How to Join Nollywood in Nigeria

I know you are here to find out how to join Nollywood in Nigeria. Well, I will teach you the steps that Nigerian actors and actresses follow to join Nollywood.

how to join nollywood

Nollywood is a film industry located in Lagos, Nigeria; it is regarded as the third biggest film industry in the world.

To join Nollywood, you must be talented, audible, and able to express yourself naturally on sets. A typical Nollywood actor or actress never shies away from any role he/she is asked to perform. So, you must be able to accommodate any role in a movie.

In this article, I will drill briefly on the steps to join Nollywood without paying.

How to Join Nollywood

In this section, I will disclose all the steps with regard to becoming an actor or actress in Nollywood.

Below are the steps regarding how to join Nollywood:

Learn the Terminologies

The first step to kick-start the mission of joining Nollywood is to understand the terminologies. While on set, producers use these terminologies to instruct you.

And if you do not know the terminologies, you will not perform in the manner they expect you to.

You may purchase a text that covers every terminology needed for acting. Where you do not understand, ask those you think would.

You may join Facebook groups for potential Nollywood actors and actresses and learn from them. YouTube is also an excellent platform for you to learn how the various terms of acting can be put into action.

Discover and Work on Yourself

Becoming a well-known actor or actress in Nollywood takes a bit of time and it demands hard work. First, be sure that you can make an ideal performer.

To know whether you can secure a spot for yourself in Nollywood, begin by asking the people around to rate your skills.

I recommend asking those that are knowledgeable about the art of acting because they would comfortably disclose the aspects you must work on.

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After you discover yourself through positive reactions from those you ask to rate your abilities, it is time to move a step higher.

Note: You do not have to study a course such as Theatre Art or related courses to be good enough for Nollywood.

Attend Auditions

Partaking in auditions is an excellent way to build an acting career with regards to how to join Nollywood.

When you go for auditions, you get the opportunity to meet movie directors and producers that may be interested in your acting skills.

When they find that you can perform fearlessly on stage, they will either recommend you or Nollywood might recognize and call you up. However, it is not always easy to get a call-up from Nollywood. So, you have to walk your way towards becoming a movie actor or actress in Nollywood.

The importance of joining movie auditions in Nigeria is that it exposes your talent to the movie market.

Moviemakers and directors use auditions to screen the best candidates for available movie roles in Nigeria.

Create an Attractive Portfolio

A mistake that most upcoming actors and actresses make in Nollywood make is that they fail to create a portfolio.

You can use any medium to build an excellent portfolio that can convince people of your acting skills. Endeavour to indicate in the portfolio your skills of improvising, especially when the needed materials are absent.

You may open a vlog or a simple blog where you upload images and videos of your work. Your gallery should consist mostly of the short scenes that you perform in.

You may also learn additional skills like makeup, costuming, etc. The reason is that Nollywood as a labour market prefers candidates that have extra values to offer.

Register with a Talent Agency

In the top cities of Nigeria, there are several agencies that boost your chances of joining Nollywood.

If you do not register with any such agency, it does not deprive your dream of being in Nollywood. However, you will not be exposed to opportunities that will get you noticed.

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Note that these agencies register you for a fee, and the fee depends on their popularity.

Movie agents do not care whether you can act/perform well or not. They are after your money, and would not disclose your flaws, especially you do not give in to their amorous demands.

Participate in a Lively Acting Class

Going for auditions is not enough; you need additional classes to spur you to perform better.

It could be a group of people with a similar dream of joining Nollywood. While attending such classes, try to accommodate everyone, regardless of their ill attitudes, because this profession requires support from all angles. The idea is that you want everyone to love and recommend you whenever the need arises.

Build a Relationship with Film Makers and Producers

If you reside in any of the major cities in Nigeria, you will enjoy getting in touch with established filmmakers and directors.

In the less developed cities of Nigeria, you might not have access to top movie directors or producers. But you can begin with the grassroots producers that will recommend you to top producers eventually.

While building a relationship with personalities that will make you join Nollywood, make sure not to become too attached. Otherwise, they will make demands that you will find tempting to accept or rejects.

One such demands could be a night out at the hotel as their sex slave for a movie role.

What to Do During Auditions for Nollywood

If you must convince movie makers in Nigeria, you must be brilliant during any audition.

Of course, you are not the only person going out for an audition. So, you need to be better than yourself all the time.

Below are tips for performing well during auditions for Nollywood:

Train Your Emotions

Regarding how to become an actor in Nigeria or how to become an actress in Nigeria, you need sound emotion. When you are emotionally down, it will affect your performance. Another problem is being shy, especially when the filmmaker reacts negatively to your performances.

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Impress the Auditioning Persons

The first impressions expected in every audition is punctuality and creativity. When you appear late at auditions, you pass the wrong message to the auditioning body. They will conclude that you are not serious about the profession.

Train Before the Audition

You might feel too lazy to train before an audition, which is not healthy for your mission to join Nollywood in Nigeria.

Work on Your Diction and Audibility

Two of the characteristics that make an excellent Nollywood actor or actress are diction and audibility. If your diction is poor, it becomes challenging to earn a career in Nollywood. And you must be audible and fierce while delivering each line.

When you are not audible, it is difficult for people to hear you and know what the script is all about. As such, you may lose your role in the audition.

Perfect Your Body Positioning

Just like diction and audibility, body positioning matters. You may call it body language, but understand that it determines your performance.

Follow Instructions

No matter what, never perform outside of what the directors demand of you. If you have an idea, do not showcase on stage without the producer’s knowledge.

The best way is to politely tell the producer whether such would improve the scene.

How Much Do Actors Earn in Nigeria?

how can I join Nollywood

Though Nollywood is among the top 3 movie producing industries, the earning potential is not high. Nollywood actors earn about 100,000 and up to 2 million Naira per movie depending on their personality and role.

Final Thought

In this article, I have disclosed the important things you need to join Nollywood in Nigeria.

First, work on your abilities, and challenge yourself always. Bear in mind that Nollywood is a labour market and labour markets in Nigeria require additional skills for added value.

So, learn new things and combine them with your creativity to become better. I know you read lots of stories about having to sleep with movie producers for a role in Nollywood. Well, be smart, and do not allow anyone to deceive you.