Is Ransome Kuti First Person to Drive a Car in Africa

Most persons argue that Ransome-Kuti is the first to have driven a car in Africa. Is she the first person to drive a car in Africa? What if she is not – Just, what if?

First Person to Drive a Car in Nigeria

Fumilayo Kuti

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Records have it that the woman, Kuti is the first woman to drive a car in Africa as recorded in Abeokuta, Nigeria. She was a mum of 4 children, one daughter and a son. The children go by the names Bekolari, Oluefela, Olikoye and Dolupo.

Apart from just being in the limelight as the first persons to drive a car in Africa, Ransome-Kuti was also a core political activist and a feminist. Considering how disregarded the women of Nigeria were then conceived, it suffices to say that Ransome Fumilayo Kuti was in deed a prominent woman in her time.

Note: Do not confuse the statement ‘first person to drive a car in Africa’ with ‘first woman to buy a car in Nigeria’. While Fumilayo Kuti is regarded as the first person to drive a car in Africa, she was not the first woman to buy a car in Nigeria.

Is Kuti Really the First Woman to Drive a Car in Nigeria?

Some claims have it that Fumilayo may not have been the first person to drive a car in Africa. However, other claims maintain that she was the first on grounds that the number of cars then were few enough for the authorities to know who owns and who does not own a car in Africa. In as much as quite a large number of us were not there to confirm the records, we can’t change it now. Therefore, we will have to conclude that Fumilayo Kuti was the first person to drive a car in Africa. You may further categorize her as the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria.

What is the Name of the Car Fumilayo Kuti Drove

Quite a bulk record are yet to provide an answer to this question. Could it be that Fumilayo drove a car without a brand? This may be possible but no company would want to stay phantom over its product. So, what is the name of the car that was first driven in Africa? Although we teach, we also love to learn. Do well to teach this website by commenting the name of the car driven by Fumilayo at around the 1930s.

What Year Was the First Car Driven in Nigeria?

In the same vein, people ask ‘who was the first person to drive a car in Africa and which year’. The year is recorded in a bit confusing manner. Some claim it was in 1978 while others claim it was in 1982 which are false.
Fumilayo kuti couldn’t have possibly driven a car during these years because she died in 1978 and Africa was already industrialized.

At about 1935 and 1936 extensively, Kuti, being a car lover, liaised with Solanke who was then in England to send in 2 cars to Nigeria. Needless to describe how such cars would look. And, mind you, the cars arrived twice in Nigeria. That is, they were sent on two occasions.

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The first arrival was too rickety and the Kuti family warned Solanke of the second car yet to be sent with claims that engineers in Africa reported the first car to have gone through 5 owners.

It is difficult to tell exactly what year she drove the car but we can deduce that it did not go beyond 1935.

Final Thought

This article has not only ruled out the claim that Fumilayo Kuti was not the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria and Africa, but also reinstated the fact. Admittedly, this article has answered the question, “Which year was the first car driven in Nigeria” and Africa at large.

Would you not be interested in how to avoid buying a stolen car in a country like Nigeria? Surely, Fumilayo Kuti would have read this article before ordering for the cars from England.

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