What are the Documents Required to Drive a Car in Nigeria

An encounter with the Nigerian police force or the FRSC while riding on the road without certain documents will be horrible. However, this can be averted. The real problem is the fact that Nigerians do not know the documents required to drive a car in Nigeria.

Documents Required to Drive a Car in Nigeria

PS: Forget about the official this and that you read on government websites. It is different when you put your car on the road.

Pretty many drivers in Nigeria has encountered some sort of harassment from the police. Although drivers have been instructed on what to do, some still fail to. We all know it’s safer to possess the car documents required by Nigerian police to avoid harassments. On this note, this article will highlight the documents Nigeria police should ask for on the road. Below are the necessary car documents car owners should drive with.

Documents Required to Drive a Car in Nigeria

  1. Car Drivers License

It’s crucial to have a legitimate driver’s license. And you know, without a license, one isn’t eligible to drive, regardless of other car documents. Even your driving skills do not count without a drivers license in Nigeria. The main confirmation of your driving ability is the driver’s license. It definitely has to be the first car document issued to police in Nigeria. With about 6,000 Naira, a drivers license would be yours. This price also depends on the state you’re basing in.

How to Get a Drivers License in Nigeria

Here are the simple procedures to get a valid drivers license for yourself whether you own a car or not.

  • Enroll at a qualified driving school. The driving school should be able to issue all road guides and rules within a short period.
  • VIO examination: Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) for a test-driving session. This will determine if you have learned important information about street signs. This period enables the official to assess your driving skills.
  • Acquire a certificate of proficiency in driving.
  • Apply for your driver’s license at any government ministry in your state.
  • Present the form to the BIR and VIO officials for verifications.
  • Undergo a biometric capturing.
  • Get the license and hit the Nigerian roads once again in your car.
  1. Road Worthiness Certificate

You would not want to drive your vehicle on Nigerian roads without a roadworthiness certificate. This document is proof that a vehicle is road compatible.

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Not intending to be harassed? Get one of these as part of the documents and you are good to go.

This endorsement is to demonstrate that your vehicle has passed every one of the criteria required to be on the road. To obtain this, an assessment would have been done on your vehicle by VIOs. Make certain to keep your vehicles fit as a fiddle so as to pass the assessment.

  1. Car Insurance

This is one of the fundamental documents required to drive a car in Nigeria. Police may sometimes request for this document for your financial safety. It wasn’t really part of documents Nigeria police should ask for.  Whether it’s third-party insurance or thorough, it is compulsory to have your vehicle insured before putting it to the road. This might be useful to avoid harassments from the various agencies that inspecting the road and drivers.

  1. Car Registration

The car registration report shows that a vehicle has been properly enlisted under Nigerian law. Therefore, it follows the various guidelines controlling this act. Not registering is a problem and not following the guidelines after registrations attract punishments.

How to Register a Car in Nigeria

Here is a quick rundown of car registration in Nigeria.

  • An attestation letter from the procurement organization.
  • Vehicle purchase receipt. If bought as used, you might be requested to present the previous seller receipt too. Read about the Documents to collect when buying a used car in Nigeria for more clarity.
  • Delivery note from the organization of procurement.
  • Proof of car ownership.
  • A Driver’s License.
  • ID card. It could your National Identity Card or International passport and any other listed alternative.
  • Proof of current location. Most states accept utility bills.
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Not ready for harassment? Then, here is one of the many car documents required by Nigerian police. Get one today and be free.

  1. Hackney Permit

This permit makes the list of the documents required to drive a car in Nigeria without harassments. A hackney permit is essentially a permit for cars underneath a specific weight class to convey goods inside a city. That is, a hackney permit in Nigeria really applies to commercial vehicle owners. It should come while you’re registering your car in Nigeria.

  1. Vehicle Proof of Ownership

Do you want the police to know that the car you are driving is yours? Unless you don’t want them to, but it’s very advisable to go around with one. This document is proof of ownership of a car in Nigeria and it will scale you through delays with road vehicle inspectors.

  1. Receipt of Number Plate

Did you know that the first thing a police check is the vehicle number plate in Nigeria? Now, you do and as such, its receipt should be very well available with you since it is part of the documents required to drive a car in Nigeria.

The cost of a new plate number in Nigeria differs by state. For a more correct price, head to the transport ministry for the price. Note that fancy number plates differ from normal plates. Keke also differs from that of a motorcycle in Nigeria.

  1. eCMR

Lots of Nigerian have been asking “what is eCMR in Nigeria?” Simply, this is a certificate that enables road agencies in Nigeria to know which vehicle is stolen and which is not. It contains broad information of your car and it’s very necessary to drive around with this. The Nigerian police were instructed not to check this particular document often. But for the sake of your harassment evasion, have one on you. The FRSC would definitely request for this.

  1. Lagos State Driver Institute Card

Here is one of the few documents required to drive a car in Nigeria, precisely Lagos. For the inhabitants of the city of excellence and commercial drivers, get confirmed by LASDRI. The same applies to company vehicle drivers and pick-up owners. This is for Lagos drivers and does not apply to other states. If you are new to the city and want to move around as a commercial driver, a company driver, etc. kindly visit the Lagos State Drivers Institute to get the LASDRI card.

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Having these documents required to drive a car in Nigeria, you avoid becoming a victim of harassment on the road. Moreover, some of these car documents required by the Nigeria police need to be renewed. Do not worry about which should and which shouldn’t be renewed as they are all stated on the documents. Having seen the car documents Nigeria police should ask for, it doesn’t mean you should with the police.

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After this, don’t go asking “what documents do police ask for when pulled over”. All your answers have been provided. Any other car document that becomes necessary, the list will be duly updated to keep car owners in Nigeria updated.

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