How to Start Photography Business in Nigeria

In this article, I will teach you how to start photography business in Nigeria successfully and earn within a few months. Digital photography is a profitable business to start in Nigeria and you can start with small capital.

how to start photography business in Nigeria

It costs at least 100,000 Naira to start a basic digital photography business in Nigeria. Of course, the cost will become higher if you increase the cost of purchasing equipment for the business. Note that I have not included the cost of renting or buying a shop to serve as your photo studio.

A typical photographer in Nigeria makes between 80,000 and 500,000 Naira monthly depending on their business profile. As a beginner with low capital, you should be thinking of at least 30k monthly.

To start a photo studio in Nigeria, learn how to take excellent shots, buy the photoshoot equipment, rent a studio, and start publicizing the business in your local.

Let’s have a quick rundown regarding how you can begin a successful photography business in Nigeria.

How to Start Photography Business in Nigeria

Below are the steps to start a successful photography business in Nigeria:

Pick a Niche

As a beginner, I would advise you to find a suitable photography niche. In Nigeria, the photography market is competitive, especially if you target high profile events.

We have several niches which include event photography, celebrity, scenery photography, Photoshop-based photography, etc.

An example of the unpopular photography niche in Nigeria is the scenery photography because and the competition is low.

You may research more niches or continue with the niche you mastered while learning to capture perfect shots.

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Learn the Art of Excellent Photography

I assume you have learned how to take amazing shots. If you have not, do so because you will not be paid for unattractive photos.

Every resident in Nigeria hopes for the best and they expect you to turn up with delightful shots always.

If you must capture the market, then learn the skills behind establishing yourself as a fine photographer and you receive recommendations certainly.

Purchase the Equipment

The primary items you require to start a photography business in Nigeria are a digital camera, computer, generator, and photo editing software.

Concerning the camera, you may settle with less expensive digital cameras such as Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 Digital Camera – ₦30,000 and Canon Selphy CP1000 Compact Photo Printer – ₦25,000.

The basic equipment for a photography business in Nigeria include:

  • Digital Camera
  • Props
  • A PC (VINOVO 7inch Android Laptop is preferable). It cost ₦25,000 and it will help in editing your client photos to be finer by installing various photos editing software into it. This is not a powerful PC but will get the job due to the small capital involved in this untapped business in Nigeria.
  • 16GB flash drive for storing clients’ photos
  • A generator

Note: You may require additional equipment if your startup capital is higher.

Register the Business

Yes, you have to register a photography business in Nigeria and pay tax to operate as a licensed photographer.

Moreover, if you must secure contracts with high profile individuals, they would expect you to confirm that your business is trustworthy and registered.

You will register with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) to become a certified business owner.

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First, you will perform a business name search that costs 1,000 Naira, and then the registration will commence. The cost of registering a photography business in Nigeria is 20,000 Naira.

Make sure to pick a unique name for your photography business in Nigeria to be able to register the business.

Build a Portfolio

You may build a portfolio on third-party platforms such as Nairaland, Google Blogspot, Facebook pages, Instagram, etc. or you can create a personal website.

I do not recommend creating a website at the start unless you know what you are doing.

You can create a page on Facebook or a profile on Nairaland where you upload every work.

If your photography works are convincing, people will hire you. make sure to attach your phone number and email address for people to contact.

Make a Business Strategy

To sustain yourself in the photography business in Nigeria, you need a strategy.

You may be unable to develop a suiting strategy but you can ask for assistance from people with experience.

Join groups related to photography and find out what others do that make them outstanding. Of course, uniqueness is the key to becoming famous in the market.

If you copy what other photographers do in Nigeria, you will remain in their shadows for ages.

Your business strategy should be such that includes what others are lacking, especially in the state you reside in.

Finding a perfect location must be part of the strategy. For example, if you reside in Lagos, you will expect tough competition. And if you feel you cannot catch up with the already-existing competition, you can drop down to less competitive states where you will build a great profile.

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Publicize Your Skills

We have hundreds, if not thousands of ways to publicize a photography business in Nigeria.

First, run ads on social media platforms such as Facebook or share fliers from house to house.

Secondly, ask top profile individuals to feature your brand and recommend you to citizens and residents in Nigeria. You can offer to give them free classy shots in return.

A third way is to give special offers such as free photoshoots. You may give rewards to customers that refer people and watch your business outperform the competitors.

Final Thought

In a few words, I have explained what you need to start a photography business in Nigeria.

Of course, photography is a business that demands lots of resources, but you can do it without them while starting. As you advance in time, skills, and customer base, you may introduce new equipment to make the business even better.