9 Easy Scams to Make Money On the Street

If you are complaining about poor government, you’d probably want to join the street. In this article, we will assess the easy scams to make money on the street that these bad guys venture into.

The impression is often that street deals on drugs but this isn’t always the case. Thorough researches have it that there are street cons other than scams that street people indulge in.

These are the Easy Scams to Make Money on the Street According to Reports

  1. Fake House Agent

easy scams to make money on the street

This form of easy scams to make money on the street is quite frequent. Here, someone pops from nowhere and informs you that he/she is an agent to the house you desire. He plays so well that you have no choice but to believe.

What Fake House Agents Use

Watch out for any of the following while seeking to rent a new apartment.

  • Fake receipt.
  • How each member rapports with each other.
  • The urgency

One of the smartest ways to spot these sorts of crime mongers is when they tend to be hasty.

How to Street People Play this Trick

They run this scam either as a group or individually. In most instances, they come in groups. One of them plays the role of the house owner while the others act as agents. They play everything in the same manner an authentic landlord would.

  1. Miracle Scam

There are several methods to earn from this form of easy scams to make quick cash used by scammers. Since this article is not particularly explaining the miracle scam of these guys, we will generalize for all the working methods.

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What Scammer Use for this Street Scam

  • Religious book (Quran, Bible, etc.).
  • A partner
  • Olive oil
  • Good acting skills
  • Contact details with fake details

They often move away from their residence to a busy area down town like markets. Also, they avoid using a particular location often in order not to get caught.

  1. Fake Jobs Scams

In a society where millions are in search of jobs, these guys take advantage of the situation. They use fake Job scams as one of their easy scams to become rich with no feelings.

easy scams to make money on the street

What Fake Job Scammers Use

  • Nonexistence company (fake company)
  • Corporate dress
  • Useless Files
  • A good looking apartment (rented for the scam)
  • Partners in crime
  • Job description booklet

They succeed in this scam by sharing fliers containing details of the nonexistence company. They also paste them in public places to attract victims to their easy scams to make money on the street. Such fliers often contain:

  • Contact number/email (phone number must be fake and email must be new)
  • Name of a nonexistence company
  • Brief description of the company

They often do not include an address until potential victims call to show interest. So, when the said person shows strong interest due to the mouthwatering offers, they request for money. Once they are paid, they disappear.

  1. Fake Road Tolls

Street scammer perceive illegal road tolling as legal scams to make money on the street. This works just like the official toll gates approved as legal in any country.

They use this scam on specific areas, especially where business vehicles drive through. They come in groups and because they come in groups, road users are forced to pay for fear of being harassed or hurt.

  1. Pump and Dump

This is one of the dreaded easy scams to make money on the street. What makes it dreaded is how scammers approach a victim.

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easy scams to make money on the street

Pump and dump is a scam that is active in several parts of the world, especially in developed countries.

  1. Fake Police Scams

This is one of the easy scams to make money on the street that could be carried out in several ways. Here, a scammer impersonates a police man to harass for money.

What Street Scammers Use for this Street Scam

  • A police uniform
  • Van
  • Fake Walkie-talkie device

They often do not carry guns except during late hours where road users will not identify them. moreover, these scammers do not repeat a spot often and they have their members as spies to look out for threats.

  1. Rich Client Scam

This form of easy scams to make quick cash is most common in countries with low online transactions. This is a way of stealing from vendors to get rich quick.

Scammers often appear decent and smell nice with good looking official cloth. They often go about with the following:

  • An Invalid credit card
  • Crime partner
  • A designated building to abscond with victim’s property

You will often find them looking down or using hoodies to avoid cameras. Also, they target small businesses who may not have cameras installed.

Here is What they Do

They approach a store and select several items and begin negotiation. They will inform the seller that they have an issue with their credit card and would like a salesperson to get the money in their office (fake office).

If the seller agrees, they persuade the seller to hand over the items. They seller does so with the mindset that they can afford it. At this point, they abscond with the items leaving the seller stranded.

  1. Piggy Savings Company

One of the few easy scams to make money on the street that is unpopular. It works with proper packaging and on people willing to save their money.

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Scammers target areas like markets and hubs. They approach a small businesses and discuss how important it would be for them to save. They go on to describe their savings services which tempts the business owner to sign up. They often use statements like:

We are this and that and we are offering you a chance to save money either on a daily or weekly basis with gains from our company. The goal is to assist with the growth of small businesses through savings and…

Once the gather enough clients and trust, they crash like Ponzi schemes.

  1. Resell Scams

As the name implies, this scam involves the simple process of reselling properties to other people. However, the property do not always belong to the scammer. They contract with an innocent seller to let them sell on their behalf. They go on to resell the property or item to as many persons as they can before they abscond.

Concluding Thoughts

These easy scams to make money on the street are what some street guys do. None of these are legal and they risk going to jail.

Be mindful of those you make dealings with and always thread with caution.

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