not the worst. However, a number of reviews maintain that the Xterra 2007 is not so excellent but good. The first impression of this ride is its affordability. Nissan offers a near-standard tech-fitted car at few millions of Naira only.

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The basic engine details include a V6 gas engine, 4.0/241 displacement, and an SMPI fuel system. The performance is powered by 261 horsepower clocked at 5600 rpm coupled with a torque of 281 ft-lb clocked at 4000 rpm.

You may not quite love the handling which sports a 6-speed manual transmission system. It can carry up to 4 persons swiftly and the cargo room is not so large.

Pricing? For a tokunbo, it is one of the cars below 2 million Naira in Nigeria. Good or bad? For us, it is perfect. Intriguingly, Xterra also qualifies as one of the cars below 1.2 million Naira and cars below 1.5 million Naira.

5. Hyundai Santa Fe GLS

Hyundai Santa Fe GLS is not so much of an adorned car in Nigeria. The SUV features a 5-seater and a medium-sized cargo room. It gives a sense of premium feeling and features several security features including:

  • Antilock disc brakes
  • Front seat airbags
  • Side curtain airbags
  • Monitor for tire pressure
  • Specs to Look Out for in 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS
  • B/w 180 to 242 horsepower at 6000 rpm
  • B/w 183 to 226 ft-lb torque
  • 6-seater support
  • Front-wheel and all-wheel drive type
  • Gas engine
  • Large cargo room
  • 5-speed Manual transmission
  • 2.7L V6 engine

Let’s talk about the price. This car below 2 million Naira is cool for its price.

6. Kia Rio 2009

Kia Rio is a good looking sports car with an ability to run in any part of Nigeria. The car has been widely used in Nigeria, especially the 2006 version which now costs anything between 700 thousand to 1.2 million Naira.

The car is great and could sometimes be referred to as the ladies’ ride.

This car below 2 million sports a gas engine, MPFI fuel system, and 1.6/98 displacement. Moreover, for every 100km, about 6.9 liters is burnt. Well, this is not so bad for a car of this spec and worth.

Talking about performance, it is designed with a horsepower of 110 clocked at 6000 rpm and 107 ft-lb torque at 4500 rpm. This may not seem too heavy for the road but it’s a perfect fit for the ride.

Its power steering is complemented by its support for a front-wheel-drive and a 5-speed manual transmission system.

Up to 5 seaters are supported but 4 seaters are better for a free sitting. It sports some safety features and one such is its airbag.

This car is our pick because it is a smart car, it should be yours too whether as a gift or personal. This car is below 1.5 million for a tokunbo and will cost less for a newly used.

7. Honda Accord 2007

The Honda Accord 2007 is a smart sedan car. It made its way down to this list as one of the few 2020 cars for less than 2 million Naira. If you need a family sort of car, this sedan may qualify as it supports a 5-seater with a near-large cargo room.

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The engine type is gas and it runs on a PGM-FI system. The displacement liter is 2.4 and this should take you around Nigeria for more minutes.

Performance is rooted in a 166 horsepower at 5500 rpm coupled with a 160ft-lb torque at 4000 rpm. Handling is decent for Nigerian roads. A driver does not have to move around with fear of being poor handling. The drivetrain of this car is a front wheel with a 5-speed manual transmission w/OD.

8. Honda Pilot 2006

The Honda Pilot is an SUV loved by most car lovers in Nigeria. It features several modern technology features that make it rank out there with the best. This car costs anything within the region of 2 million Naira only. The Nigerian used 2006 Honda Pilot for sale is on a quick sale.

This car is less than 2 million and it’s a car above 1.4 million Naira. Anyone, less than 1.3 million is questionable for purchase.

The car is designed with a V6 engine with support for gas. The horsepower heats up to 244 @ 5600 rpm and the torque is 240 ft-lb clocked at 4500 rpm. Concerning the handling, the Honda Pilot is a 4-wheel drive and the transmission system is 5-speed auto. We recommend this SUV for any occasion.

9. Avalon XL 2007

First, the Avalon car is bigger than Camry in size. As one of the cars below two million Naira, it, however, costs a few hundred thousand more. The car carries up to 5 seaters and is larger in the inside. The cargo room isn’t massive but enough to contain the sort of things a typical Nigerian would carry in the boot

In terms of specifications, we rate this million Naira car 8.2 out of 10. The engine is designed as V-6 with 3.5L displacement. It has a promising horsepower of up to 268 at 6200 rpm and torque of 248 at 4700 rpm.

You love a front-wheel drive, don’t you? The front-wheel-drive type is exactly what the 2007 Avalon XL sports in a Tokunbo car of about 2 million Naira only.

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When buying a car in Nigeria, please read this important notice for your sake:

Documents to Collect when Buying a Used Car in Nigeria