14 Things to Sell in Nigeria Fast

If you do not know the best things to sell in Nigeria, you won’t earn you might sell unprofitable items. In this article, I will disclose the profitable things you can sell to make money in Nigeria.

things to sell in nigeria

A typical thing to sell in Nigeria should something that people consume most in Nigeria. If the competition is high, then settle with selling a low competitive product.

You can earn at least 100,000 Naira selling things in Nigeria; so far you know what people demand, you can establish a big name in the country.

In the section below, I compile a list of fast selling products in Nigeria for you. Moreover, you can sell them both online and offline.

Things to Sell in Nigeria

Below are the things you should sell in Nigeria:

  1. Computers/Accessories/Parts and Software

When computers arrive in Nigeria, they usually arrive in bulk quantity due to high demand. Typically, the UK used computers in stock are very fast selling products in Nigeria.

What you need is an advertisement to boost sales of the products.

The computer parts are also top things to sell in Nigeria. For example, the flex of a computer is what usually goes bad; thus, people will demand replacement faster.

An accessory gives additional functionality to the computer; it sells more than the computer itself.

You may also sell computer software in the form of a CD, which costs between 200 and 500 Naira.

  1. Body Soaps and Detergents

Body soaps and detergents are fast selling products online in Nigeria. Why body soaps and detergents sell fast in Nigeria is that people consume them often.

What sells most online in Nigeria

If you can produce branded soaps and detergents, you could become even richer. I recommend learning how to make soaps and detergent to sell, rather than buying and reselling.

  1. Used Clothes

If you buy the UK or the US used clothes, you could be making at least 50,000 a week, especially if you target the right audience for the clothes.

Ready-made clothes are expensive, which is why I recommend selling used clothes. But if you can afford to buy ready-made, you will still sell them, especially to students, civil servants, etc.

  1. Articles and eBooks

Apart from material things, write-ups are things to sell in Nigeria. Need I mention the growing demand for writers in Nigeria? To sell stuff such as eBooks, articles, books, etc., you do not have to be sound academically. Of course, you can hire people to write for you while you sell the writeups.

You can sell eBooks beyond Nigeria using e-markets such as Amazon, Fiverr, etc.

  1. Phones and Accessories

With the likes of Tecno, Infinix, etc. releasing premium designs at cheaper costs, the phone business sells faster in Nigeria.

Other than renting a physical shop, you can set up an online store to serve as your market place. You could use third-party platforms such as Jumia, OLX, and Olist to list mobile phones for sale.

The phones could be in your home while you ship to the buyers after payments. You can adopt the dropshipping business style by buying products from wholesalers to retails to buyers conveniently.

Regarding phone accessories, it is common for people to need accessories for their phones. It could the phone pouch, charger, USB, earpiece, power bank, etc.

  1. Deodorants and Perfumes

Nigerians love to smell nice and they need these products to achieve that.

You must either be an authority in a particular brand of perfumes or multiple brands. Dealing with a particular brand might reduce your customer base, but it gives you an identity in the field.

Selling imported brands from places such as Dubai and China means more than just having customers, it builds a brand for you that attracts more money.

  1. Hair Extensions

You can take anything away from a Nigerian woman but not her beautiful looks. In most states across Nigeria, there are business centers that deal specifically with women’s hair extensions.

It implies that women buy lots of hair extensions than almost any other addition to their beauty.

To win a woman’s heart for your hair extensions, packaging matters in Nigeria. If you’re using an online store, take the best shots of the hairs and list them for sale. Also, do not use ugly mannequins to sample the hair.

  1. Cakes

The cakes we know as deliciously baked foods from the mixture of flour, egg, sugar, and fat sell pretty fast in Nigeria.

Countless events require cakes for celebration. We have birthdays, inaugurations, coronation, wedding, anniversaries, etc. The list is countless and it suggests that the demand is high. What you require are competence and excellent baking.

  1. Electronic

One of the things to sell in Nigeria is electronic. You should establish the business in a good location to be visible to many potential buyers.

These products make great sales in the online markets and physical stores attract even more sales. Consider making it an option but you must have experience in the field of electronics.

The audience that buys electronics are both male and female but expect more sales from males. When advertising your electronic business on social platforms such as Facebook, your target audience should be men mostly between the age of 20 and 60.

  1. Groceries

Food is essential for every human. Without food, people in Nigeria would not have the energy to proceed with their daily jobs.

Groceries are one of the things to sell in Nigeria that sells regardless of the location.

Moreover, some persons could buy groceries for their pets, but not often. You may advertise groceries online for sale, but you will not get the right amount of patronage.

Instead of hoping to sell groceries online steadily, get a physical store, advertise the store online, and offline for people to visit to buy groceries.

  1. Mattress/Beddings

If mattresses do not sell fast in Nigeria, other bad materials would. People buy additional bed materials such as a pillow, pillowcase, etc.

Beddings are not expensive and you can learn to sew without buying ready-made. Of course, the cost of the beddings would be determined by factors such as the material and cost of production materials.

  1. Jewelry

If possible, order for jewelry outside Nigeria because you’ll so sell them as imported at higher prices. Jewelry is patronized a lot in Nigeria, most especially by the adorable women.

Be it silver, diamond, or gold-plaited, jewelry is one of the products to sell in Nigeria.

Less expensive but glaring jewelry sells faster. If you deal in cheaper jewelry, your targets should be younger women and men, especially the students. People of this category may not have enough money to order for luxurious jewelry.

  1. Handmade Handbags

You could make and sell handbags in Nigeria. Of course, they are one of the top things you can sell and that are profitable in Nigeria.

After you learn the skills, get a physical store in a good location. Create pages on top platforms such as Facebook and a local platform such as Nairaland. Publish lovable pictures and videos of your handmade bags to attract buyers.

You can target students in the colleges because they will patronize the business to look cute.

  1. Shoes

You can win every man’s soul with good looking shoes coupled with superb leather quality. If you pull this, both male and female genders will patronize your venture.

List of fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria

Do yourself more favours by picking the best shoes and hitting public offices with them. If you do not sell all, you will sell half of it.

Also, get a good camera or a mobile phone with excellent camera quality and take photos of the shoes. Create a Facebook page, upload the photos, and advertise with when you have money.

Final Thought

Now that you know the best things to sell in Nigeria, pick the one you can sell most in your location. You may conduct a simple market survey in your state to know what product people need the most.

After you decide on the thing to sell, plan money for advertisements. Of course, you must advertise the business to gather clients and build to excellent business profile for yourself.

Lastly, make sure to sell products of standard quality always. Although cheap products are affordable and easy to sell fast, you will lose customers. And people will not recommend you to others.