Best Cars Below 500 000 in Nigeria

Owning a car today is not as difficult as during the 2010s. Today, there are cars below 500 000 in Nigeria with great tuning, performance, and good for Nigerian roads. However, people fear to request for cars of this range for fear of durability.

Truthfully, the most common 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria are helplessly old. Who would want to drive an old Peugeot 504 in this 2020s? Well, the car industry has seen a great turn around recently. These days, one may even easily own a Crosstour SUV as one of the cars below 500k in Nigeria.

Things are doubtlessly supposed to get costly and unaffordable, but it gets even easier with cars. For example, Tokunbo and fairly used cars in Nigeria could cost below 500k depending on the seller.

If you’re thinking of a brand-new car in Nigeria, then this list is not for you.

15 Best Cars Below 500 000 in Nigeria

Here is a compilation of 15 best cars below 500k in Nigeria presently. This list will be constantly updated weekly for the sake of new intending car buyers.

Do note that the cost of these cars is only applicable to online car selling sites in Nigeria. Looking for 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria from a neighbor might not work out. You can check the likes of Cheki,, Jiji, etc.

Here are the latest cars below 500 000 in Nigeria.

  1. Toyota Camry – Pencil Light

While sourcing for fairly used cars for sale in Lagos, Toyota Camry costs 390k. We do not recommend saving 390k because this is strictly one of the 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria.

The pencil light Toyota Camry sports 2.2 liters 4 Cyl. engine. This engine produces up to 136 horsepower and costs very cheap to maintain. If you do have extra cash to spare, opt for the V6 engine with 3-liter support clocked at 194 horsepower. The interior of the vehicle gives a premium touch and is very ‘spacy’. It can freely contain up to 5 persons although it is one of the 4-seater affordable cars in Nigeria.

While this could very well be your choice, go for the Toyota Camry pencil light 2005 model.

  1. BMW 3 Series

Jiji cars have put this car up for about 5 times in 3 weeks recently. The 2005 model sports an inline Cylinder of 6 and it is a rear-wheel-drive and could well function as an all-wheel drive. The engine type is gas with 168 – 333 horsepower. It features a combined MPG or 21, 5-spd manual transmission and support for 6 seaters. With 6-seater support, the BMW 2005 3 Series could serve as a perfect car for the family. It is one of the 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria but some car markets give it out for as low as 400k.

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We recommend and Cheki if you’re interested in this ride because they are cheap there.

  1. Grand Caravan

Everyone loves the name “Grand Caravan”. If you are after fuel economy and lengthy ride, this is not a perfect choice. The Grand Caravan is not really fuel-friendly with its V6 engine and would only be perfect for short rides.

The Grand Caravan is a minivan with front-wheel drive as drive type. It could well substitute the Toyota Sienna which does not quickly go for less than 500k.

A positive to draw from the Caravan is ‘space’. Yes, the Caravan makes passengers feel complete comfort without inconveniences. The handling is good at about a 69.9% rating. The car production stopped in 2004 and this means there is no latest release. Owning the 2004 Caravan minivan means owning the cleanest model of its kind. A fairly used Caravan goes for about 350k and the sale is rampant in forums like Nairaland Autos.

  1. Mercedes Benz C-Class ‘05

C-Klasse or the C-Class Mercedes of 2005 is a great to pick for 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria. It is the tradition of Benz to produce powerful cars. This means you would be getting a powerful Benz with just 500k in Nigeria. It sports V8 Cylinders, 18 combined MPG, 5 seating, automatic transmission, and it is a rear-wheel drive. Most of all, the design is luxurious and gives the sense of owning a multi-million Naira car in Nigeria. It is also sleeker than the popular Mercedes V-boot and Benz 190.

  1. Toyota Rav4

cars below 500 000 in Nigeria

The Toyota Rav4 is one of the fastest-selling Jiji cars in Nigeria. Jiji users tend to upload this brand week in week out and it’s booming. The Rav4 in question here is the 2003 model with a very rugged look suitable for any Nigerian road. In fact, you’ll mostly find this car in near-rural areas because it can withstand bad road pressures.

It has 148 horsepower, and a power steering with a 5-speed manual transmission. It is a four-wheel drive and can accommodate up to 5 passengers. For better comfort and space, four passengers are the ideal numbers for Rav4. It costs somewhere between the region of 375,000 Naira and 450,000 Naira for a fairly used. The Tokunbo will cost a little more than 500k in Nigeria.

  1. Honda CR-V – 99 Model

It’s time to return to the 90s with a pocket-friendly SUV in Nigeria. Honda CR-V 99 is a rugged car with aluminum-alloy inline 4 engine type. The displacement liter level is 2 liters and clocks up to 146 horsepower.

It has a compression ratio of 9.6:1 and features an electronic ignition system. Further features include front-wheel drive type and 4-speed auto transmission. Just 400k is enough to make you the owner of a Honda CR-V ‘99. Jiji cars are one of the few platforms that feature this ride constantly.

  1. Mercury Villager

The Mercury sports a V6 engine which is not so friendly with fuel economy. However, if placed side by side with a Sienna in terms of fuel economy, it beats the Sienna. This car features similar design and parts of the Nissan Quest and even a similarity with Ford. The production of this minivan started in 1992 and ended in 2002. Therefore, owning a 2002 Mercury Villager means owning the latest model of this category.

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The interior design is nice and could be very well rearranged for a finer look. It sports a 4-spd automatic transmission and 18 combined MPG. It currently falls between the ranges of 310,000 Naira and 430,000 Naira. The Mercury Villager is not bad for cars below 500 000 in Nigeria and you should buy one now from any online car selling website in Nigeria.

  1. Mercedes C230

cars below 500 000 in Nigeria

To get this car for less than 500k, 2006, 2007, and 2008 models should be the targets. This is a sedan car that can on regular gasoline. It can as well function on E85 gasoline. The horsepower for the 2007 model is clocked at 189 and there is also a 3.0 liter V-6 version which consumes more fuel.

The vehicle is cost-effective and saves pockets. For the 2005 and 2006 models with lower specs, the price goes as low as 500,000 and this makes it 500k car in Nigeria. Mercedes C230 has a better premium look than Mercedes ML320 but ML320 can be cheaper.

  1. Kia Rio 2006

Between 2010 and 2014, Kia Rio was the reigning car in most parts of Nigeria. It may not have been frequently used in your location but it was in others. The car is not so large but matches up with very demanding occasions as well as the bad roads in some parts of Nigeria.

The standard features include a 110 clocked horsepower, 14 inches silver steel wheels, a front-wheel-drive type, with a 5-speed manual w/OD transmission system. It sports a 1.6-liter engine and the fuel economy is decent for any car owner to love. If it’s possible to rush down to Naijauto, you would get this Kia for 500k.

  1. Toyota Camry 2004 – Automatic

One of the most used cars for Uber in Nigeria is a fully airconditioned Toyota Camry 2004. The MPG is 24 city / 33 hwy and a 2.4L 1-4 engine. It features an auto 4-speed transmission system with 4 inline Cyl. The engine type is gas which is suitable for Nigeria and it’s a front-wheel-drive for front-wheel lovers.

You can easily find this car to sell using platforms like Nairaland Autos, Car45, Carmart, and Cheki. Currently, Naijauto is featuring the ride for as low as 500k. There are also more sellers willing to beat the price for as low as 400k for quicker sales.

  1. Volkswagen Passat – 2000 – 2005

cars below 500 000 in Nigeria

A strong wagon car in Nigeria and a relevant part of the fairly used cars for sale in Lagos. If you do not stay in Lagos, you can well get it from car companies like Cheki, often nicknamed “Cheki Cheki”. Passat production started in 1996 and ended in 2005. All the models between these years have been significantly powerful and durable. It is very easy to come across these cars using any online car selling website in Nigeria. If you go for the 2000 model, you will have to rework the body for a finer look. But, the 2005 model looks neat and does not require beautification.

  1. Peugeot 2004

This is a lovable 4-speed transmission wagon with an every-year lovely look. The exterior design is good for any eye and the handling is decent. It has a wheelbase of 2,442 mm which is 96.1 in inches. Jiji features this ride monthly and it oftentimes appears on the homepage. The average price for every appearance on Jiji is 400,000 Naira which is a perfect price. It is not a large car a large number of persons. It can take in 4 passengers freely but 5+ number of passengers will mean great discomfort.

  1. Honda Accord 2004 Sedan

The Honda Accord 2004 is a perfect car for any working-class individual in Nigeria. It has a 2.4-liter engine and runs on a 5-speed man w/OD transmission system. It boasts of up to 160 horsepower and costs as low as 500k for fairly used in Nigeria.

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The engine type is gas with V6 Cyl. and support for 5-seater, 2 in front and 3 at the back. It comes in varying colors and can be resprayed to preferable colors easily.

  1. 2003 Ford Explorer

A 2003 Ford Explorer still looks better and stronger than some SUVs today. It sports a rear-wheel drive type, a V-6 engine, and a 5-speed automatic transmission system. The engine type is Flex-fuel (FFV) and could carry up to 5 passengers with ease.

This is a car every family should own for special occasions that require the family to grace an event together. It looks beautiful from every angle and is available for sell on platforms such as Jiji and Naijauto.

  1. Mercedes Benz ML320

This is a crossover SUV car of 2001 still looking like a modern ride and very strong. It sports auto transmission, power steering control, alloy wheels, leather seats, and goes for 480,000 Naira in Nigeria. The Tokunbo version costs more than 500k, but the Nigerian used is better.

  1. Nissan Xterra 2002

The Nissan Xterra 2002 is another car you can buy below 500k in Nigeria. An excellent SUV but that does not offer much premium touches any longer. The Xterra is strong for the Nigerian roads, firm on ground but consumes a bit of fuel. Nonetheless, you should know how to save fuel and then employ the measures to get the best from the Xterra. Nissan Xterra costs just 490,000 Naira on Jiji. You may comment below for the best offer.

  1. Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata 2001 is a bit old but the performance is till top of the universe. However, models from 2005 have some touches of luxury. It’s quite unfortunate that you would have to pay exactly 500k for the ride. is the reputable website for this particular 500k vehicle.

Note: This list is periodically updated. If you think a particular car suits your need, do well to contact us for a better link up with willing sellers.

Final Thoughts

Here is a 15-car compilation bringing to you the cars below 500 000 in Nigeria. It is then time to begin your selection and go for a car that suits your purpose.

Remember, using an online car buying sites makes it easier to access 500 000 Naira cars in Nigeria and below. For every online purchase, put in appropriate resources to ensure that it is not a stolen vehicle. One of the measures to put in place is knowing the papers to collect before you buy a car in Nigeria.

Be smart and go for only 500k cars with quality performance.


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