How to Win Bet9ja Bets Twice a Week

Since the arrival of betting in Nigeria, lots of Nigerians have been smiling to the bank. Despite the fun in making money from betting, many are missing out because they do not know how to win bet9ja.

How to win bet9ja bet

Winning bets is in your DNA and you should know how to win bet. If you’re not winning up to 5k Dollars monthly, you’re losing.

Right now, I’m going around surveying Bet9ja outlets and others, but people’s looks aren’t lovely at all. This is due to the fact that the cheat ways are hiding. Basically, guys aren’t aware of the tips to win football bets even as high as a million. After going through this article, you should be able to know how to bet and win in soccer.

How to Win Bet9ja Millions Like a Pro

To win big, there are things you must know or understand before making an attempt. Betting companies like Bet9ja are so tricky that they meander with the winnings available. For instance, let’s consider a match like Real Madrid Vs Barcelona. If about 50 people bet for Real Madrid to win and another 10 bets for Barcelona to win, Barcelona will win. Do you know why? If Real Madrid wins, the loss will be too high. As such, several things will be overlooked in the field to favor the booker.


Let’s see some hidden tips to win football bets on Bet9ja.

  1. Produce a Staking Power

“Betting more than your pocket is the first big mistake every gambler makes”

Betting companies are so smart that they increase game points whenever staking power is high. This is the old trick used to trap people in Bet9ja since their arrival. Most gamblers Have the mind to stake big but lack the capacity to think ‘winning’.

Do you believe in “stake big and win big”? In as much as the money in question is big, the controlling force of the scheme will tweak to their favor. Do you know what that means? You’re losing. Tweak means that available games have been altered to reduce bookers’ loss. To be on a safer side, don’t empty your pocket for any reason.

  1. The Odds Power

At times, the strength or weakness of odds doesn’t determine winnings. Every time I am around the Bet9ja, I hear people arguing that the smaller odds do not win. Another sect will also claim that smaller odds are the winning game. As long as this argument remains, knowing how to win bet9ja will become very difficult around the world.

You know that odds make a game, right? Do you also know that big odd or small odd doesn’t matter? No, you don’t know this one because it’s not as it appears.

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There are some false theories set up by Bet9ja customers who are wrong. Here are some of them.

  • Equal odds are draw games
  • Smaller odds win
  • Big odds lose
  • Two weak teams draw

Do you know what doom means? Using these principles is a beautiful way to doom. Odds do not decide a game because odds are just points that increase money. What decides a football game is the football game teams themselves.

  1. The Teams

Knowing how to win bet9ja requires an understanding of the team playing. It is important to understand the teams involved in a game because teams determine the winning.

Some teams are marked as deadly by bookmakers. These teams are marked ‘X’ by the bookmakers due to their dynamic nature. For example, the leagues in England like England Championship, England League One, and League Two. In short, to make a clean bet, avoid teams in the English league. These teams are not only poisonous but cunning. It’s like all the players, managers, and fans are the same. In English league, go for the premiership. But if you want to stake on draws, visit League 2 and Championship.

Tips to Win Football Bet in Bet9ja

If you really want to know how to win bet without stress, here are the needed tips. Most persons have a problem with how to bet and win in soccer and often times feel it’s impossible. I started betting on football at 13 even though such age is restricted. The betting center gave no damn about it. At 16, nothing tangible to show for but things changed at 17 when the way forward was exposed. Today, I part with nothing less than 4k Dollars at worst monthly from Bet9ja.

Here are the tricks to put into consideration before winning big.

No Bulky Bets

Lining up matches on a bet slip doesn’t always win no matter how small the points are. Why bet on 20 matches with 1 Dollar? Why play Over 1.5 all over the ticket for a dollar? I mean, the maximum number of matches to bet on should be 7! Bookmakers are not so foolish to allow up to as high as 32 games. It’s a strategy to take you unawares always.

In short, if any person goes beyond 10 matches, it is a critical ‘betting abuse’.

I do not find anything reasonable about excessive matches betting in one slip. The ugliest side of the matter is that such games often carry powerless points like 1.05, 1.10, etc.

I was at Bet9ja at the time of writing this article and the things I find out are depressing. The actual game options for long bet slips are O 1.5, U 4.5, GG, and Away Goal. These are all very possible game options but with no guarantee of winning big money.

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How to Bet and Win Bet9ja the Next Day

The number one rule of gambling is “never expect to win”. The moment you bet to win, you lose on start. The practice that works is to clear your mind and doubts and believe in something positive because gambling is gambling. What differs great gamblers from weak gamblers is the ability to take off their minds from a bet. Sometimes, the fear might cause you to make changes on the bet slip that will kill the bet.


Anyway, consider the following betting tips today so that you can win tomorrow.

  • Hang around after a bet. There is someone arriving with a lucky game.
  • Compare your game with that of others but do not allow their choice to conflict with yours.
  • Follow live matches on TVs to help see the weaknesses and strengths of the teams you bet for or against.
  • Avoid checking the bet slip every now and then and do not follow live matches on the slip.

Let’s delve further into what winners of Bet9ja always do to win games daily, weekly, and monthly.

  1. Pick Teams on Coupon

The reason why I like the teams put on this betting list is that they are monitored. Such teams receive high priority from bookmakers for that week and are the teams to watch out for. Usually, they are kept as possible draws and it often works.

On the other hand, there are always possibilities that bookmakers will affect an ongoing game. For example, the team that gamblers most expect to win will not win because the company will suffer a big loss. Leagues like EPL, Championship, etc. are present on the coupon board. Interested in the Bet9ja coupon? Request for it at your betting center and proceed to make your winning bet.

  1. Using H2H

The simple best analytical process of teams’ ability is H2H. H2H means Head to Head and it. If you know how to read games, you should be able to study as far as the available players for the match. After Leicester City became champions of England, in the 2015-2016 EPL season, I used this method to winning Bet9ja. Instead of underestimating them, I went through their H2H with the teams they are about to face. Although H2H is not always good in the first half of the season, it works in the second half perfectly. Here are some things to take away from using H2H.

  • Teams in form can beat the best teams.
  • The new addition of players boosts a team’s strength.
  • Team statistics are what bookmakers use to determine points
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Having gone through H2H, you should be able to come up with a perfect game plan.

  1. Team Analysis

A thorough team analysis is one of the ways on how to win bet9ja millions. The problem, however, is that not so many persons know how to analyze a team using certain sites.

There are sites that will give complete data for you to use for analysis. You will be able to know which player is injured and all of that. Some of the things to consider while analyzing a team before betting are:

  • Injured players
  • Availability of star player(s)
  • Number of red/yellow cards
  • Recent team goal line
  • Recent performance
  • Away and home performance
  • Set piece ability (e.g. free kick, penalty, and corner kick
  1. Pick Odds Not Less than 1.40

Odds lower than 1.40 does not give good dollars. Don’t go beyond this! The best odds to bet on are between 1.64 and 2.01.

The moment you perfect in this, you will give over 80% perfect prediction than sites like Statarea where all gamblers see as life. But you can always compare your predictions with them.

  1. Compare Teams Football Style

Teams like Manchester City play the tiki-taka football style while a team like Manchester United plays a quick counter. In a situation like this, the likely winner is Manchester City because they will be able to dominate Manchester United. Manchester United’s chance of winning is slim because they will only rely on Manchester City’s error to score a goal.

If a team like Cardiff faces Liverpool, the chances are that Liverpool will win because Liverpool is a high pressing team. It doesn’t mean that Cardiff can’t win but Cardiff won’t win if the Liverpool team is not in form. For example, if Mane I injured and Salah is tired, the team won’t flow well. In this case, Cardiff is likely to earn a draw or a win.

Final Thoughts

The only thing left right now is for you to make the bet. Simply turn yourself to a pro gambler by thinking outside the box frequently.

Just follow this guide and you will beat the tricks of bookmakers in bet9ja and other companies. These tricks will as well work with companies like BetKing, Nairabet, Lionsbet, etc.

After the bet, get a drink and cool off your veins.

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Don’t expect to win although you will win.

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