How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

In this article, I will show you how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria briefly. I do not fancy wasting my reader’s time.

how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria

To start a barbing salon business in Nigeria, get a unique business name, register with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission), find a good location, publicize the business, and encourage people to recommend new customers.

If you own a barbershop in Nigeria, you can make an average of 60,000 Naira monthly. As your customer base grows, you will earn double the amount monthly.

Opening a barbing salon in Nigeria will cost between 70,000 – 150,000 Naira.

Let’s discover how you can start barbing salon business in Nigeria successfully with the right equipment.

How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Below are steps to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria:

Find an Open Location

An enclosed location is not cool for a barbing salon business, especially for a beginner. Do not rent a space at the back of the building; otherwise, you will lose customers, especially at night.

How do I start a barbing salon business

If you can afford a large shop, expect an influx of customers within a few months. Nonetheless, do not start the business with too much money if you have no idea how it functions.

Buy the Equipment

The equipment you need to start a barbershop in Nigeria is not costly. Thus, the reason why the hair salon business is one of the low capital businesses to start in Nigeria.

Below is the equipment for a barbing salon business in Nigeria:

  • Hair Clipper. For a start, Chaoba Professional Hair Clipper with full barbing kits should do. This will cost between ₦4,000 – ₦,5000.
  • A small Tiger generator, TG1550 costs ₦25,000
  • A chair. I suggest a rotating chair because barbing will be easier. A Mesh Computer Office chair costs ₦15,000. But you can leave it out and make use of any other chair.
  • Other necessary stuff: Sterilizer, wall mirror, standing fan or ceiling fan, hairbrushes, and other minor hair accessories.

Ensure to buy new equipment as you continue to grow.

Register the Business

It is very important to register your barbing salon business in Nigeria with CAC.

The entire process should be over within 2 days for you to obtain your certificate.

You may require the certificate to deliver house service to customers in need.

Build a Portfolio

If you want to grow fast and attract people from places nearer to your shop, build a portfolio for yourself.

You can create a website or pages on the social media to upload pictures and videos of haircuts that you make.

Set Your Price

Begin at an affordable price to lure customers to patronize your barbing salon business. With time, you may increase the price, but it should remain at a rate that does not scare your customers.

Note: Regardless of what you will charge, make sure that you give people clean haircuts.

Publicize the Business

You may publicize a haircut business by running ads on social media and sharing fliers. Sharing fliers is not as effective as running social media ads, which I recommend.

When you have enough money, you can run ads on the TV and host a TV series that teaches people, hair treatment, and how to care for their hair and how to make a perfect haircut.

On your social pages, post tips on hair care constantly and upload more engaging content for your audience to remain lively.

You can always do giveaways; trust me, Nigerian citizens and residents love giveaways just like myself.

How Much Can a Barbing Salon business Make in Nigeria?

Take, for instance, you are charging between ₦200 to ₦300 for a service, imagine servicing 10 customers in a day. Now, multiply ₦300 by 10 and you will have ₦3,000 for that day.

I want you to be convinced by how profitable this untapped business in Nigeria can be, despite starting it with low capital. Let me go further by multiplying ₦3,000 by 30 which is the number of days we have in a month.

You can see here that you will be making roughly ₦90,000 in a month. Also bear in mind that the number of clients you will serve on weekends will pass 10. Easy math here.

Final Thought

To start a barbing salon business is not challenging so far you have the haircutting skills and the perfect location.

Get a shop today, establish a haircut business, and invite me to patronize your business.