Cheapest Cars to Maintain in Nigeria with Low Budget

Low Budget and Cheap Cars to Maintain in Nigeria

Cars in Nigeria are most times difficult to maintain due to bad roads and other issues. There are many cars that are regarded as the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria. Some are rightfully so while the others will leave a hole in your pocket.

Most car-owners are aware of the significance of regular car servicing. And with the absence of the quality mechanics in Nigeria, maintaining your ride becomes a big problem. It is also a general knowledge that the cost of maintaining a car is proportional to how luxurious the car is.

Here is a collection of cheapest and reliable vehicles in Nigeria to buy.

cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria


It is wise to look out for cars with low fuel consumption in Nigeria as this will help in the future. Do keep in mind that whatever a vehicle is designed for will certainly influence its upkeep cost.

Here is a rundown of 6 cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.


Being one of the most pocket-friendly cars you can purchase, Toyota Corolla is also among the list of cars with low fuel consumption in Nigeria. It equally adds to its prominence in Nigeria. With just about N130,000 every year, you can keep your Toyota Corolla in top functionality.

Although one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria, the Corolla’s single basic issue is its water pump failure. Other than that, you’re good to go. Do you know that most Uber drivers use the Toyota corolla? It is simply down to the maintenance cost.

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Ensure that you purchase your Toyota Corolla from a certified car dealer. Be it online or offline, you can’t buy a “walking dead car” and expect it to function properly. Thus, you might spend a huge amount on repairs.


The Honda Accord is a decent decision as long as we’re on the issue of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria. It has a great deal of space for a sedan car. It’s widely regarded as a top sedan car based on the quality of its anticipated maintenance and support.

The Accord is the most economical Honda model to keep up in Nigeria. The vehicle’s maintenance routine wouldn’t cost you an arm or leg.

The downside here is replacements for any of the car parts. It is likely to trigger a hiked charge because the car parts are a little expensive. Another downside is that the Honda Accord frequently has issues with its transmission. If they are left unfixed, the maintenance costs will increase.


The Toyota Avalon falls under the category of huge autos that are anything but difficult to maintain. This therefore makes it a part of our list of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.

It’s a very comfortable car, and your maintenance budget for it falls around N147,000 every year.

This vehicle simply gives you value for your money. Its unwavering quality and its features both inside and outside are splendid then cap that off with its incredible v6 motor. This is an ideal car if you desire style, power, class, and all on an affordable spending limit.

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Do you love sports autos? Is it accurate to say that you desire a car that isn’t difficult to maintain? Then the Ford Mustang, otherwise called the ‘Horse Car,’ is the car you’ve been looking for. Ford Mustang is a decent decision for you if you’re particular about standard vehicle brands.

Automobile fans maintain that if you’re stressing over the expense of keeping up a Bugatti or Bentley, at that point, you can’t bear the cost of it.

Maintaining a Ford Mustang will cost you about N180,000 every year. Combine that with the pride of riding a big brand. Then it definitely qualifies as one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.


cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna is a choice car for most Nigerian transporters. It’s all down to the fact that the car has demonstrates sturdiness and simplicity. In terms of economy, it’s among the cars with low fuel consumption in Nigeria.

Toyota suggests that you take the car for servicing after every 5,000 miles or a half year. However, If you travel 5,000 miles in under six months, you ought to go for maintenance. This doesn’t imply holding up repairs until six months are complete.

The Toyota Sienna conveys a progressively reliable and practical execution on Nigerian roads. This is majorly earns it a spot as one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria because these roads don’t easily break it down.


Here is one of the most talked about cars in the Nairaland Car Talk forum.

The Honda CR-V is one vehicles that is unbelievably cheap to maintain. It is a car worth considering if you need an average-sized SUV. This automobile is built for individuals who need class when it comes to riding and ease when it comes to maintenance.

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The Honda CR-V is a sweetheart, and as such, there are three things you should know about her. First, it stands apart as one of the first conservative hybrids. Second, it is Honda’s most noteworthy auto model. Lastly, the Honda CR-V is just somewhat more costly than the Honda Accord as far as maintenance and repairs are concerned. A maintenance budget of N201,000 is good enough for the Honda CR-V.


As autos age, they become increasingly hard to keep up. Be that as it may, the age of a vehicle is determined by its mileage. Go for nothing other than these cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria so that with each mile, you wouldn’t have to worry much.

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These mentioned are equally cars with low fuel consumption in Nigeria. With fuel scarcity as a thing in the country, you would proudly be one of those with lesser worries.

The maintenance costs featured in this guide include normal maintenance procedures like examining oil and coolant levels, tire pressure and tread depth, blinkers, headlights, tires, brakes , sparkle plugs, etc.

We recommend purchasing choice cars from certified dealers or trusted agents only. They may offer to assist with confirming and test driving the vehicle for free.

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