How to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

In this article, I will show you how to make money as a student in Nigeria. People either make money from youth or find it difficult to cope with the art of making money after youth.

how to make money as a student in Nigeria

This article extends to the things to sell as a student in Nigeria. That is, there are commodities that could make you rich enough to pay the school fees and other dues.

One might wonder, “what school level does this article particularly refer to”. With all sincerity, the ideas here are applicable to students in colleges and high schools. On this note, however, this guide as well considers ideas on how to make money as a secondary school student.

Why Make Money as a Student in Nigeria?

The first message I received on December 09, 2019, read “kindly teach me how to make money as a student in Unilag”.

On checking the profile, I discovered the said person to be a young undergraduate in Unilag. We spent nearly 2 hours describing my professional life as a writer. I eventually ended the chat by introducing her to the things to sell as a student in Nigeria. A week later, she messaged me to purchase one of her eBooks! Now, that is the spirit.

I experienced the pleasure of making money at the age of 19. I would say this is quite late because it would have been better earlier.

An average Nigerian student depends on parents/guardians for provisions. The surprising thing is that such a student makes no move to become independent soonest.

The belief is that money comes after school. If this belief is what is guiding my life, I would be a pauper today. Credits to my girlfriend for challenging me to a successful path.

To the question, making money as a student does not just provide you with needs in time. Guess what, it swiftly draws respect from your parents, guardian, and even peers.

How to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria


Freelance is simply a freestyle job that one can do. There are several fields in the sphere of freelance. Three of such are writing, graphics designing, and web designing. At the moment, these are the most paying freelance services to offer and get paid in Nigeria as a student.

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No one told me how to make money while in school. And despite not knowing how to make money as a student in Nigeria, I sensed positives. I ventured into freelance writing and the first freelance job I received was ‘payless’ for 2 weeks. Afterward, I received my first ever payment offer of 1,000 Naira to write 1000 words on the prices of mattresses in Nigeria.

A week later, a new offer from a different client arrived and I was paid 4,000 Naira to write an eBook of 10,000 words. After submitting the eBook, he offered to pay 15k monthly for blog articles. Three months later, the pay rose to 20k and then 25k and then ‘history’ today.

Own a Personal blog

Blogging is one of the ways on how to make money as a student in Nigeria in no time. The money from blogging arrives without having to go under the sun. However, it requires patience but pays in the long run.

What differs Nigerian students from others is the fact that they constantly ask dad/mum for money. If you have good feelings for your parents, consider becoming a blogger. Even though it doesn’t immediately pay, it at least gives parents the impression that you have a dream.

The average startup cost of blogging is about 20,000 Naira. This cost includes purchases including a domain name and hosting. If you’d like to get on this ship, do contact us for a guide through to a successful blogging career.

Thinking how to make money as a student in Unilag? Get up and launch a blog that discusses Unilag. Do you know why? The traffic there is massive. Include other schools as well to boost your brand.


Betting isn’t a problem at all in Nigeria. The problem is becoming an addict to this source of earning as a student in Nigeria.

Moreover, you’d require certain skills to succeed in betting as a student.

Note: This option is recommended only to students above the age of 18.

Here are the things to be mindful of before betting.

  • Do not bet to win at any time.
  • Stake low for low winning.
  • Analyze the teams involved before placing a bet.
  • Read and understand the betting terms and conditions.
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This shouldn’t be on the list, but it’s necessary. Lots of my college friends paid their school fees through betting.

Delivery Jobs

Before we commence, I recommend this money-making idea to students in colleges only. There are numerous delivery jobs available in Nigeria today. One of such is becoming a Jumia sales agent. Why this is a suitable idea is because it features flexibility which will not buy off studies time.

Around you are several other companies searching for undergraduates to do the jobs and get paid. You would as well have to be a licensed driver to qualify for the job.

I would have suggested becoming a delivery driver for a bottled water production company. However, the job will hinder your school activities.

Writing Movie Scripts

Bollywood, Nollywood, and Hollywood are who they are today because of dramatic creativity. These guys purchase movie scripts from students interested in the job and act it out. A few weeks later, the movie trends and millions worldwide pay to see such movies at cinemas.

This wasn’t my field of interest but I had a friend who was fully into it. Michael earned nothing less than 50,000 Naira for every script written. Today, he embraced better chances after hooking up with a European movie producer via Fiverr.

Interested in becoming another Michael? Then see how to create a successful Fiverr account to start earning.


During break periods, college and high school colleagues become hungry. It is often very difficult for them to approach the canteen, especially after a boring lecture. Consider taking advantage of this difficulty to make money.

There are several foods to bake out there. They include bread, cake, shortbread, pie, cupcake, etc. I recommend baking pies, shortbreads, and cupcakes. Being students, the slightest fee is too costly which means it must be cheap. Do not sell at a price that isn’t favorable and do not make it costly.

Traditional costs of certain pies in Nigeria are 50 Naira, 100 Naira, etc. Spoil your colleagues’ minds by selling at 40 Naira, 90 Naira, etc. depending on the size. Watch them ask for more, including the yawning lecturer.

Night Watch

This is recommended to students in colleges as one of the ways on how to make money while in school. Lectures do not hold from morning till evening, right? Becoming a night watchman is one of the few smart ideas to make money as a student in Nigeria. You could be lucky enough to be exposed to about just 3 to 4-day night watch weekly.

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The only downside is that comfort will go missing but remember that this is just something temporary for the money.

The best way to have security options to pick from is by applying to a night watch agency. These agencies will now scout for companies in need of a watchman which would then be awarded to you.

It does not affect studies and such a college student can get sleep by the day. The pay ranges between 30k to as high as 70k, depending on the premises you’ll watch over.


Are you good at handling digital cameras? If yes, quickly get one for yourself because you’re about to own a studio.

I spend 5k on a monthly basis to get lovely photos of myself and loved ones. College colleagues, high school friends, and all others would love to have a photo of themselves, won’t they?

Interestingly, this could well turn out to be a career after schooling. What do you need? A digital camera and a photo editing software to make money quick. Interested? Comment below for a free guide to becoming a successful photographer in Nigeria.

Sweeping the Road

We all grow up to learn how to sweep our homes. Today, many sweeps to earn a living and the Nigerian government is also helping in this.

Those you find sweeping roads every morning do not sweep for fun or free. These guys are being paid monthly to tidy up the country and you could earn from this.

If for no reason, apply for this job on the basis that it takes place only in the morning. This means that your studies will not be greatly hindered while you receive an alert every month ends.

Final Thoughts

The above are the best approaches regarding how to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria. Having seen these ideas, which would be your pick?