Rivers State Lockdown Against Vehicles, Flights, Others!

Panic, as Rivers state lockdown.

There will be a total lock down of Rivers State as Governor Wike locks down Rivers state. Vehicles won’t be allowed entrance into the state from 18:00 hours of Wednesday 26, 2020. The threatening corona (covid-19) virus in Nigeria has led to a complete Rivers state lockdown. Basically, ‘Governor Wike closes Rivers state’.

wike locks down rivers state

The Rivers state government are taking these measures so as to curb the spread of the novel corona virus in Nigeria. Interestingly, Rivers state is yet to have a confirmed record of the virus. This was disclosed by Governor Nyesom Wike during his comment over the air in a statewide broadcast.

The governor highlighted that all means of entering the state including by land, air and water would be shut down on Thursday being the 26th day of March 2020. This means vehicles, which mostly thread into Rivers State, would not be permitted entrance as Wike locks down Rivers State.

According to Nyesom Wike, there was a reported case of an attempted break-in into Rivers by a suspected covid-19 patient. The situation was such that a security agent prevented a ‘possibly’ infected person from entering the state. The governor stressed that if not for the vigilance of security agents, the infected person boarding a flight from Abuja would have landed in Port Harcourt. This is, possibly, the primary reason why Rivers state is closed down by Governor Wike.

In his words, concerning Rivers state lockdown, he stated that “the infected person escaped all security measures in place at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to sneak into Port Harcourt…”

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wike closes rivers state

This reason is one of the foremost reason that sparked the Rivers into action as the State Security Council met on the 23rd of March to strategize a mean of protection for the citizens who are not reportedly infected in Port Harcourt. The Governor added that, although the decision is a tough one, the safety of the people can’t be overlooked.

The governor has, on this note, declared the closure of all lands and sea borders leading to Port Harcourt. “Vehicular movements in and out of the state have been banned”, according to Governor Wike, and this will commence from 6pm on Thursday 26 March, 2020.
Any further updates concerning the lock down of Rivers state by Wike shall be duly communicated to the citizens of Nigeria.

So, as it stands, Wike closes border against cars, flights and airplanes. This, although a tough decision, would span for a short while when covid-19 tension is down. This is coming shortly after two Rivers state parks closed down indefinitely.

What do you think about Wike closing Rivers state? Is the Rivers state lockdown necessary at this point?

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