Real Estate in Canterbury – Why You Should Invest in Canterbury, UK

A benign historic cathedral city of England, occasioned by majestic monuments, the thrill of tourists, thus, berth of real estate investments.

Discover Canterbury

Canterbury city is the definition of a majestic realm likened to sanguine and majestic ambience. It is the base of the tremendous tower of the cathedral tilting emotions and drenching the eye. During the winter evenings, douse the candles lights and watch nature gleam and glitter. Canterbury, an historic town and a surrounding city in Kent is an ecclesial habitation. So, you have a lot of deal concerning real estate in Canterbury to fix.

The city is blossomed with alluring buildings withholding the memories of time past. Statutorily, no city tussles with Canterbury. What museum can be likened unto the historical or artistic depositaries of Canterbury? It houses the statue of the famous St. Augustine and the great Abbey Gate. Canterbury is an abode of beautiful sight with thousands of tourists clambering their way into the city; a monumental city with flourishing economy. Studded with light industries and, of course, as a district in Kent, Canterbury answers the call of the second largest economy seasonally amassing high returns in real estate investment.

History, Culture, and Tourism

Canterbury caresses the heart of significant history. The city started out as an iron age settlement and a vital center for the Cantiaci, a local Celtic tribe. However, the Romans overpowered the Cantiaci and renamed the settlement to Durovernum Cantiacorum. After the departure of the Romans in 410, the city remained in decays for over 100 years. When St. Augustine arrived, he chose Canterbury as the episcopal city in Kent where the historic cathedral was erected.

The historic city has a fertile culture coupled with artistry beautifying its eco with strands of famous museums. Canterbury city records millions of yearly visitors arriving to feed eyes on the Canterbury Cathedral, the Roman Museum, the Queningate, the ruins of the Norman Canterbury Castle, and hundreds more to mention.

Canterbury, UK – Real Estate Appeal

The real estate industry in Canterbury continues to grow overwhelmingly. Thanks to the administrative intelligence and the blazing economy of the city. Compared to a few months back, the real estate market trend was expected to elope due to the threatening Brexit situation in England. However, the Canterbury economy defied the negative projection with an increase recorded at 1.7% better than the previous years with the asking price of houses slated at an average of £322,111.

Furthermore, an average Christchurch house averages a home value of £498,000 which signifies a 0.5 increase and the median property houses is slated within the range of $641,000 and $1,235,000 for house units. The market has remained flat as incomes continue to rise which entails resident’s fiscal capability to afford houses of their choice. Notably, the weekly average income in Canterbury has ascended from $1,136 to $1,203 which signifies a 3% increase from the initial value.

As the state of Canterbury economy stands, there is no expected inflation despite the fact that real estate value in Canterbury seats below the average national value. Already, people are taking advantage of the saucy development to become multimillionaires in the real estate industry.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Canterbury in 2020/Why You Should Be Investing in Canterbury in 2020

Although acknowledged and extolled as one of the cities lodging an estimable historical heritage, Canterbury neither dawdles nor slack economically. The cultural heritage of the city greatly functions in its rapid attainment of economic prowess with about 7.2 million locals and foreigners welcomed each year. This, in a manner, creates additional jobs which bolsters the economic situation of the city.

The real estate market in Canterbury continues to sour with fiscal support flowing within and outside the city. Recently, Kent County Council established a catchword “Grow for it” arising from the campaign surging towards the continuous development of the city. The cathedral city amazes beyond just having artifacts to showcase, it is stocked with excelling industrial centers including City Business Park and Wincheap Industrial Estate. Prior to the development campaign surged in Kent, Canterbury already records real estate investment success stories coupled with the institution of elite pharmaceutical industries like Venomtech which is the foremost and sole venom laboratory in the UK.

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The real estate industry in Canterburry barely knows what terms like ‘inflation’, ‘expensive’, and ‘low yield’ mean. Why? The industry is consistently peak of success which is why investments needs to be pumped into the area. Below are a couple of reasons not meant to convince but to factually outline why Canterbury is the bet for real estate.

A Monumental Level of Economy

An investor is most interested in the potentiality an investment to amass high yield returns. In truth, Canterbury is not being recognized as a center of excellent historical heritage for alone, its monumental level of economy equally merits the spotlight. Canterbury is the regarded as the city with the second-largest economy in Kent. This resorts from the city’s intelligent engagement in the industrial sector and the commendable preservation of the district’s eminent historical heritage which attracts, at least, 7.2 million resident and external visitors annually.

The enchanting city houses at least 5,700 businesses and this number floats rapidly on a steady rise. The economy worth of the area is presently designated at £3 billion with, at least, 60,000 people employed. Canterbury also benefits from the private sectors that significantly fertilize its economy. Statistically, about £320 million would be invested in the infrastructural areas of the district with at least 16,000 new homes to be erected to house a projected 17,000 new employees. Rarely does a city boast of a financially eco-friendly business sphere for real estate to thrive. Already, as an investor with a decent business foresight, Canterbury should be put into consideration as soon as possible.

A Cathedral City Occupied by the Educated

How would it feel doing business in a district of an educated majority? Virtually all investors would agree that such districts are conventionally productive and easily aid desired real estate investors to attain a set goal. Canterbury is a city of a highly qualified majority and real estate in Canterbury is often a success. Nearly a half, if not more than, of the population are enlightened, civilized, and acute problem-solvers. At least, 10,000 students graduate from all of the 3 universities in Canterbury yearly including the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, and the University for the Creative Arts.

The University of Kent was founded in 1965 with only 50 students in attendance, however, the university is now a learning citadel for 16,500 students coming from 158 different countries. The locations of these schools have a warm and eco-friendly habitation exposing your eyes to several medieval buildings occasioned by ranges of coffee bars, groceries, and a lot more to mention. Therefore, not only would your attention be drawn to the high intellectual state of the residents for business but also to the awesomeness of the environment.

Security and Safety

An insecure city is not worth investing in real estate as criminal activities may cost one’s fortune. Crime rate in Canterbury is quite low. The city records a 56.37 per 1,000 people which decreases rapidly due to the proficient techniques employed by the security heads of the city.

Canterbury is a City with an Enchanting Climate

With no much ado in describing the climatic nature of Canterbury, the sole description of the city’s weather is that is it ‘oceanic’. The environment is constantly vaporous, especially during the long winter. While summer is short, winter is long; it arrives as though it will never depart again between the months of November and March. Winter is usually extremely cold, windy, and cloudy with the city’s temperature fluctuating between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average duration for summer is 2.8 months and this is usually between the month of June and September. During summer, get either a hood, raincoat or a big warm coat. Additionally, a scarf, a hat, a pair of hand gloves, and an umbrella would function to ensure you do not partially freeze from the inside. Global warming is, practically, never felt in Canterbury as the city’s climate always looks to keep things on check.

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Standard Quality of Life

The quality of life in Canterbury is rigorous and affordable. The average price of a large property in the city is slated at £276,654 and lower. Compared to cities like Cambridge and Oxford with an average property price of £446,796 and £427,140 respectively, property prices are affordable. The internet connectivity strength is the touchstone for the connectivity strength of several other cities in Kent with an average broadband of up to 15.3 megabyte per second. There is a layout of grand restaurants, an invaluable sight of the St. Augustin’s Abbey and the great Cathedral. Basically, Canterbury is a historic-modern city cushioned with excellent and delightful scenery. It is the definition of real estate in Canterbury.

Canterbury is a commendable and recommendable city to invest in real estate. The city’s authorities are business-inclined and the ecosystem, adorned with historic artifacts, have consistently drawn attention from tourists worldwide. The economy continues to boom as more industries and investors flood into the fast-developing city for business. Would you not love to sour in Canterbury? Sail, fly or run down to the city and secure business properties while the industry looms.

Hottest Neighborhoods to Invest in Canterbury in 2020 for Real Estate Investments

Within a short space of time, the City of Canterbury has grown to become an impregnable city in Kent. It is a non-metropolitan district situated in the south eastern part of England with an area of 119.24 sq mi. The medieval city ranks 119th in the list of English districts by population and accommodates all races in the world. The City of Canterbury, as a district, comprises the towns of Herne Bay, Whitstable, and the cathedral city, Canterbury.

There is a total of 26 economically buoyant parishes in the City and each houses a unique model, thus, serving as strongholds for tourism and real estate investments. The economy of each town in the city runs at the peak of sustainable productivity. Moreover, each town is partially pivotal for the relevance and sustained productive prowess of the other which keeps the city at the apex of productivity.

Although established that all neighborhoods in the City of Canterbury can afford good investment returns, it is still necessary to know the hottest of the neighborhoods using this compilation.


Canterbury is the heart of the City of Canterbury and the cathedral city. The enchanting town gives the glimpse of an historical outlook. However, a larger part of it is occupied by tourism as well as public and private owned industry-driven activities. The neighborhood offers an appealing ambiance with civilized residents. You probably heard of the Roman invasion in England. Well, the there is an ancient erected by the Romans which is something you would want to gaze. The walls stare sturdily at passersby as though they will call out on you. Honestly, it is just the ancient walls of Canterbury exhibiting its enchanting attributes. Mind you, these walls are a source of income for town as millions from all over the world flood in to stare.


Whitstable is miles apart from Canterbury and also a district in the City of Canterbury. It is a city of about a population of 32,100 continuously increasing as the town progresses towards attaining the limelight of industrialization and booming real estate industry. Intriguingly, the commercial town is situated at the seaside in the north coast of Kent county. Basically, the town is industrially active both in water and on land. You could access the rivers during the eves of the day or a darker part of the with no ominous feeling. The geology of Whitstable is mainly covered by clay which is usual in down the north of Kent.

The town houses a finely built seawall to prevent coastal flooding during winter. The area, owing to its unique cosmos, has become an area of attraction, especially for scientist who have a lot to learn from the town. The town has a fine climate for agriculture which you may be tempted to grow a thing or two while your investment soars with high returns.

Herne Bay

Herne Bay is a town in Canterbury also situated at the seaside of Kent. The population of people in Herne Bay surpasses Whitstable town by over 5,000-plus people. The environment is serene and most persons working in the central region tend to prefer housing themselves down north of Kent. The seafront of Herne Bay houses the first freestanding purpose-built Clock Tower in the world designed in the 19th century. The town also houses the longest ever pier in the United Kingdom. Herne Bay has faced a bit of setbacks in its development as a result of flooding and people’s interest in exiting the town to explore beyond. However, steady attempts have been made and strategies implemented which are presently reviving the town at a quick pace to create a broader sphere for real estate investment to thrive further.

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Central Quarter

The central quarter is one of the 5 districts in Canterbury, the heart of Canterbury city. This district houses the famous Christ Church Cathedral adjacent Burgate, Broad street. Still in the central quarter of Canterbury, there are artifact-filled museums with ancestral embodiment of personalities past which is simply a grandeur in the neighborhood. Being the central quarter in Canterbury and, of course, the central region of the City of Canterbury, the neighborhood amasses series of attentions and recognition within and away from the United Kingdom. The economy of this neighborhood has been greatly favored by the recent activities put forward by the Kentish Council towards which is favorable for real estate investment.

Northern Quarter

The northern district of Canterbury is greatly occupied by shops with overwhelming antiques and artifacts pinning down tourist who eventually wish to reside in the neighborhood. The district is occasioned by evening disco jams either performed live by an individual or a group of individuals. You will get to acquaint with some of the fan-favorite celebrities who either visit to perform on stage or residing there. Nights don’t give much of nighty glimpse unless you wish to make one for yourself. It isn’t as booming, economically, as the central quarter and neither is the central quarter a hotter neighborhood than the north.

Southern Quarter

The southern quarter of Canterbury receives an enormous amount of attention in the City of Canterbury. The neighborhood has been prolific in the areas of culture maintenance, education, and, of course, the plausible attitude towards greatly profiting from tourism and advancing industrially.

Eastern Quarter

A pure tourist center with millennium buildings a few meters apart from each other. Restaurants are almost present at every bends of the neighborhood with the best delicious English meals ready on demand. The economy thrives on its own and garners additional support from Kent and the United Kingdom as a whole.

Western Quarter

You probably read one or more of Christopher Marlowe’s books. This is the neighborhood where the Marlowe theatre is present. Moreover, if get bored, which would never happen, you may check into the Gulbenkian theatre to please your soul with dramatic actions from various genres. There is only one word for describing the nightlife in the western quarter and that is ‘wow’. This quarter does lack any of the best English dish. Meanwhile, some restaurants offers continental dishes from any preferred nationality, however, the cost is about two times the cost of some local English meals.

The number of migrants into the City of Canterbury witnessed an upturn with most visa applicants arriving on business basis, others as tourists, and some others as students. The medieval historical city is fast and gradually navigating towards becoming the most prominent city in the United Kingdom. It usurps all available industrial and non-industrial actions to attain even a far greater height than where it occupies today.

It is a matter of short time before the home of ‘artistic depositories’, the enchanting City of Canterbury, paints the industrial and real estate market with its colors. The general economy does not appear to come to a halt at any moment. Canterbury is, simply, the untapped gleaming base real estate investment. Get in the train, flight, bus or whatsoever, and establish yourself in this historic city with glistening economy. Lastly, you really should invest in Canterbury.

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