Best Tesla Cars in Nigeria – Tesla 3, Y, X and S Full Abilities

Tesla cars in Nigeria are fast becoming a reality as one could now find the Tesla in Lagos. Some time ago, the argument was on Tesla being lovely and all of that on TV series. Now, it could be yours right here in Nigeria.

Tesla coming to Nigeria is quite a surprise to many but to a few, it’s just another lucky company finding itself here. Do you realize the market size of Nigeria to several companies and products? If you did, the last thing you would be worrying about is the Tesla Nigeria office or anything relating to them.

This article will tackle the Tesla Model S price, Tesla batteries for sale in Nigeria, Tesla Model X as well as the Tesla Model 3 in Nigeria and Tesla Y in Nigeria. You will as find the Tesla Model 3 price in Nigeria if you’re careful with the lines.

Tesla Coming to Nigeria

Should we still be talking about Tesla coming to the Nigeria market? Well, it’s a thing of a surprise but not really. Tesla stands a chance to gain and we stand a chance to control their electric vehicles round towns in Nigeria.

Do you know where to buy used cars in Nigeria without headache?

Tesla comes with a whole lot to Nigeria. At the moment, you could well buy Tesla powerwall 2 Nigeria for whatever purpose you have in mind. Is it power batteries? Of course, you could get Tesla solar battery in Nigeria as well as Tesla solar panels in Nigeria. However, these are not our major concern. Here we talk cars, and cars from Tesla in Nigeria remain our focus.

The 4 Tesla cars to be discussed include:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Model X

These are both powerful Tesla cars in Nigeria and we do not know which you’d prefer. Maybe you’d go for a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Y or a Tesla Model S after this. Just read on.

Tesla Model 3 Nigeria

This section contains broad details of the 4,036 lbs weighing Tesla car. The Tesla Model 3 price in Nigeria is equally highlighted here.

Tesla 3 Nigeria Safety

First off, we are taking on the Tesla 3 as one of the Tesla cars in Nigeria. The first to have in mind is that you’re dealing with an electric car here. So, there is no need to ask for engine type and expect an answer like “Gas”. Tesla as one of the Tesla cars in Nigeria features impact protection designed and placed in the engine room.

It further sports a rigid structure that combines with the impact protection feature to guarantee optimum safety. One more thing to note before we switch to other basic features of this ride is that it is designed with a low rollover risk in case of ill situations. Do all 3 identified safety features here mean a lesser level of being victimized? Of course, and do not forget that with the Tesla 3’s electric build, no ghastly fire worries.

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Some drivers prefer cars with front-wheel drive type while others prefer the rear-wheel-drive type. The Tesla 3 in Nigeria brings a dual-motor all-wheel drive. The tires look good at 20 inches and an always active break-system.

Also added for optimal functionality is the Tesla carbon-fiber spoiler. You know what a car spoiler is, right? A simple airfoil mounted at the rear to cut down the chances of car lift while speeding. Here, Tesla is giving its drivers a carbon fiber materialed spoiler for more fun.

Speed Check

Ever gone beyond 100mph, No? Might be your present car ends at 90mph. Are you going to switch for a Tesla? If yes, welcome to a 162mph dual-motor ride with an ability to shift from 0 to 60mph within 3.2 secs. One of the components for added speed in Tesla 3 is the carbon fiber spoiler. It contributes by helping Tesla to go from 0 to 60 mph within 3.2 seconds. Quick, right?

Tesla 3 Handling

First, it offers an all-weather control design. Sun, moon, storm, high wave, and others, as long as you’re in the ride, you’re good to go with clean handling.

Tesla 3 Car Battery

Let’s talk about the long-range battery of the Tesla 3. One of the reasons why Tesla 3 makes our list of Tesla cars in Nigeria is the long-range battery it sports. Interested in its mi? It is slated at 322 range. The battery could charge up to 172 mi in 15 minutes. This is tons faster than a mobile phone charging speed you know with its 14,000+ superchargers which Tesla reports that about 6 new locations come alive on a weekly basis.

Interior, Piloting, Engineering

Shall we discuss the interior a bit? Oh, you, of course, need it. The first thing to know is that you are getting a premium touch with Tesla. Would you believe if we say that seating in Tesla is like seating and driving in open air? Yes, the car is built with an all-glass roof extending to the rear for a fuller and amazing touch.

Basically, Tesla 3 brings the sense of a car even closer to the driver. In fact, this ride is all about the driver. There are provisions for smarter and swifter access. For instance, your mobile phone could easily become a pilot too. How? It can be connected to your car to give you access to the software faculties of the ride. Moreover, up to 5 persons would comfortably fit inside the ride.

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Price of Tesla 3 in Nigeria

Tesla Model 3 price in Nigeria falls between the range of 6.4 million Naira and 8.5 million Naira. The price of Tokunbo Tesla model 3 in Nigeria would vary depending on its condition. Also, the price of a fairly used Tesla model 3 is between 3.1 million and 4 million Naira. Here is a list of documents to collect when buying a used Tesla car in Nigeria.


Autopilot available!

Tesla Model S in Nigeria

This section features the Tesla Model S ride. While you read on, you will find the correct Tesla model S price in Nigeria.

Tesla Model S Safety in Nigeria

Just like its counterpart, the Model S features 3 basic safety resources which include:

  • Front-impact Protection
  • Side-Impact Protection
  • Low Rollover Risk

All of these 3 features play a role to ensure that you reach any destination in Nigeria safely. Needless to say, since Tesla is fully electric, the chances of facing fire incidents are very slim. As a future of this class, it qualifies to be on this two-car list of Tesla cars in Nigeria.


First, the Tesla S model leaves us with two acceleration options to pick from

  1. Long Range: Model S runs from 0 to 60mph within 3.7 seconds and runs 373 miles range.
  2. Performance: Model S runs from 0 to 60mph within 2.4 seconds on a 348 miles range.

These are amazing, just to cool for accelerating the roads of Nigeria.

Just like the Model 3, Model S sports a dual-motor all-wheel-drive type.

Tesla 3 Car Battery

The Tesla Model S houses a 371miles electric range. 15 minutes of recharge means having 130miles range in place. Worried about recharging? Tesla has over 14,000 superchargers worldwide including Nigeria. Intriguingly, about 6 superchargers are being introduced weekly by the company. Lest we miss out, the onboard charger is 11.5 kW max, enough to get the car fully powered within seconds.


Tired of doing everything in a car? Then let the Tesla Model S do them. The full self-driving feature does a lot of amazing things including summoning your Tesla model S, navigating your way, parallel car parking, lane switching, etc.


Are we going to talk about the seats first? A whole lot to discuss but let’s face the basic things. Tesla Model S sports a 17 inches display screen that gives you a glimpse of the software controls. You need not click or push clingy buttons while driving or parking along the way. Moreover, being inside the Tesla feels like being seated in an open space. This is the same feeling you get while driving around in Nigeria due to its glass roof design. For every software updates, it happens right inside the Tesla.

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The car weighs 4,941 lbs. It supports up to 5-seater with no compaction. It is a perfect car for any Nigerian family willing to splash on it. With its 19 inches or 21 inches wheel set, the road bumps in Nigeria shouldn’t be much of worries. However, you do not have to be hard while getting past the bumps.

Tesla Model S Price

The cost of the model S is between 21 million Naira and 25.6 million Naira in Nigeria. Tokunbo goes for about 10 million Naira to 13 million Naira. It can be cheaper depending on its condition.

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Tesla Y in Nigeria

Just like the counterparts, Tesla S and 3, the Tesla Y is an electric vehicle in Nigeria with a difference.

This compact SUV can very comfortably support 7-seater. The cargo room is not so large but decent for its nature. The performance is okay and the ride can speed up to 60mph within just 4 seconds.

Price of Tesla Y in Nigeria

The price for a new Tesla Y in Nigeria is 35,254,500 Naira. For a used version, you may get it for as low as 17 million Naira.

Tesla Model X in Nigeria

This is an all wheel drive vehicle with support for 7-seater coupled with a high-tech cabin. For the long range variant, you can smash 60mph within 4.4 seconds which is an amazing feat. However, the acceleration performance is twice amazing in the high performance variant which hits the same  60mph within 2.7 seconds.

Basic Safety Engineering

  • High-tech airbag
  • A warning mechanism for lane departure
  • Emergency brake system
  • Anti spin
  • A semi autonomous driving mode coupled with an adaptive cruise control

Price of Tesla Model X in Nigeria

The price is about 55 million Naira. However, note that the performance variant costs more than the long range variant.

Final Thoughts

Tesla cars in Nigeria and great but the Tesla driver is greater. Being that the car is built around drivers, it should be a great option for you. You might surprise someone with this, would be nice right?

Depending on your pocket, going for either of the 4 Tesla cars would be great. Tesla Model 3 is great, Tesla Model S is great, Model Y and X are equally great but a Tesla driver is greater. So, become a Tesla driver today.

To avoid issues with road agencies, here are all documents required to drive a car in Nigeria. Also, you can import a Tesla car from the US to Nigeria comfortably.

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