Latest Innoson Cars – New Innoson Motors 2020

Innoson cars are a product of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM). Briefly in this article, we’ll introduce you to the latest Innoson cars. Other than just the available latest Innoson motors, you’ll learn a couple of things about Innoson motors owner and the Innoson best car so far.

Nothing beats driving an indigenous car, especially when it’s solidly built. Yes, Innoson Motors build powerful vehicles. Moreover, Innoson Motors build different cars to match particular occasions. Whether you need a van for a picnic, Innoson SUV, Sedan, and even hatchbacks.

Meanwhile, does Davido own an Innoson? You should see Davido’s collection of cars!

Most importantly, Innoson cars made in Nigeria, despite being built in a costly environment, are being offered at the barest affordable price.

Furthermore, this compilation features Innoson latest vehicles including:

  • Latest Innoson Jeep
  • Latest Innoson G Wagon
  • Innoson latest Hilux
  • Innoson Sedan
  • Innoson Vans
  • Innoson Fox
  • Innoson Trucks

Note: This article is updated frequently to accommodate the new Innoson motors being released.

About Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

The company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, also tagged IVM, was founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala. It is the first Made-in-Africa automobile brand. The goal of the company is to eradicate the purchase of fairly used cars in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

So far, the company reports that it sold over 10,000 automobiles. To top it all, the company is eager to become Africa’s most preferred brand with topnotch and brand new vehicles.

Latest Innoson Cars 2020

This section strictly focuses on the new Innoson cars of 2020 and this present month. You will equally find the Innoson latest cars and prices.

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Presently, the latest Innoson cars are:

  • Innoson IVM G80
  • Innoson IVM G40
  • Innoson IVM G6
  • Innoson IVM Caris
  • Innoson Capa
  • Innoson IVM G6 SUV
  • Innoson IVM G6 Pickup
  1. IVM Caris

Latest Innoson Cars - New Innoson Motors 2020 1

The Innoson IVM Caris is a definition of modernity in cars. It’s a lovely sedan car released by IVM.

  1. IVM Capa

Latest Innoson Cars - New Innoson Motors 2020 2

The IVM Capa is a van vehicle with an engine capacity of 2.4L.

  1. IVM G6 SUV

Latest Innoson Cars - New Innoson Motors 2020 3

In need of an SUV, well, this is one of the latest Innoson cars to pick.

  1. IVM G6 Pickup

Latest Innoson Cars - New Innoson Motors 2020 4
The G6 is solidly built for African conditions, both weather, and environment.

  1. Innoson IVM G80

A looka-alike with IVM G40 but a perfect machine to crush Terrains in Nigeria.

  1. Innoson IVM G40

The G40 is a class apart. It supports 80L to take you round town for a longer while. The MPG is commendable considering the specs it sports.

  1. Innoson IVM G6

A classy SUV that every car owner is raving for. Innoson really nailed it on this one.

Innoson Cars Specifications and Price of Innoson Cars in Nigeria

This section mentions the prices of Innoson cars as well the specific new Innoson car.

Innoson IVM Pickups and Trucks

The following are the Innoson pickup vehicles. Innoson latest Hilux falls under this category.

Innoson IVM Granite

Specification of Innoson IVM Granite

  • Drive type – 4WD
  • Transmission – Manual
  • Seater – 5-seater

Innoson IVM Carrier 4WD

The spec of this latest Innoson car:

  • Drive Type – 4WD
  • Transmission – Manual
  • Seaters – 5

The price of Innoson IVM Carrier is N6.50 million

Innoson IVM Carrier

This is one of the previous latest Innoson cars. Below is the spec.

  • Drive Type – 4WD
  • Seater – 5
  • Transmission – Manual
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Innoson IVM Carrier price is N6 million.

New innoson SUV

In search terms, car lovers prefer to use ‘new Innoson Jeep’ over ‘new Innoson SUV’. This notwithstanding, the message is still passed.

Innoson IVM G40

Innoson IVM G40 specificatios

  • Seater 5 Seaters
  • ABS/EBD support
  • Transmission type – manual
  • Drivetrain – 4WD

Innoson G40 goes for N17 million.

Innoson IVM G6

Innoson IVM G6

  • Transmission – Manual
  • Seaters – 5
  • ABS/EBD Support

The price of Innoson G6 is 6 million

Latest innoson G Wagon

Innoson IVM G80

Innoson G80 specification

  • Transmission – Automatic
  • Drivetrain – 4WD
  • Seaters – 5 Seaters
  • Fuel type – Petrol

G80 features Electric Brake Distribution (EBD) and Antilock Braking System.

The price of Innoson G80 is N27 million

Latest Innoson Hatchbacks and Sedan Car Prices and Specs

Innoson IVM Fox

This is the latest Innoson car designed as a hatchback. The specification includes:

  • Drive Type – Front-wheel
  • Transmission – Manual/Auto
  • Seaters – 5
  • Liters – 45L

The innoson Fox price is N3.5 million Naira.

Innoson IVM Umu

The Specification includes:

  • Drive type – front wheel
  • Tranmission – Auto
  • Seaters – 5
  • Liters – 45L

Innoson IVM G20


  • Transmission – Manual
  • Drive type – Front wheel
  • Seater – 7
  • Liters – 50L

Innoson Vans

The vans from Innoson are cool. Have a good look at the 6540 and 5000 models of Innoson Vans.

Innoson IVM 6540

Innoson IVM 5000 specifications:

  • Seater – 15
  • Transmission – Manual
  • Drivetrain – 5Spd

Innoson IVM 6540 price is N8 million Naira.

Innoson IVM 5000

  • Transmission – 5sp Manual
  • Seater – 18
  • – 70L

The 2020 price list of Innoson for Innoson 5000 is N8.9 million Naira.

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What Car is Innoson Best Car?

Honestly, all cars released by Innoson are the ‘best’.

Why You Should Buy Innoson Cars

  1. Powerfully Built

Both previous and new Innoson vehicles are powerfully built. Evidently, the latest Innoson cars arrive with performance and physique upgrades that make the cars powerful enough to withstand certain underdeveloped regions with bad roads and the likes.

  1. Massive 3 Years Warranty

Yes, Innoson offers a massive 3-year warranty.

  1. Spare Parts Are Readily Available

You do not have to wait for months or spend too much to have car parts replaced.

  1. Lesser Chances of Overheating

Car owners fear when their cars overheat. This, however, is not a case with Innoson. All the latest cars from the company are engineered to prevent overheating.

  1. Powerful Shock Absorber

Africa is not known to be home with all-round good roads. For this reason, Innoson engineers their cars with reinforced shock absorber that make Innoson cars withstand poor roads.

  1. Auto Finance

The IVM partners with some banks in Nigeria. This is done in a bid to ensure that you own a car of your own. This partnership provides you an opportunity to have access to car loans.

Innoson Cars Phone Number

Reach the company with the following lines:

  • 08122202053
  • 08054459560
  • 08029904955

Before you ‘Take Away’ this article, these are what you should do with old cars that won’t start.

Take Away

If you are getting a new ride, get IVM. Meanwhile, you should see the the documents required to drive a car in Nigeria. Also, Here is the checklist for buying a car without Problem, whether new or old.

Do you know that people now make money from their old cars? They do this even without a car title.

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