Low Risk Investments in Nigeria

In this article, we will consider the low risk investments in Nigeria. While some ventures pose a high risk, others pose very minimal or zero risks. Of course, no one would love to invest in something with high risk.

low risk investments in Nigeria

Before I commence, you should first know the basic investment mistakes to avoid. Most investors suffer from these mistakes over and over again including me when I was a novice.

Do you know that some low-risk investments are actually high yield investment in Nigeria? You probably didn’t know because we all believe that only high-risk investments make high yields. Are you also aware of the online investments in Nigeria with high yields? I can bet that you’re just knowing this one.

Anyways, the essence of this article is to balance the score by showing you the best low-risk investments in Nigeria.

What to Know About Low-Risk Investments with High Yields in Nigeria

Today, this pillar content focuses on low-risk investments in Nigeria with high yields. An exceptional thing about this content is that it contains the best online investments in Nigeria to double your money 100x.

Moreover, investment has gone even beyond physical structures to virtual (online) in this tech/machine age. This means that it’s possible to partake in high yield investments in Nigeria online with almost zero risks.

Low risk investments are the talk of the town at the moment.

These sorts of investments feature unique features that differ them from investments posing a high-risk threat. There are several features that make them more outstanding in the business world and they include:

  • Investment capital can be low.
  • Poses little or zero risks.
  • Mostly virtual (done online).
  • The interest rate is high when capital is higher.
  • There is no age or social bracket for investors.

Going further after highlighting the above, I’ll divide the Low Risk Investments in Nigeria into three categories.

  1. Online Low Risk Investments in Nigeria with High Yield
  2. Low Risk Investments with the Nigerian Government
  3. Physical Ventures with Low Risk to Invest In

low risk investments in Nigeria

Low Risk Investments in Nigeria with High Yield

This category includes the various online platforms where you can invest with low risk. I have invested in three of these platforms and I must confess that what I got as interest was mind-blowing.

The three I have tried out are Wema Alat, Sterling Doubble, and CowryWise. For PiggyVest and KoloPay, my colleagues have been disturbing me to join that they pay great too. Well, I recently read reviews on these two and I recommend them to you. Meanwhile, I’ve already created accounts with PiggyVest and KoloPay.

1. Wema ALAT

Here is the first of the online investments in Nigeria that I ventured into. For reasons such as ‘risk’, I developed a fear for investments. But my encounter with ALAT changed things. Surprisingly, I did not have to leave my room to queue at a bank and fill forms.

The ALAT online investment comes with 3 juicy packages called GOALS. They include:

  • Fixed Goal
  • Flexi Goal
  • Stash

Each of these goals bears a massive 10% interest rate on every deposit you make. Of these three goals, I prefer the Fixed Goal package because it helps you to save millions without making any withdrawal for as long or as short as you want.

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Features of WEMA ALAT

  • 10% interest rate.
  • The user must have a Wema bank account.
  • Allows users to obtain loans while investing.
  • It can be modified at any time, except for a fixed goal.
  • There is no minimum startup capital.
    A user decides when to end the investment.
  • It can be canceled before maturity.
    An investment plan can be paused.

I recommend this platform with a 100% thumb up. Before I forget, ALAT pays for every referral you make.

How it Works

It’s very simple. Select a goal package, personalize, drop your money, and watch it grow overnight.

2. Doubble by Sterling Bank

Sterling bank is pretty much not my bank but this investment package won my heart. They are the first bank I have banked but had to move at some point.

However, I resumed the account I had with the bank to explore the Doubble package. However, you do not need to bank with Sterling Bank to qualify. The Sterling Doubble includes two packages.

  • Doubble Rewards
  • Double Target

To be sincere, I do not know much about the Sterling Doubble Rewards because I’m running the Doubble Target package. Are you going to ask me about this package? It’s wow.

It is because it (Doubble Target) allows me to save sizeable amounts that would mature for the target I want. An example is that this package got me the new mini bus I have leased out for money.

Features of Doubble by Sterling

  • It supports multiple plans.
  • For the Doubble Reward package, 5,000 Naira is the minimum contribution amount (done monthly).
  • For Doubble Reward, the minimum lumpsum amount is 100,000 Naira.
  • An investment can be pre-terminated (canceled before maturity).
  • The platform debits you monthly for the investment.
  • Payouts are made during the same day you funded the package. For instance, if you fund your Doubble on the 19th, the payout will also take place on the 19th.

Like I stated earlier, the bus I needed on the road became a reality because of this online investment opportunity.

3. CowryWise

What attracts me to this Nigerian online investment platform is the name. Do you know another thing about them that interests me? It’s the interest rate that follows the offers. With the interest rate of CowryWise set between 10% and 15%, there’s no need to think of anything.

While signing up, I was worried that my debit card will not be accepted. Guess what, it was accepted and I got to find out that all debit cards issued by Nigerians banks are accepted. I started my account with just 100 Naira and I have hundreds of thousands today. For those asking whether I truly started with 100 Naira, you’re on a long thing. Better join this train and begin to earn like me.

There are three plans that I’m aware of and I’m running the Life Goal plan which uses one year as a minimum period before withdrawals.

The plans include:

  1. Regular Savings – withdrawals/maturity after 3 months.
  2. Life Goals – Withdrawals/maturity after one year.
  3. Halal for Muslims who need no interest on savings.

Features of CowryWise

  • It supports the operation of multiple plans i.e. running regular savings, life goals, Halal, etc. at the same time.
  • An investment plan can be paused.
  • 100 Naira is the minimum startup capital.
  • Offers support for mutual funds.
  • There is no maximum capital or savings limit.

How to Get Started with CowryWise

  • Visit their website and sign up.
  • Add the payment method that you prefer (QR Code, USSD, Debit Card).
  • Select and set up a preferred plan.
  • Sit back and see your money grow from level to level.
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4. PiggyVest

So, here is the online investment platform that I’ve just been introduced into. I can’t believe that with as low as 50 (fifty) Naira, I am an investor. Is the amount surprisingly small? Well, that’s what you get from companies who want you to progress and make more money right from home.

They’ve so far proven to be giving out lovely online investments in Nigeria that surprises.

I have been wondering why my colleague disturbs me to join until I discovered. All he wanted was to be my referrer and get 1,000 Naira just like that.

This means that if you refer 10 people, you’d be making 10,000 Naira without sweating.

What I like About PiggyVest

The withdrawal comes with no charges.
They have a system called piggy point which is a way of rewarding those who consistently invest. The more points you get; the more money you get.

They have a feature called Flexi Dollar and it’ll allow you to invest and send money in Dollars.

SafeLock is one of the plans and it features up to 15.5% interest rates annually.

5. KoloPay

This high yield investment in Nigeria is based on the principles of reaching goals through proper investments. Just like other online investments in Nigeria, beginning an adventure with KoloPay is easy. You just have to create an account, set up saving goals, start saving, and watch your savings mature.

It supports crowdfunding i.e. inviting people to contribute to your investment.
10% interest rate.

Startup capital is any amount.
A user can operate Multiple goals.

Low Risk Investments with the Nigerian Government

This is the second category and it deals with the Nigerian government directly. If you’re bothered about the first one, don’t think twice about this one.

6. FGN Bonds

Here is an attempt by the government to make you double your money.

10,000 Naira is the minimum startup capital.

It has a minimum of 2 years and as lengthy as 20 years for bond maturity.
Risk is at the zero levels.

Owned by the government.

7. Treasury Bills

I started investing in treasury bills during my high school days because my guardians saw the need to. I have my life out of it today and in fact, I live life around investment. T-bills is a high yield investment in Nigeria that pays upfront.

Not many investment options offer this sort of service and this makes T-bills exceptional. In addition, being that it is owned by the government, investors have zero fears for the outcome.

How T-bills Works

For me, treasury bills are the quickest time investments. The reason is that the money you place generates extra money immediately without going through any process. Now, the bigger part of the money being taken by the government is just like they’re lending from you.

One thing about treasury bills in Nigeria is that the interest rate fluctuates. It could be 11% today and then 8.7% tomorrow. However, if a change comes while your money is with the government, it does not affect you.

How Treasury Bills are Paid in Nigeria

For instance, if the interest rate of T-bills is set to 9%, you’ll get 9% of your money as an upfront interest. In a case where capital is 500,000 Naira, the interest rate will be 45,000 Naira.

When the government deducts the money, they’ll allow 45,000 to remain in the account which the investor can call his own at that time.

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There are 3 duration counts of the treasury bills – 91 days, 182 days, and 364 days.

The moment that your set date and duration is reached, your 500,000 Naira is credited back to you.

Physical Ventures with Low Risk to Invest In

The interesting thing about this sort of low risk investments in Nigeria is the fact that you can control what happens.

Unlike the first two categories, you can actually pull out of this one at any time, depending on the terms designed. The similarity however still remains that you have to wait until your capital matures for liquidation (becoming cash).

9. Investing in the Likes of Uber

It is cool to invest in Uber since it is one of the low risk investments in Nigeria. There are many others like Bolt, PickMeUp, Dryva, etc.

The processes involved here aren’t at all cumbersome. This sort of high yield investment in Nigeria poses low risk especially when you have your vehicle covered by insurance.


  • A car
  • Registration with preferred
  • Mobile phone with data connectivity
  • Driving license

Simply register with the company you prefer, get a driver, and follow up on the activities while you receive your timely payments.

10. Real Estates

This low risk investment comes as the last because it requires a huge sum as capital. If you are buoyant enough to venture into real estate, you’re making no mistake.

The concept of real estates is somehow broad and requires more drilling. I wouldn’t want you to just jump into it without having a proper foreknowledge.

I compiled an elaborate article that provides more details on real estate.

Note that most of the Westerners are into real estate which is the more reason why there are lots of rich people there.

How to Invest with No Money

I recently discovered this trick and how it works so well surprises me. Although there are many ways to make money in Nigeria, this one trick has been working for me.

The trick is simple and you just have to get online loans and invest the loans online again. It’s quite unbelievable, but this is the trick.

There are lots of online websites and apps that support loaning. This sort of loan requires no collateral and it’s just what you need right now. I first attempted this with Wema ALAT, but they only allow you to do so when you invest at least 100,000 Naira which will pay back with 10% interest.

I know of other places you can obtain this loan and I will share it with you once ask for it.

So far so good, I have accumulated loans and placed them on several low risk investments to return high yields. It isn’t difficult and I want you to join me whether you are a Nigerian or not.


There isn’t so much demand accompanying the various options listed in this article. It’s now all about your choice and what you want in the future.

In this article, you have been provided with low risk investments in Nigeria to splash money on.

People out there have invested to build houses, set up businesses, and buy cars with these low risk investments. It could be your turn to tell people the realness, positive results, and high yields that certain investments produce here in Nigeria with low risk.