Best Toyota Cars Below 1 million Naira in Nigeria

It’s the desire of everyone to possess a vehicle. This is why salary workers consistently look for reasonable cars to purchase. Although cars are costly, there are still affordable ones like Toyota cars below 1 million Naira.

In Nigeria, a car is proof that you’ve stepped up and you are therefore worthy of respect. In Lagos, it has even become a need, due to the unfortunate scramble for public transports daily. With Toyota leading the pack as Nigeria’s favorite car, it would be a dream to own one without breaking the bank. However, most people don’t know there are reasonable Toyota cars below 1 million Naira? Yes, they will work well for you, without you knowing every one of the mechanics in your local.

So just sit back and relax if you have your budget for a car less than 1 million. Below is our list of 7 Toyota cars under one million Naira in Nigeria, so you can make your choice based on your spending limit.

  1. Toyota Camry

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira


This is effectively one of the most moderate Toyota cars below 1 million Naira. Some might still ask why I should go for a Toyota Camry? First, the fuel utilization is amazing with its 2.2 liters cap.It has a greater room to breathe and space for a vehicle of its cost. The 1999 Camry model would undoubtedly be ranked as one of the most grounded Toyota products at any rate.

The Toyota Camry is exceptionally good for Uber business. See the Uber car requirements in Nigeria for Toyota Camry.

Talking about the Corolla without making a reference to Camry is almost impossible. It joins effectiveness, style and mileage and can withstand extreme street landscapes. Yes, you can say it’s built for the Nigerian road.

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Being a car less than 1 million, you can obtain a spotless Nigeria used Toyota Camry at about N800,000. Checking the likes of Jiji, Cheki, Carmart, etc could well land you a Toyota Camry for as low as N600,000.

  1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira


The Corolla, as earlier stated, is a sturdy roadster like its twin – The Camry. Since its presentation in 1966, to when it turned into a smash hit in 1974, it has consistently stayed atop of the game.

The Toyota Corolla can go for as long as 60,000 miles before you have to replace the timing belt. That such a roadster is on our list of cars under one million Naira in Nigeria speaks volumes about its affordability.

A used 2007 Toyota Corolla can be purchased in Nigeria for somewhere in the range of N800,000.

  1. Toyota Picnic

toyota cars below one million Naira


The Toyota Picnic, otherwise called the Toyota Avensis, is a medium MPV which was first presented by the Japanese organization in 1997.

This 7-seater ride makes our list of Toyota cars below 1 million Naira. It is controlled by both gas and diesel, which is great for times of scarcity. The primary model was kept underway until 2001.

As its name inspires, the vehicle is intended to picture a cookout and massive outlines. The Toyota picnic offers a comfy ride with lots of space.

The Picnic offers a decent exhibition with complete leather interiors to keep everyone relaxed. This is good value for money as a car less than 1 million. A functioning used 2005 Toyota Picnic could be purchased at about N900,000.

  1. Toyota Sienna 2005

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira


Sienna is one of the cars less than 1 million Naira in Nigeria. The Sienna remains one of the most loved in the Nigerian market since its presentation in 1997. It is adaptable, rough and practical simultaneously. It also gives perfect execution for a car under one million in Nigeria.

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Oddly enough, this is the sort of vehicle Nigerians like for the streets. It came in as a substitute for the original Previa van in 1997.

An upgrade in 2003 –that produced the 2004 model- expanded the measurements to coordinate those of its competitors. As of now, the Sienna is the main minivan in its particular group to offer an all-wheel driving system. This is quite amazing for a car on our list of Toyota cars below 1 million Naira.

A neatly used 2005 Toyota Sienna could go for about N850000.

  1. Toyota Yaris 2006

Toyota cars less 1 million Naira


One might ask, “what is the Toyota Yaris?”. The standard reply is that it’s Toyota’s substitution for the Echo hatchback. The Toyota Yaris looks considerably more intentional, also progressively generous. The last part is upheld by the vehicle’s development to 3,825 millimeters. This converts into an amazing measure of inside space for a subcompact.

With just the right amount of front headroom and legroom Indeed, pleasure driving is the result. Even the travelers sitting arrangements are well structured, enough for any passenger to feel at home. This is incredible for a car less than 1 million in Nigeria.

All things considered, this is one car that is worth its value, particularly when we’re talking comfort cars. The Toyota Yaris goes between N790,0000 and N950000 for a Tokunbo.

  1. Toyota Matrix

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira


Toyota started transporting its new youth-centred Matrix models in February. First depicted as a hybrid utility vehicle, this roadster makes our Toyota cars below 1 million Naira list.

With the all new Toyota matrix, the Japanese builders trust the car to be a hit with the youthful car buyers. Partly being a wagon, a car, minivan and an SUV, the Matrix is in a league of its own.

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High headroom and adaptable seating positions are among the car’s unique traits. The XRS sport model comes with FWD and packs an extra 50 pull and a six-speed-manual gearbox.  This roadster was delivered in Ontario, Canada. Who would have imagined this to be a car less than 1 million? You can get one for as low as N930,000.

  1. Toyota RAV4

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira


RAV4 is one of the powerful Toyota cars below 1 million Naira. This car gives you a sense of SUV, and a premium touch. If you are all about class, the RAV4 is highly recommended. Moreover, despite being an SUV costing this low, the fuel economy is lovely. The maintenance cost is as low as what you could imagine for a car of this class. With regular oiling and servicing, the RAV4 could go months without faults.

An average working-class family owns at least a 2006, 2007, 2010, and 20111 model of the RAV4. Make it a choice and enjoy the uniqueness of Toyota.

Concluding Toyota Thoughts

Additionally, before you purchase Toyota cars below 1 million Naira, you should ensure that you subject the vehicle to intensive examination by an expert and trusted mechanic.

Did you know? All the listed Toyota cars under one million Naira are part of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria?

Wondering about where to buy any of these cars less than 1 million Naira in Nigeria? Here is where to buy cars in Nigeria. Get either Tokunbo or fairly used from there.

Meanwhile, do you know the documents to collect when buying a used car in Nigeria? You should know before purchasing that  fairly used vehicle.

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