How to Import Car from USA to Nigeria – A Guide

Do you know why there are not much classy cars in Nigeria? It is because not many persons know how to import car from USA to Nigeria. Even the few that know how to buy used cars from USA to Nigeria find it difficult to know and cope with the processes.

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Some of the cars you find on Nigerian roads are not purchased at certified car stands. The reason is because the prices of these cars add up after port customs clearance. For this reason, informed individuals opt for directly shipping car from Los Angeles to Nigeria or from other locations in the US.

This article answers the following questions:

  • How long does it take to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?
  • What is the total cost of importing car from USA to Nigeria?

Here is a step by step guide on how to Import car from USA to Nigeria successfully.

  1. Understand Various Car Description Terms

Knowing how to import car from USA to Nigeria is one thing while knowing what you’re importing is another. The mistake most car importers make is failing to understand what they are importing and why. This is the mistake we wouldn’t love to see you become a victim for. Here are some of the car description terms and car titles to understand before proceeding to sign up for a car selling website.

  • Salvage title Cars
  • Clear title
  • Junk title
  • Bonded title
  • Rebuilt title
  • Reconstructed title
  • Ro-Ro
  • Run and Drive

There are several other terms to understand. For every strange term you find in the description of a car, read on it. What most persons do is to ignore the description and import the car at cheap rates. When such cars arrive, they become problematic within few months.

  1. Signup for a Car Seller Website

After having an understanding of the various car descriptions, go for a reputable dealer website. There are several websites that link the US car market with Nigeria and some will be listed in this article. It is advisable to opt only for dealer websites that suits your demand. This insinuates that what favours the other person may not favor you a bit. We recommend reading user reviews before picking a dealer website that connects you with car sellers in the US.

Some of the recommended dealer websites include:

Despite these sites coming from us, we recommend reviewing the site policies to better understand what you’re signing up for. All in all, neither of them offers poor services or an overly excellent service. There are a few more to check out as well to know which is better.

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Note: Some websites offer free signups while others are premium.

On sign up, you’ll be asked to verify your email. Simply head to your inbox and follow the link sent to you by the auction website. Without signing up, you’ll not be aware of bids in progress. And you’ll not also be eligible to participate in ongoing bids for the top cars on such website.

Some auction sites require that you subscribe to a package to be able to partake in ongoing car bids.

What Auction Sites May Request on Signup

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Import License
  • Have in mind that not all websites would place these as requirements on signup.
  1. Select the Car of Your Choice

After a successful signup, go through the auction sites and pick the car that interests you most. It is at this point that you’ll need all the car auction terms we listed out for you. To understand these terms, do a simple web search and read on them.

Understand than cars in auction sites come with all of these terms which help to determine the price of these cars. For example, a salvaged title car will cost of them a clean title car of the same model. This is because salvaged cars may have been badly damaged or lightly damaged before being put out for sale on auction sites.

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Before reading further, please take the following How You Do Cars’ recommendation into consideration.

How You Do Recommendation

The cars and cars description provided online may not always be 100% percent. This means that sellers could sometimes provide false details in a bid to quickly sell out. To evade this situation, here is what we recommend.

Hire an agency that specializes in vehicle inspections. These agencies charge anything within the region of 60 dollars to 100 dollars to ensure that there is no effect on the car contrary to what the seller states.

There are inspection services like CarInspection and IAAI. We recommend IAAI if you’re importing via IAAI platform. They charge 89.9 5 Dollars and 125.00 Dollars. Inspection agents will keep you on a live call and you can as well request for a video. Using these agencies make it possible to obtain an accurate description of the car, whether its salvaged title is primary or secondary condition.

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Car Purchase Options

There are basically two options which include:

  • Buy Now
  • Bid

Cars with ‘Buy Now’ option means that such car is readily available for sale. In such situations, you’re just one click away from owning the car.

On the other hand, cars with ‘Bid’ are not readily available for purchase. Such cars have bid dates attached and can only be purchased on the bid dates. This is often a competitive one as such cars have an influx of buyers which often cause the car price to inflate. The idea is that the willing buyer with the most bid goes away with the car. And, such cars are often lovely rides that anyone would love to own.

  1. Make Payments

Making payments is the least worry on any of the auction websites you pick. This is the phase on how to import car from USA to Nigeria that is the easiest to run.

Before we identify the payment medium, do note that delayed payments come with additional charges of up to 100 dollars. Would you want to pay extra? Of course not.

The two major payment mediums include credit/debit card and bank wire.

In most cases, debit transactions occurring from Nigeria are rejected. Although credit card transfer is the quickest, you may not be favored. Alternatively, using bank wire will cut the sense of being hopeless. Simply, credit the wallet of your selected auction website by transferring money from a Western Union account or Money Gram. Another option is to use a domiciliary account. This sort of account will work since it supports savings in foreign currency.

  1. Ship to Desired Port

Still on how to import car from USA to Nigeria, two things make this particular phase interesting and low cost. They include:

  • If your car Start Code is Run and Drive
  • If your seller station is closer to the US seaport

First, contact a shipping agent in the US. The agent’s duty is to get the car to the port safely. In cases where the car is not coded as Run and Drive, it attracts extra cost. You will pay between the range of 100 dollars to 250 dollars to get the car in a tow truck from dealer station to port. If the code is Run and Drive, the agent will only put it on and drive to the port.

Note: The longer a car remains with dealer, it adds up charges up to 15 dollars depending on the dealer. Consider making everything move fast to avoid unnecessary charges.

How to Import Car from USA to Nigeria

Cars Awaiting Freights to Nigeria

Shipping Options

Shipping options include:

  • Ro-Ro
  • Container
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Ro-Ro means Roll On Roll Off and it is the most common shipping option. Roll On Roll Off is recommended if you’re shipping a single car and intend to save cost. Using the container shipping method will cost more but the delivery time will be faster. For Ro-Ro, you have to wait for a particular container to be filled before your shipper proceeds.

There are several shipping lines available in the US that will port your car down to Nigeria. One of such is Grimaldi. To answer how long does it take to ship a car from USA to Nigeria, it occurs within 4 to 5 weeks. These companies will safely land your vehicle in Nigeria within this period. Sometimes, it could take up to 6 weeks especially when you’re using Ro-Ro method.

Shipping charges come between the rate of 700 dollars to 1600 dollars and this is determined by the pound weight of the car you’re shipping. Don’t bother about customs clearance as the shipper will handle all of it before your car lands in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a bill of lading will be forwarded to you and it contains all the necessary details you’ll need track and claim the shipment in Lagos port.

  1. Clear the Car from Port

The final step on how to import car from USA to Nigeria Clearing a car in Nigeria can be very tedious if you’re a novice. One of the requirements is a Clearance Permit which certifies you to clear imported vehicles. This requires going through offices and making submissions before getting a car off port. It could well take up to 3 days if there is no misunderstanding involved. However, we recommend hiring a clearance agent to make the process easier. Those who buy used cars from USA to Nigeria often pay less since such cars are charged at devalued rates.

How You Do Cars’ Thought

Here is all on how to import cars from USA to Nigeria. If you do not want to engage the services of clearing agents, then read how to clear a car in Nigeria without stress.

Pick the car that suits your need, ship, clear, and drive it anywhere in Nigeria. If you’re a dealer, follow this as well and sell directly imported cars to Nigeria. While some people prefer shipping car from Los Angeles to Nigeria, you could well opt for other places in the US.

After you buy used cars from USA to Nigeria, know all documents required to drive a car in Nigeria without harassment.

There are friends out there who would want to know how to import car from USA to Nigeria. Do well to share with them and become a friend with benefit.