Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Have you been wondering about the Queen of Wands tarot card meaning? This article highlights everything about the Queen of Wands tarot card.

Queen of Wands tarot card meaning

It answers “is Queen of Wands yes or no card” and it also provides the upright and the reversed meaning of the Queen of Wands tarot card.

We all want to learn and here is one opportunity to learn something beyond just what you see.

Historical Perspective of Queen Wand Tarot

Tarot cards are divinatory cards just like yoga. A tarot card could be said to be similar to the act of working with a divine or, a high part of one’s self which, could be the subconscious. Thus, tarot card meanings have bonds with the metaphysical.

Tarot reading finds its origin in Italy at around the 1500s and was played as Tarocchi by the elites. During this period, tarot card meanings were not divinatory. However, during the 18th century, the interpretations of tarot card meanings changed to divinations.

Tarot cards work in a process of synchronicity and this describes the coincident and non-reversed meaning of an event.

Types of Tarot Card Deck

In this contemporary period, there are thousands of tarot decks to pick from, however, a traditional tarot deck is most relevant. A traditional tarot deck comprises 22 trumps, also called, Major Arcana, and the images on each card represent an archetypal reading.

Moreover, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards which consist of 16 personality cards and 40 suits or the 4 elements; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

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Each of the suits or 4 elements have 10 positive cards each. On the other hand, the 16 personalities (or court) cards include the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pages. Lastly, the depth of knowledge a person gets on these cards is determined by the layers the person is able to learn.

Interpretation of Queen of Wands Tarot Card Image

The Queen of Wands card is a court card or personality card. It is a personality card in the Minor Arcana in both contemporary and traditional deck of tarot.

Queen of Wands tarot

The queen of the wands tarot card is commonly described with terms including confidence, love, enthusiasm, attractive, energetic, and filled with life.

Archetypal images represent wands cards and the image of a woman represents the Queen of Wands tarot card.

On the Queen of Wands tarot card, an image shows a woman or a queen seated and somehow looking towards the left direction. The woman represents femininity and independence. On the right hand, the woman holds a wand that represents life.

On her left hand, she has a sunflower that represents fertility, positive thinking, life, and happiness.

She wears a crown, a royal robe of majesty, and sits on a throne crafted with lions which are signs of might, fire, power, independence, and everything associated with the general conception of sitting on a throne.

The black cat in front presents the dark side of the queen which could be mean.

What Does the Queen of Wands Tarot Card Mean?

The Queen of Wands could be said to be ‘meanings queen’ because it connotes several meanings ranging from someone who is passionate, energetic, social, willing to attain a high position, and someone who is social.

The Queen of Wands indicates your passion for helping people to build some sort of social confidence as well as conquer everything that is challenging the person.

When it takes the form of a person, the Queen of Wands indicates or represents a female person filled with energy, passion to work, quick to learn things, and staying positive even during a challenging life experience.

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She is filled with fire, life, and the might do great things. The Queen of Wand may as well get to be the opposite of her moral self. This is evident in the black cat situating in front of her and almost hidden.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Reading

The Queen of Wand reading could be upright or reversed. An upright reading indicates positivity while a reversed reading indicates some sort of negativity.

The Upright Meaning of Queen of Wands

When the queen is upright, she is in a position of power to do things. It indicates assertiveness, the zeal to help others, courageousness, and independence.

The Reversed Meaning of Queen of Wands

The reversed meaning or interpretation of the Queen of Wand tarot card is quite different from the actual meaning. You can find this meaning to be notable in the black cat and the roaring lions on the image of the wand card.

It indicates qualities like being upright, economical, obliged and vengeful, selfish, and a feeling of insecurity.

Extensively, the wands tarot reading indicates anyone being a success, independent, helping other people, and possessing an infinitive power, and good humor.

The card meanings of the Queen of Wands card may also represent jealousy, infidelity, and deceitfulness. Practically, the Queen of Wand reversed reading refers to the darker side of the Queen.

Is Queen of Wands a Yes or No Card?

The Queen of Wands is a Yes card. It refers to someone who seeks self-development and attains the height of success virtually always. The Queen of Wands would likely appear when someone seeks a ‘yes’ for an answer. It means that you, as a person, must push for whatever it is that you are passionate about.

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In the ideology of typical renaissance humanism, what you think is effective on what you feel. Thus, you should think positive and learn things in general and build yourself to success. Once again, concerning the question, “is Queen of Wands a yes or no card?”, the answer is ‘yes’.

What Does the Queen of Wands Mean in a Love Reading?

The Queen of Wands represents love and a passionate lover precisely. In a love reading, the meaning is that your life requires passionate love if you are not in a relationship.

If you intend to make a relationship happen with someone, the appearance of this Minor Arcana card means that you are ready.

There is that efficiency and fire in you that when you bring in someone into your life, things will go well.

However, if you are in a relationship, it signifies that your love life is full of assertiveness, courageousness, efficiency, femininity, confidence, independence, and energy in your dealings.

Furthermore, these qualities may either be displayed by your partner or by yourself.

The reversed meaning could be a complete opposite of the upright meaning. It represents negative things in a relationship and such a relationship may not survive longer.

Final Thought

This piece handled the Queen of Wands tarot card as a special sort of card. You need to understand that the interpretation given this card goes beyond what you see and feel.

The basic thing to understand is that the Queen of Wands Tarot Card signifies 2 primary things. When it is upright, it signifies positivity but when it is reversed, it reveals the negative aspect.

In essence, it signifies the energetic relationship in progress when upright. Things would go on just fine and positive things will take place in the relationship. For instance, if a child is needed in the relationship, you will get it because the Queen of Wands represents fertility.

Go, get the upright side of Queen of Wands tarot card for yourself.