How to Start a Church in Nigeria Successfully

In this article, I will show you how to start a church in Nigeria from experience. This article is generated with credits to a top Nigerian pastor that granted this site an interview.

how to start a church in Nigeria

To start a church in Nigeria, find a suitable name for the church, register with CAC, get a team of pastors, and begin to attract members to your church. The toughest aspect of starting a church in Nigeria is gathering a congregation that will root for you. It is not difficult so far you employ a few strategies such as encouraging members to refer people and hosting live worship on open grounds.

If you do not have money, you can start a church in Nigeria. However, the ministry will take time to grow, but you can hasten the growth by attracting sponsors and publicizing your church by featuring visiting pastors and encouraging Nigerians of a better Nigeria.

Let’s discuss the steps to start a church in Nigeria in the sections below briefly.

Answer the Questions Below

First, provide sincere answers to the questions below:

Is It God’s Call?

Well, I am assuming that you have been ordained to become a minister of God in Nigeria. The truth also is that whether you are ordained or not, you can start a successful church in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, it is better when a pastor is ordained because the entire process of establishing the church will be enhanced.

Are You Certain You Need a Worship Center?

According to the pastor I interviewed, you should be certain you need a worship center. Some ordained ministers do not need a church of theirs to do works of God.

But if you need a fixed worship center, then it is a great decision because it will help to retain your members.

But you can also be a mobile pastor. That is, you move around and do the works you believe is your call.

What Would be the Model?

Every church in Nigeria each have its model. Some of the church follow the model of the church they break away from.

Well, you can be unique and establish a model of a church you are sure will attract members within and outside of Nigeria.

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Is Your Partner in Support?

If you are married or dating, I believe one of the first persons to be aware of your calling would be your partner. Since your partner is dear to you, they are in a position to advise you whether you are worthy of owning a church in Nigeria or not.

How to Start a Church in Nigeria

How do I start a church with no money

In this section, I will disclose everything the pastor said about starting a church in Nigeria.

Below are the steps regarding how to start a church in Nigeria:

  1. Register the Church

It is illegal to run a church in Nigeria without registering with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). First, get a unique name for your church because CAC will not allow you to register an already existing name.

The current cost of registering your church with CAC is 20,000 Naira.

  1. Get a Worship Center

After you register the church, you need a worship center, preferably at an open venue. If you are on a high budget, you may rent or buy a large auditorium to use as the worship center.

Of course, you will establish more worship centers as you gather more members from within and outside Nigeria.

  1. Have a Unique Way of Clothing

Regarding how to start a church in Nigeria, the trend today is to have a unique mode of dressing.

Starting from the style of your hair, you need something that makes you cute or that corresponds with your personality.

Do not fake your personality; Nigerian hate being fake about your personality. Moreover, your uniqueness can make you trend on social media; thus, attracting members to your church.

  1. Build a Team of Pastors

Without a good team of pastors, you may not be heading in the right direction in starting a church business in Nigeria.

The team of pastors to start a church business in Nigeria could be your friends in other ministries or aspiring youths that intend to become ministers.

Note: It is not advisable to make the church a family business, especially at the growing stage.

If you can afford to employ young preachers, you may do so to boost the growth of the church. They will also help to publicize the church and advise you on what would be necessary for the church to grow.

If possible, lure an experienced pastor to the team and you are good to go.

  1. Understand Your Sort of Congregation

Like I mentioned earlier, you must be sure of the model of your church. We have churches in Nigeria that are modeled towards modernity such that they get rid of the orthodox belief system.

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If you want to continue with the orthodox belief system, expect a smaller number of brethren in your church. But I can inform you confidently that the spiritual level of the church will be high.

I advise you to model your church as a new generation church because youths will recognize your church faster.

Regardless of how you model your church and what your congregation believes, expect critics.

In essence, do what works and get rid of practices that will draw the church backward.

  1. Attract Sponsors

The final stage of starting a church in Nigeria is to grow the church by attracting sponsors. You may attract sponsors while starting a church in Nigeria by performing miracles if you can.

Of course, the Christian doctrine does not encourage a typical Christian to rely on miracles. However, humans need evidence to trust the power behind the church. Trust me, you do not have to raise the dead, heal the sick, and walk on water to start a successful church in Nigeria.

You can attract sponsors to the church by reaching out to influential personalities for help. Nigerians love messages of prosperity, so, you can pick out one wealthy man and pronounce prosperity. If the outcome is positive, you will earn their rewards in the form of money.

Another way to make money for the church is by receiving offerings from the members. Do not overcharge the members in the beginning; otherwise, they will abandon your church.

Ways to Grow Your Church in Nigeria Fast

How do you start a church plant

In this section, I will provide you with simple tips to grow your church in Nigeria.

Below are ways to grow your church in Nigeria:


Just like every business, you have to advertise a church for it to grow. If you do not advertise, you will be known by the locals where you have your worship center only.

The best medium for advertising a church in Nigeria is the radio and TV adverts. Pay the station to feature you for some minutes and select a powerful sermon that will convince people to locate your church.

I do not advise you to rely on running ads campaign on social media. The result is not satisfying most of the time unless you have established the name of the church.

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Collaborate with other Churches and Pastors

Many ministers underrate the effectiveness of collaborating or featuring other pastors. When you feature a pastor, especially a famous pastor, you informing the public to watch out for you in Nigeria.

You may offer to minister at the gathering of other churches to build a profile.

Host Worships in Open Venues

If you have the money, you may rent an open or an enclosed venue. I recommend using open grounds such as a field because it will attract passersby to your church.

For every worship that you host, collect the contact information of the attendants. You may task a group of 2-3 persons to handle the job while you render powerful sermons on the alter.

Encourage Members to Invite

Regarding how to start a church in Nigeria, the members are as important as the church itself. It is advisable to put your members first after God because they make up the church.

After each service, remind your members to assist in the growth of the church. Have a close relationship with the existing members and assist those you can afford to assist.

Nigerians love to attend a church for the sake of obtaining favors. So, look out for members that will ask for favors. If you cannot afford to help, explain the level of your finances to the member and they will understand with you. It is better than avoiding the member because they will conclude that you are a stingy pastor.

Have a Social Page

In this 21st century, every business, including the church business, needs social media to grow.

You may even host live sermons on your page(s) and encourage the users of the platform to share the page.

After every sermon, endeavor to upload some segments on the page for your audience.

Final Thought

In this article, I disclosed the steps you need to start a successful church business in Nigeria.

I believe that you worshiped at another church before now. So, combine the experiences from your previous church and introduce new ideologies to make your church unique in Nigeria.

Do not center the church around your family or make a money-making venture at the start.

And make sure to engage every member and be as interactive as possible with every member. Stay off political matters while growing the church and do not comment on controversial matters unnecessarily.