30+ New Road Safety Rules in Nigeria

Failure to know the road safety rules for drivers usually results in road accidents. In this article, new road safety rules in Nigeria is broadly are stated. Apart from Nigeria, drivers in several other countries may refer to this guide for safe driving.

new road safety rules in Nigeria

The road rules and regulations in Nigeria are revised often by FRSC. This is a bid to fully curb road accidents and ensure the free flow of vehicles. Moreover, citizens and expats are expected to be aware of each and every one of the traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria.

Without much, let’s move on to the section highlighting the road safety rules for drivers in Nigeria.

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New Road Safety Rules in Nigeria for Drivers

Note: These traffic rules and regulation in Nigeria by FRSC are revised often. This article would, in the same vein, is duly updated regularly.

The FRSC road rules and regulation in Nigeria include the following:

1. Obstructing the Highway

This is one of the unique road safety rules for drivers and a defaulter would be fined N3,000 or even more. Do not obstruct the road with your car. If the situation is beyond your control or helpless, create an alternative route for other road users.

2. Over Speeding Your Vehicle

This is not one of the new road safety rules in Nigeria. However, the agencies, being the FRSC, the police and any other force would apprehend you for over speeding. You may be fined at least N3,000 when caught.

3. Wrongful Overtaking

The road safety requirement in Nigeria recommends overtaking cars on the left only. It wrong to overtake a vehicle in front using the right hand side of the driver. Also, sound your car horn before overtaking.

4. Beating Traffic Lights and Other Road Signs

new road safety rules in Nigeria

This includes the markings on pavements. It is one of the road rules and regulations that must not be ignored. Traffic agencies and the police are always on the lookout for culprits. Do not become one as you may be subjected to mental checks and your vehicle impounded.

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5. Failure to Carry Warning Cones or Triangle

Your car should have the triangle-shaped or the cone-shaped caution sign. Use this in the case of a car breakdown or any other demanding situation. Using green grasses is an alternative that is not recognized by road agencies.

6. Not Using Reflectors

Reflectors are road safety requirements in Nigeria. These are useful, especially during the night. You should have them stamped to the back of your vehicle to aid the vision of drivers or road users with night blindness.

7. Disobeying Bye-Laws and Regulations

it’s against the new road safety rules in Nigeria for drivers to disregard bye-laws and regulations promoting safe driving. Defaulters or offenders would be duly punished through a fine or vehicle impoundment.

8. Driving with Invalid Vehicle License or Identification

Driving with an Invalid Vehicle license is another of the new road safety rules in Nigeria. Avoid using an invalid car license in order not to be severely punished.

9. Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly for fun or whatsoever is prohibited. Hence, defaulters will be dealt with after an examination of their mental state.

10. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Road rules and regulations in Nigeria restrict a driver from driving under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol. Such a driver may cause an accident that may lead to loss of life.

11. Driving with Forged Papers

It is against the driving etiquette in Nigeria to drive when forged papers. This is an offense punishable by law and the driver may be tagged a thief. Forging the least paper like driving license is against the new road safety rules in Nigeria.

12. Tampering with Road Signs

You’re not permitted to tamper with road signs in Nigeria. For example, if a caution triangle is placed on any part of the road, it is not lawful for you to take it out of position. Another instance is writing on road signs. Such is likely to confuse other road users and may result in road accidents.

13. Creating Road Hazards with Warning Signs

Do not place misleading road signs on the road. It is against the rules of driving a car in Nigeria.

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14. Moving a Vehicle with DO NOT MOVE Pasted by Official

For some reasons like wrong parking and over speeding, road agencies may paste DO NOT MOVE papers on a car. Even before that is done, the details of such a car must have been collected. When you move the car, you become a wanted driver.

15. Disrespecting Speed Limits

If a road sign reads 40mph, speeding beyond 40mph becomes an offense. Thus, you may be chased and arrested by road agencies in Nigeria.

16. Driving Slowly on Speed Lane

It is not part of road safety requirements in Nigeria for you to drive on the fast lane. Do not over speed on slow lane and do not over speed on a fast lane. Doing either of these destructs the road flow.

17. Not Covering Vehicles Carrying Gravels with Plastic.

Every truck carrying gravels, granites, etc. is expected to cover with a tarpaulin or heavy plastic. This should prevent the gravels from falling on the road.

18. Covering Number Plates

You’re not permitted to cover your car number plate or even drive without it. It’s one of the new road safety rules in Nigeria to obey.

19. Overloading a Vehicle

Do not overload a vehicle with passengers and load. If your profession demands heavy goods or several passengers, get a vehicle that can comfortably do so. It is not safe to drive an overloaded vehicle. It would either fall or collapse.

20. Driving without Spare Tyre

Whether you’re going on a long or short journey, you’re expected to have a spare tyre in your vehicle. This road rule and regulation is for your own good.

21. Diving with Worn Out Tyres

Don’t drive vehicles with worn-out tyres. In the case of an emergency brake, the chances are that you’ll not be quick to halt your car.

22. Driving a Vehicle with Shattered Windscreen

Don’t drive with shattered windscreen. Do not also use transparent nylon as windscreen. It is against the road safety requirements in Nigeria.

23. Carrying Protruding Loads without a Red Flag

Use a red flag whenever you’re carrying items longer than the vehicle or that have the same size.

24. Driving Below Age 18

People below the age of 18 are regarded as underage. Do not drive if you’re below 18 in Nigeria. Only 18+ would be issued a driving license and permitted to drive.

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25. Assaulting Road Agents

Do not assault road agents on duty. You will be tried by the court and punished. Moreover, the fine is always hefty and you may serve a jail term.

26. Driving without Fire Extinguisher

Car owners are expected to have fire extinguishers in their cars. If you don’t have one, get it for emergency situations.

27. Failure to Have Passengers Manifest for Commercial Drivers

All commercial vehicle drivers are expected to have driver’s manifest to conduct commercial services. This may also be called hackney permit.

28. Driving with No Seatbelt

Both driver and passenger must have seatbelts on. The FRSC often lookout for this while they inspect vehicles in the morning.

29. Having Phone Calls while Driving

road safety rules for drivers

Do not make or receive phone calls while on steering. Park the car before making or answering a phone call.

30. Using a Vehicle Other than what License States

Vehicles are licensed based on their functions. Do not use a vehicle for purposes other than what is stated in the license.

31. Tinted Permit

Obtain a tinted permit before using a tinted vehicle.

Other Requirements

Below are further road safety requirements to note.

  • Driving with Faulty Airbags
  • Damaged Headlights and Back Lights
  • Damaged Side Mirrors and Reverse Mirror
  • Outrunning the Road Agencies
  • Driving a car with damaged or failed breaks

These rules are culled from the FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY COMMISSION (ESTABLISHMENT) ACT, 2007 which is the most current road safety act in Nigeria.

It was enacted on the 25th Day of May 2007 by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Note: This article shall be duly updated on the release of later road safety rules in Nigeria.

Take Away

Remember, driving to places is important but not as important as returning alive. Heed to these new road safety rules in Nigeria and save yourself the stress of being fined or risking a jail term.

Meanwhile, these are the proper documents required to drive a car in Nigeria.