A Review of Cheki Nigeria Motors – All You Must Know

Cheki Nigeria has established itself as one of the leading web marketplaces for cars. They kicked off in 2010 and haven’t looked back. They’ve progressively grow from strength to strength and they now have over 500 thousand monthly visitors.

Cheki Cheki (as their fondly referred to) have pushed their competitors to up their game. Here in Nigeria and Africa at large. There are now present in four other African countries, namely, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In an incredibly short space of time, Cheki Nigeria Lagos has figured out how to gather useful vehicle purchasing information for Nigeria effectively. What’s more, they are creating the information themselves.

Cheki Nigeria

Their understanding of the Nigeria car market is uncanny. Sniffing the Nigerian love for Toyota cars, they have made their site easy to navigate through to the car of your choice. Cheki Motor Nigeria Toyota Corolla is a top choice among other cars. What’s more, the options are limitless.

Is Cheki Nigeria Reliable?

Before Cheki Nigeria, buying cars can be a terrible experience. Tedious, wasteful, and baffling with most of the entire time spent sitting in a Lagos traffic, moving from one car dealer to another. Purchasing a good vehicle usually took a long time and a lot of thinking. Cap that off with the fact that every business transaction required a drawn-out negotiation.

Cheki also sells one of the best cheap cars below 500 000 in Nigeria.

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Now, with Cheki Nigeria Lagos, this worrisome ordeal is a thing of the past, as they have moved the business into the computer age. Cheki is not the first. I wouldn’t say they are the best because they are doing better than the best.

Cheki Cheki is now facilitating every one of the vehicles of many Japanese carmakers, enhancing the reputation of the Cheki Motor Nigeria Toyota Corolla.

Cheki, Nigeria, has an incredibly natural UI (user interface). They also possess a very active search tab, along with perfect imagery that will tempt buyers to take action and purchase a vehicle.

They also have themselves a great site that’s optimized to function perfectly on phone and PC; you can buy or sell anywhere and at any time.

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Their marketing strategy is very solid. They have widgets on some of the biggest blogs and news agencies in the country. Neatly set up and very data-driven.

All the essential safety measures to guarantee that their foundation is a sheltered spot for vehicle buyers and sellers have been taken.

Cheki’s Piece of Advice for Buyers and Sellers

  • Demand to speak directly to the dealer on the telephone. Most online tricks are carried out by means of email or SMS.
  • Send cash through a wire transfer or a banking service if dealing with an individual you don’t know personally.
  • Send your payment details to the seller.
  • Demand to go on a test drive in a well-lit environment, ideally where CCTV is accessible.
  • Avoid sharing their details, account details, Mpesa details, or banking data.
  • Do not issue out Cheki login qualifications.
  • Never Uncover the present area of the vehicle.
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Also, Cheki Nigeria Lagos has a functional customer care line you can call if anything goes wrong.

Cheki Motor Nigeria

Mr. Chika Nwobi and his group have really built an incredible car marketplace in the Nigerian and African webspace. They have discreetly assumed control of the very profitable vehicle classifieds game.

Cheki Nigeria Lagos offers a trusted, solid, and practical online commercial center for Quality vehicles.

Cheki Cheki does not sell the vehicles they advertise directly, but they offer one of a kind promoting mode for clients. So whether you’re buying or selling cars, vans, bicycles, trucks, or motorcycle, they have you covered.

To the vehicle sellers, merchants, and individual dealers, they give an immense reach of real potential buyers. They also have a devoted network of individuals who love autos and also support even the first-run through the purchaser.

How to Buy and Sell on Cheki

This is a time when those looking to buy cars and the dealers are complaining about the challenges involved in buying or selling cars. For the buyers, making the right move is important, and Cheki is the right move.

Cheki Nigeria

For the sellers, you should realize that there are ways you can sell autos quicker without parting with a ton of cash. All you have to comprehend is that there are keen approaches to carry purchasers closer to your vehicles.

The internet offers boundless possibilities in business opportunities, and the matter of purchasing and selling vehicles has profited immensely from it.

For those seeking to buy cars, Cheki Nigeria offers to help you discover, check, and test drive your next ride easily. Cheki Nigeria offers a wide array of cars for your inspection on an easy to navigate website.

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You don’t have to worry whether you are purchasing a family car, truck, or any of the Cheki motor Nigeria Toyota Corolla. You can relax and let Cheki Cheki help you check it.

Before buying from Cheki, these are the documents to collect when buying a used car in Nigeria.

For the sellers, Cheki Nigeria Lagos knows that a significant piece of making the ad is the photo. Your vehicle must be caught in extraordinary lighting and from different points that improve the magnificence and general picture of the vehicle.

They have a function that makes your photos vibrant. Also, thanks to their unique Seo, your postings rank well to ensure you reach your audience.


Cheki Nigeria already has a connection with Toyota that has become Nigeria’s favorite roadster. This connection signifies that they are changing the game in the Nigerian Auto marketplace, and Africa has taken notice.

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Whether you’re buying or selling cars from Cheki, they’ve got you covered. If it’s Corolla, Cheki motor Nigeria Toyota Corolla has got you and so on.

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