10 Best Cars below 300k in Nigeria

Many believe that cars are not meant for everyone, but this isn’t completely true. Millions of Naira aside, there are cars below 300k in Nigeria for anybody to buy. In short, most 300k cars in Nigeria are even more solid than the acclaimed million Naira cars in Nigeria.

This article couples all the presently available used cars for 300k in Nigeria. You are as well provided with the where to buy used cars in Nigeria for 300k without headache.

It isn’t every time that we have to splash millions on cars. Sometimes, we don’t require Tesla cars in Nigeria because they won’t serve purposes like commercial bus transportation and goods movement. Even some flashy cars can’t contain up to 4 people with comfort and as such, we need a cheap car in Nigeria and a durable car in Nigeria durable car in Nigeria for 300,000 Naira.

Note: Did you know that there are cars below 500 000 Naira in Nigeria?

Here are available cars of 300k in Nigeria.

1. Honda Halla

300 000 Naira cars in Nigeria

A very decent option for a car below 300k in Nigeria is the Halla. This is a four-seater vehicle that can contain up to 5 passengers. That is, the fifth passenger will sit in the middle of the rear seat.

The car features an automatic transmission system and sometimes with a fully fitted air-condition system.
Moreover, it has fabric upholstery and sports power windows, doors, mirrors, etc. Its 4-plug engine is perfect for its design and aids the car in all ramifications.

Honda Halla can bulldoze any road in Nigeria without fault. It is built for Nigerian roads. The price of used Honda Halla in Nigeria is just 300k and can be gotten in car markets like Jiji and OLX. The car is not so beautifully built but it can serve hard purposes easily in Nigeria. It is a hardcore vehicle built for Nigerian roads.

2. Toyota Camry – Pencil Light

300 000 Naira cars in Nigeria

One of the popular cars below 300k in Nigeria is Toyota Camry, Pencil Light. The Toyota Camry cars are known to be narrow-body cars all over the world. The pencil light even has a more narrow body than subsequent models. With its streamlined body, it can scale any road in Nigeria.

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The basic specs of this compact car include its narrow-body style,
its front-wheel-drive system, among others. The car is a 2.2-liter engine ride and sports a 4 cylinder engine system. It can oust as high as 136 horsepower that supports its performance on Nigerian roads. The fuel economy efficient in the 2-liter engine but opting for the 3 liters (V6 engine) means more power and more fuel consumption.

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As a used car for 300k in Nigeria, we recommend going for the 2.2-liter version. It costs anywhere between 300 thousand Naira and 350k in Nigeria.

3. Rav4 – 2000 to 2003

Cars below 300k in Nigeria

Our first of the SUV cars below 300k in Nigeria is the Rav4. We recommend going for Rav4 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 because they’re not bargainable at 300k in Nigeria. However, from the 2004 model to the 2007 model of Rav4, the price of Rav4 in Nigeria is 600k for fairly used ones.

The engine type of these Rav4 cars is gas l4 and they sport a displacement of 2.0L/122. Talking of power, Rav4 of just 300, 000 Naira offers a horsepower of up to 148 clocked at 6000 rpm. The handling is good. It is set with power steering and supports a four-wheel drive type. The transmission system is a 5-spd manual transmission w/OD and the SUV car can be driven on any Nigerian road. Additionally, this car sells currently at 300,000 Naira and sites like OLX are featuring it week in, week out.

4. 94 Nissan Maxima


300 000 Naira cars in Nigeria

Nissan Maxima is one of the 104.3 inches used cars for 300k in Nigeria with agility. Its production started in 1988 and ended in 1994. The 1994 model looks better than all older models and is good for occasional use. Owning a 1994 Maxima means owning the latest car of the car model. The vehicle sports a 3.0 L VG30E V6 engine. It has four doors and can well occupy up to 5 people. The cargo room is not large but can contain lots of items. The interior is just too good for its price as one of the used cars below 300k in Nigeria.

The car is not really economical with fuel. However, it does not burn fuel at a very high level. It can set in for commercial purposes as well as private purposes in Nigeria.

5. Honda City Sedan 2005

300 000 Naira cars in Nigeria

Honda City 2005 is number 5 on this list of currently available cars below 300k in Nigeria. The fuel type is petrol and this is supported in Nigeria. It has a city mileage of 8.8 kmpl and ARAI mileage of 12.8 kmpl. This sedan comfortably fits for family use and its premium design meets all occasions with its 5 seaters support.

The transmission type is manual with a max power of 100 horsepower clocked at 6500 rpm. The max torque is 13.1 kgm at 4600 rpm and it sports an engineered engine displacement of 1493. The maximum number of petrol liters for the 2005 Honda City is 42 and this can take you anywhere around the city. Forums like Nairaland feature this car in the Autos section regularly. Check the dates and pick a serious seller. Or, you could sign up to Cheki to get even the Honda City 2006 model at 300k in Nigeria. Models below 2005 cost around 200k in Nigeria.

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6. Nissan Altima 2003

cars below 300k in Nigeria

This is another of the cars of 300k in Nigeria on our radar. For 345,000 Naira, Nairaland and Jiji can link you up with a legit seller. It is a swift car and very strong for Nigerian roads.
Altima 2003 has a fuel economy of 7.3 to 12.4 City/HWY combined.

The performance is decent as the Nissan sports a horsepower of 175 – 240. It is a front-wheel-drive type car with a gasoline engine. The cargo room is not large but can contain a reasonable size of items. It is suitable for home use with its 5 seats support enough to carry people around the city. On commercial grounds, it fits very well for Uber in Nigeria.

7. Honda Civic 2001 to 2005

300 000 Naira cars in Nigeria

Models of Honda Civic between 2001 and 2005 are cars above and below 300k in Nigeria. The sedan car is one of the supported cars for Taxify, Uber, etc. in Nigeria.

The basic specifications for 2001 to 2005 Honda Civic include fuel as gas support, four doors, medium-sized cargo room, 5-seat support, and a manual transmission system.
The 2005 model specifically sports a gas I4 engine and a PGM-FI fuel system. The handling is 84% good with its power steering. The performance level is decent and the car carries a 115 horsepower clocked at 6100 rpm with a torque of 110 at 4500 rpm.
This is a perfect 300 000 Naira car Nigeria for anyone in need of a car. It is available on Carmart.ng, Cars45, and several forums Nairaland. It is also regularly featured on OLX and the price range falls between 300k to 390k in Nigeria.

8. Sienna 2003 and 2004 Models

cars below 300k in Nigeria

Both 2003 and 2004 Sienna models are cars below 300k in Nigeria. On car buying platforms like Cars45 and Cheki, the Toyota Sienna cars appear frequently as one of the used cars for 300k in Nigeria.

Toyota Sienna is a minivan with up to 7 seats and a large cargo room. It surprisingly goes for 300k at the moment on Nigeria Carmart. Despite this price, it offers a decent performance level. The minivan as one of the cars below 300k in Nigeria sports a 210 horsepower and a torque at 220. The handling is good and it is a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

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Pertaining to safety, Sienna has a front-wheel brake type and a rear drum. The rear doors are slidable at the passenger end and the driver end. The fuel efficiency is not too decent with its V6 engine but it is a heavy-duty minivan to go for.

9. Honda Accord 2005

cars of 500k in Nigeria

Another of the few powerful sedan cars below 300k in Nigeria. This car is a multipurpose car and can suit any occasion in Nigeria.

The Honda Accord is a sedan car with four doors and seats that can contain up to 5 persons without inconvenience. It has a large cargo room designed to fit in items and its inches above ground level is decent.
The Honda Accord 2005 model sports a gas I4 engine, 2.4L/144 displacement, and PGM integrated fuel system. It performs brilliantly well with a 160 horsepower build clocked at 5500 rpm and a 161 ft-Ib torque at 4500 rpm.

Handling on Honda Accord 2005 is near good with its well-built power steering. The drivetrain is front-wheel coupled with a manual 5-speed transmission system.

10. Lexus ES 330 2004

cars below 300k in Nigeria

The last on the list is Lexus ES 330 which runs up to 143mph. The car isn’t rampant for sale at 300k in Nigeria. However, a proper follow up of forums will help find a willing seller for this rate.
It’s is a big car with a 225 horsepower at 5600 rpm and a torque of 326 clocked at 3600 rpm.

The transmission system is automatic which is what Nigerians prefer. If you have many items, the cargo room should be able to contain it all with ease. Finally, it can carry up to 5 people and can thread on any road in Nigeria without problems. The present price of the Honda Accord 2006 as one of the used cars for 300k in Nigeria is 390,000 Naira.

How You Do Cars’ Thoughts

These are all the top 10 cars below 300k in Nigeria at the moment. Do well to understand that none of these cars come as a brand-new car for 300,000 Naira.

Also, This list is frequently updated with new cars added and some cars removed monthly. If you have any questions concerning these cars or would love to easily contact the sellers of these cars, do well to contact us.

A new time car buyer should know how to buy a car for the first time.

Meanwhile, if you’re situated in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, we can assist you with running all car documents renewal, registrations, verifications, etc. Note that it’s proper to deeply confirm the registration papers of used cars for 300k in Nigeria.

Also, you must know the documents to collect when buying a used car in Nigeria.


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