Small Jobs in Abuja

In Abuja, it’s either you own a job or you make a job. If you don’t fall within these two categories, it becomes difficult to earn a living. For such reason, I have compiled a list of jobs in Abuja at all times. You don’t want to miss out, do you?

jobs in abuja

So, I have been hearing stories about Abuja but no one talks about jobs there. Is it that these jobs are restricted to a few persons? No, jobs in Abuja are just vacant. Too few people are willing to become part of the system.

When comparing job vacancies in Abuja to job vacancies in Lagos, one would see that the opportunities in Abuja are 10x bigger. Yes, this is something I’ve noticed while touring both cities. Do you know why? The reason is that there are fewer people in Abuja.

Anyway, let’s not go too deep into that because I have lots of job opportunities available in Abuja for you. Lest I forget, this I’ve highlighted jobs in Abuja for fresh graduates too.

Job Types in Abuja

There are lots of jobs available in Abuja, Nigeria. In the meantime, know these ones.

  • International jobs
  • Teaching jobs
  • NGO jobs
  • Hotel jobs
  • Government job, etc.

The Nature of Jobs Available in Abuja

There are basically three variants of jobs in Abuja. We have jobs that are professional, side jobs, and unprofessional jobs. Just like Lagos, available Abuja jobs can be found online and I’ll retrieve some opportunities for you.

Jobs in Abuja

Below are the small jobs in Abuja:

1. Hospital Care Assistant

This is one of the available professional jobs that could be impactful as a career. There’s no more time to kill with your certificates. They label these certs as a scam but they aren’t.

I believe you didn’t arrive in Abuja without them. If you did, try to retrieve them because you need everything to work in Abuja.

Here are the places hiring for this position presently. If there are changes, you’ll be notified.

leverage Africa: This job is a fulltime job in Abuja. This hospital is a prominent setup in Abuja and has been saving lives. They need you now. Meanwhile, there are other positions available here. Request for a way to obtain the extra info and I’ll get back to you quickly. The task here is very simple as you’ll only be assisting in whatever goes on there.

There are other opportunities available, but we are keeping them off this article for the sake of correct information.

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2. Store Keeper/Manager

This happens to be one of the most unique job vacancies in Abuja this 2020. Of the jobs listed here, this is one of the jobs in Abuja for fresh graduates to begin life with.

Do you know that the total number of businesses in Abuja is estimated at over a million? With the such number of stores in place, how many do you think have managers running the activities? Too few, if you ask me.

To confirm my gut, I researched the job availability and I came up with hundreds of stores in search of keepers and managers.

About a quarter of them have been occupied by quick applicants. I managed to come up with some that are very much available. Here are some of them.

Note that these jobs are and would always be there. It’s all about information to help make yourself available.

An example of a current recruiter is Marie Stopes Nigeria. This business has well over 30 countries where they operate. Trust me, the pay is mouthwatering. I’m following up on this particular business because I’m very interested in it too. I’m really interested in private job vacancies in Abuja such as this.

3. Teaching Job

While in Abuja, you could take up a teaching job to make money. Apart from becoming a class teacher, you could become a home tutor. I discovered that parents in Abuja are so knowledge-inclined which is one of the reasons why it is the capital territory of Nigeria.

I’ve had experience as a teacher there in Abuja for 5 months during my stay. Job search led me there and I’m glad I took chances. Jooble is recommended as the right place to find available teaching jobs. Jobberman is good but tries Jooble.

4. Transport Officer

I know of some authentic transport company jobs available in Abuja. These companies constantly recruit new hands and experiences to boost the corporation. You could check in rather than sitting back at home.

I do have contact with two important officials at two transport companies there whom I could keep up with to inform you.

At the moment, Bolt White hotels/apartment is picking for this position. We will keep up to date with this availability. And as a norm, we are omitting several other opportunities in order to record efficiency in our findings.

5. ICT Officer

Are you a tech-savvy? Good at handling computers!? You’re just too lucky to have opted for this path in your career. Whether you’re an African, American, European, Asian, etc., Abuja if the answer.

Interestingly enough, these classes of jobs in Abuja involves top companies, moderately unique companies, well-to-do companies, and other categories. If you’re not going to bother yourself to walk down there, maybe I can help you find out by signaling the available personalities around.

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Instead of listing out the current companies offering this position in Abuja, let me link you up with Indeed. This website updates at least two positions for ICT jobs daily and this could be your dreams about to be fulfilled.

6. Marketing Manager

Nowadays, legitimate hustling is all about marketing. You could literally buy an authority while overseeing the marketing activities of a company. Several companies in Abuja require both marketers and marketing managers to publicize their products and sell out faster.

#Side Hustles Available in Abuja Right Now

7. Ushering Job

Abuja is part of the top 5 states in Nigeria where events hold now and then. Do you want to make beyond money? Are you willing to go out? Now, it’s just a question of whether you’re willing to go out there. I’ve attended and earned from ushering for sometimes now in Abuja. Moreover, the requirements are reasonable. The requirement for this job includes:

  • Fluent English
  • At least a WAEC certificate
  • Good dressing
  • Punctuality
  • Ability to effectively communicate with guests

8. Uber Driver

Guys in Abuja are making money using Uber. It does not matter whether you own a car or not as there are lots of persons in need of drivers. You will simply drive their car, take your cut and give them theirs.

More so, you may get a car on hire purchase. Check these Uber car requirements before picking a car.

How to Get a Job in Abuja

To get any of the daily pay jobs, one must do certain things. Here are what you require to have a say in these available jobs.

Before are requirements to get a job in Abuja:

Your CV

Design a powerful CV, one enough to capture the reality of your abilities. Even if you’ve had a little experience of something, highlight it there to convince the recruiters.

Be Confident

One thing I noticed to be the reason why most persons fail an interview is lack of confidence. Instead of them to believe in themselves, they allow themselves to be overwhelmed. This is not right because it costs you the job which could be ours.

Follow Instructions

The moment you’re invited for an interview; the accompanying instructions are the first test you get. The best option is to follow the instructions no matter how simple it might appear.

Study the Atmosphere

Most people just get to a recruitment center and sits for their turn. This is a wrong practice because you will fail to see something that you could correct to get the job. Some interviewers use minor things to test you as a potential employee because the company does not want “anyhow” individual in their setup.

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What Individuals Qualify for the Jobs Available in Abuja

Three classes of individuals qualify for the Jobs you can find in Abuja. Let me list them out for you to determine where you fall under.

  • Individuals with school or experience certificates
  • Individuals with no schooling or experience certificates

Basically, there are two types of jobs available in terms of physique. The first is a manning job and the second is a strength-wise job.

Manning These sort of jobs require a man or a woman with the ability to protect a human, a property or to direct people in several events which require a multitude attendance. Here in Nigeria, some people require force to do the right thing and put out pride.

For strength-wise jobs, these jobs are somewhat demanding. For example, offloading and uploading goods, construction jobs, Gym, etc.

In essence, it’s right to say that the job vacancies in Abuja does not select individuals. This is to emphasize that anybody can work things out in Abuja very easily.

My Experiences Working in Abuja

Getting the latest jobs in Abuja 2020 is one thing, securing the job is another. The chances that you might lose the job depends on you. Like myself, I discovered that the only way to secure jobs in influential states like Abuja is to put the company up first. The moment you do so, no other person will be seen as better than you.

The pay isn’t bad in Abuja. However, it depends on how well you can negotiate. Also, some of these jobs have fixed pay which means that you’ll either have to accept it that way or reject.

Abuja does not particularly feature jovial or difficult employers. This is to say that on like other places, employers with different characters exist in Abuja.

Final Thoughts

We can post all vacancies available in Abuja in this one article. However, frequents updates would be made to help you.

Meanwhile, it’s recommended for you to contact us for a retrieved and trusted info on available jobs in Abuja. No matter what you do, don’t give up. And like I said, the jobs are there, but the right information is the only problem. Keep it cool and see yourself become an employee before next week runs out.

Finally, we wouldn’t mind being there whenever you need our priceless service.

A way to help yourself to get any of the daily pay jobs in Abuja is to go online. Yes, the online websites that can help include the likes of Jobberman and Jobzilla.