How to Create a Fiverr Account that Attracts Buyers

This article will guide you fully on how to create a Fiverr account. If you ask me, I’ll reply that it’s truly time to make money with your skills online. I mean decent sum of money using Fiverr. I have thought various persons how to create fiverr account and I am bringing it live to you too.

how to create a Fiverr account

You’ll learn as far as creating a Fiverr seller account and Fiverr buyer account and make money.

Without boring you, let’s open a new Fiverr account and see also, how to make money on Fiverr in a few weeks.

A Complete Guide to Using Fiverr Freelance Market

Fiverr setup involves 3 core stages and I will post all 3 stages to help you become an authority in freelancing.

Stage 1 – Signing up as a seller

Stage 2 – Setting up profile

Stage 3 – Setting up GIG

You may never be lucky to find a temporary or a permanent freelance job around you. Also, if you already have one, leisurely earning is sure on Fiverr. That is, you’d be earning and earning big while serving your first employer.

I first attempted to freelance on Fiverr in 2016 but I made lots and lots of mistakes which cost me today. However, I wouldn’t want to see you in such a mess. I really didn’t know How to open Fiverr account correctly.

First, I would like you to understand that Fiverr is one of the very strict community in the world today. Every of your steps are on check and you risk a ban second.

Note: If you created an account with Fiverr already, you need it! Do not for any reason attempt to create another account otherwise, Fiverr will ban the new account.

Moreover, I have tips on how to recover banned Fiverr account.

Getting Started on Fiverr to Start Earning

Before we attempt to move further, it’s important to note that there are two ways of opening Fiverr.

  1. As a Buyer
  2. And as a Seller

As a buyer, you can only hire freelancers but as a seller, you are making yourself available for hirers. Our focus, of course, is on creating an account that will open you to the freelancing world.

Requirements to Create Fiverr Account

  1. PayPal Account
  2. A computer
  3. A Good Android/iOS device (alternative)
  4. Good Internet Connection
  5. An Active Email Account
  6. Knowledge of your location’s postal code

How to Create a Fiverr account Within 5 Minutes

I recommend using a PC for these processes. In the absence of a PC, please do not use a mobile device with RAM lower than 1GB. You would hate yourself after a long run. If possible, freeze all other activities on your mobile phone before commencing.

Stage 1 – Signing Up for Fiverr

Note: Use a powerful browser. I recommend using Firefox, Chrome and the likes.

If you’re not using a mobile phone, switch your web browser to DESKTOP MODE. Without this, you will be signing up as a Fiverr Buyer. If you do not know how to switch to Request Desktop, use the comment section.

Also, if you are already signed up as a buyer, I will make another post on how to switch Fiverr buyer account to Seller Account.

Let’s Commence!

Visit and click ‘Join’ on the top right side of the page or simply enter on your browser.

  • Click on SELLER (located at the top right side of the Fiverr page).
  • Scroll down on the new page and click GET STARTED (it’s a green clickable option)
  • A signup prompt will pop up.
  • Fiverr provides 3 sign-up options. You either sign up with your Facebook account, Google Account or an Email account (I recommend using your Google account or signing up with an Email).
  • Click on CONTINUE just beneath the Email address you entered.
  • Now, enter your preferred USERNAME (once entered after activating your account, it can never be changed)
  • Choose PASSWORD
  • Hit JOIN and you’re in!
  • Go to your registered Email (if you signed up with Email)
  • Look for Fiverr’s welcome mail and open it. Within the mail is an activation link. Hit the Activation Button (ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT) and you’ll be redirected away from your mail provider account.
  • On the confirmation page, you’re done! Yes – it’s that simple.
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Stage 2 – Creating a Fiverr Profile

This is the page that your browser automatically redirects you to. If for any reason your browser crashes of any other thing happens, don’t worry because it can be restored.

How to restore this page!

  1. Visit and select LOGIN
  2. Enter your login details (registered username and password) and click continue
  3. At the top of the page, click on BECOME A SELLER and you are back to business.

Creating a profile contains 4 pages to fill. They include:

  1. Personal Info
  2. Professional Info
  3. Linked Account
  4. Account Security

Moreover, you may not be able to complete each of the pages completely. Also, there is a DETAIL COUNTER situating at the top right side of the Fiverr page. This counter helps you to know your progress because you must reach a certain score to qualify for GIG creation.


This page contains 5 fields that you have to fill out. Note, the fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory and must not be omitted if you intend to progress.

The 5 fields include:

  1. Full Name
  2. Surname
  3. Profile Picture
  4. Profile Description
  5. Language and Language Level

Note: There are 4 language levels provided by Fiverr and they include ‘Basic’, ‘Conversational’, ‘Fluent’ and ‘Native’. BASIC is set as default but I would recommend selecting FLUENT or NATIVE as your language level. If you do not speak English, do well to change it for another language. For every changes you make here, let it correspond with your initial and later info.

For the Description field, enter a short piece about yourself and your freelance niche.

Keynote: The provided name must correspond with the name on PayPal otherwise, you’ll have a question to answer Fiverr later on (don’t mess with Fiverr)

When done, click Continue to move on to PROFESSIONAL INFO page. (You should see 20% completion rate on the COUNTER)


This page contains 10 fields asking for your professional qualifications to be on Fiverr. Again, all fields with the red asterisk are mandatory. Any field without a red asterisk is not mandatory and you will be able to progress without filling it out.

The most necessary of all the fields on this page is YOUR OCCUPATION. This is where you tell Fiverr what you will be offering as services. For instance, if you intend to become a freelance writer, hit on the field and select WRITING & TRANSLATION. You will find sub writing fields once you select WRITING & TRANSLATION. Now, Fiverr allows you to pick up to 5 of them. Pick what you know you can do best.

The next field, SKILLS is mandatory. Select your skills, it could be WRITING and you’re free to select more. Once done, select EXPERT as your EXPERIENCE LEVEL. Fill out other fields and hit CONTINUE.


This page allows you to link your Fiverr account to other of your social networks. Provisions are made for Google, Facebook and Twitter. Pick One before you proceed. That notwithstanding, you can proceed without linking to any of these account but Fiverr counter will not score a 100 in account completion. It doesn’t really matter though.


On this page, you’ll be asked to verify your Email, if you did not verify it as at the time you signed up. If you’re told so, don’t panic. Go to the registered mail box and click on the activation link. Wait some seconds and the page you are will automatically reload and your Email is verified.

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The next is to add and verify a working Phone number. At the top, your country will be set to default, the country you are in using the tracking systems. Once verified, add your SECURITY Question and ANSWER to progress. Make sure you don’t forget it.

This is it for profile setup!

How to Create Gig on Fiverr

Get in here and see how to create a perfect gig on Fiverr within 10 minutes. Without Fiverr Gig, you won’t know how to make money on Fiverr. This means that even if you know how to open Fiverr account, it will be useless.

Tips: Instead of creating multiple Fiverr accounts (which of course would be banned within 48 hours), create multiple GIGs (Fiverr allows this).

What is a Fiverr GIG?

It is, at the lowest definition, a simple collective description of your services on Fiverr market. Without this, buyers won’t be able to contact you or trust you enough with jobs.

How to Setup Fiverr Gig

This is a more professional setup than the previous setup. This setup page contains 6 pages. They include:

  1. Overview
  2. Pricing
  3. Description and FAQ
  4. Requirements
  5. Gallery
  6. Publish

Woohoo! Getting past these pages is what will give the final definition and refinement to your Fiverr account. Hello, you have to be very careful and tactical to attract Fiverr buyers.


This page contains just 3 fields. Each of these fields are very necessary in your profile. For instance, the field is GIG TITLE and if you do not title it to attract buyers, you lose. Fiverr will, by default, write “I WILL” and you’re expected to complete it with something sexy to the eyes and mind. For myself, I wrote “I write to kill”. Never mind me, make yours.

Under CATEGORY, select your niche i.e. Writing, graphics designing, digital marketing etc. Now, hit SUB CATEGORY on the next tab and select a specified profession.

Also, if you’re picking WRITING & TRANSLATION like myself, you’ll be asked to pick the language you write in. Go and pick English, French, Chinese or any language you’re fluent with.

The next field is SEARCH TAG and these are the tags that will help Fiverr to track your account when buyers are in need. You certainly must have a rethink of the TAG words you use because this is what will be used to find your account for jobs to pour in. If you’re for WRITING, an example of TAG WORD is “content writing”.


This is another very professional page on Fiverr GIG. You must be spicy with what you offer or buyers will dodge your account.

To be sincere, this page is very technical and you might need some dude with experience to see you through. However, if you understand the levels of pricing on the page, you can enter them and proceed.

Also, there are 3 packages Fiverr allows you to run. The Basic, Standard and Premium packages which are all fully editable. If you lack the understanding, you can disable the feature and Fiverr will leave you with just one Package to run. Please set your pricing well to attract clients.

Again, you might require someone with experience to help you fix this page.

Also, the minimum price you can set on Fiverr is 5$ and as high as 995$. This is to say that you can’t go beyond 5$ on any service you complete.

I recommend keeping the cost at 10$ or 15$ at this stage.


This follows immediately after and it contains just 2 fields. On the first field (GIG DESCRIPTION), you are to give a brief description of your GIG and on the second, you are to generate self-made questions and answer them. All buyers that visit your profile will see these questions and answers and it helps them to understand your services better.

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NOTE: Using a PC will open formatting action keys that will enable you to format your text description.


This is the next page and it’s a page that states what you need from every client before entering a deal. You may or may not want to fill it out but it’s useful.


Here, you have to provide a beautiful photo, video or PDF document to help boost and complement your Gig. For myself, I simply added a photo from the internet that relates with my niche. I felt like making more money on my Fiverr account, so I switched from Fiver buyer account to seller account and add photos of my jobs. I even include PDFs to boost my Fiverr gig.


Hey! Welcome to Fiverr. Oh, wait, what? You have to take a test! This test is a 40-question test that lasts for some minutes. I do not know whether my minutes applies to yours but however the case, you will be informed by Fiverr.

Once the test page pops up, do not leave the page. The moment you attempt to, you’ll be warned and you risk losing the right to ever run a Fiverr test which means not helping your profile.

I answered 40 questions that related to my niche and my total score was 32/40. Fiverr rated me 8.0 out of 10 which is very great. You might do even better. Note that the test is based on the level of your English. For myself, I picked FLUENT as my level.

After completing the test, Fiverr will inform you that your Gig is ALIVE. However, you can always rerun the test at later times and I will write on how to do so some other day.

NOTE: Fiverr offers online courses. These courses can either be free or paid. Go for them to improve your skills or you skip them for now.

Guess what? You’re done! Hit DONE and Fiverr will take you to your profile.

You are just very ready to take jobs and all of that. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to use the comment section.

NOTE: Fiverr gives LEVELS and your experience and activities are what boosts you.

Why Fiverr Bans

People often asking questions like “how to unban my Fiverr account”. Trust me, this is such an impossible thing to do. The best thing is to know why Fiverr bans freelancers indefinitely. Here is some of the reasons.

  1. Abusing a Fiverr buyer or buyers.
  2. Running more than one Fiverr account.
  3. Staying inactive for a long while.
  4. Not getting jobs (this is so because Fiverr wants you to make them your only workstation).
  5. Receiving payments from buyers outside Fiverr.


It’s real fun to own a Fiverr account because of the extra money you will earn. I’m not showing you How to open Fiverr account with this kind of details for amazement. It is simply because I mean business and I’ve spent resources on this.

If you do want to succeed on Fiverr like myself, never hesitate to contact me for tips. Do understand that Fiverr operates like Google itself. That is to say that they rank users. Users who know too little suffer from this ranking. Should I mention those who don’t even know How to open Fiverr account? Theirs is the worst because they know almost nothing.

After reading this article, pick up your phone or PC and start opening that account. Believe me, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll open that account.

Finally, read the terms and conditions provided by Fiverr. Regularly check for updates to avoid being a ban victim on Fiverr.