Latest Uber Car Requirements in Nigeria – Best Cars for Uber

Have you the intention to take on Uber and start earning in Nigeria? Then, here are the Uber car requirements in Nigeria that you should ensure are in place before signing up. Also, you’ll find out about the best cars for Uber in Nigeria.

Uber Car Requirements in Nigeria

Uber is a great addition to taxi companies in Nigeria. Today, we would just sit in our bedrooms to order a cab with just a few clicks. For drivers, it becomes really easy to find clients without burning fuel for nothing.

Uber Nigeria car requirements are not quite hefty. Moreover, the company does not require cars like Lamborghini, Bentley, etc. for a driver to qualify in Nigeria. Instead of extensively wondering like, “what kind of car can I use for Uber in Nigeria?”, read this article. It contains just what you need to know concerning Uber car requirements in Nigeria.

Best Cars for Uber in Nigeria

In this section, we will discover the best cars accepted for Uber in Nigeria.

Uber car requirements in Nigeria

With regards to the requirements for Uber, this section lists the cars eligible for UberX and UberSelect.

Below are the best cars for Uber in Nigeria.

Eligible Cars for UberSelect

UberSelect is a premium package and the eligible cars include:

Toyota — Prado & Land Cruiser.

Lexus — RX350, RX450, GS 450, GS 460, LS 460 & 570.

Infiniti — Q56, Q60, JX, M, M35, M37, M45 and & M56.

Cadillac — CTS.

Dodge — Journey & Durango.

Ford — Exporer, Expedition & Edge.

BMW — X3, X4, X5, X6, Series, 6 Series & 7 Series.

Acura — RLX, MDX & RL.

Audi — S6, S7, S8, Q5, A6 & A7.


Lincoln — MKX & MCT.

Mercedes Benz — M-Class, G-Class, GL-Class & E-Class.

Suzuki — Grand Vitara.

Porsche — Panamera & Cayenne.

Rolls Royce — Phantom & Ghost.

Land Rover — Range Rover Sport & Range Rover.


Eligible Cars for UberX

This is the entry-level package from Uber. The eligible cars include:

Toyota — RAV4, Prius, Venza, Corolla, Avalon, Avensis, Camry & Highlander.

Lexus — Lexus ES350 ans Lexus GS350.

Nissan — Murano, Maxima, Rogue & Xterra.

Kia — Rio, Sedona, Sportage, Optima & Sorento.

Jeep — Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Compass & Liberty.

Mazda — Mazda 6, CX-5, CX-7 & CX-9.

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VW — Tiguan, Touareg & Jetta

Infiniti — Q50.

Geely — MK.

Honda — Crosstour, CR-V, Civic, Accord & Element.

Dodge — Charger.

Ford — Fusion & Focus.

Chrysler — 300.

BMW — 3 Series.

Acura — TL & RDX.

Audi — A4.

Chvrolet — Cruze & Epica.

Hyundai — Sonata, Santa Fe, Accent, Elantra & Veracruz.

Lincoln — MKS & MCK.

Complete Uber Car Requirements in Nigeria

  1. At Least a 2000 Model

The least model accepted by Uber for vehicles is a 2000s model. Any car beyond this year would/might not be considered by the company. This is equally a good option for the company that favors potential drivers because cars from 2000 are less costly. Once your car carries the look and label of a 2000 model, it qualifies as the best car to use for Uber in Nigeria in this category.

  1. Car Condition

Uber Nigeria does not accept badly damaged vehicles. When the damage on a vehicle is obviously too high and rickety, Uber will not accept it. If such is the case, neither you nor the passengers will enjoy your ride. In essence, Uber Nigeria requires cars in good condition and with no cosmetic damage.

  1. 4-Door Car

A very vital requirement is the 4 doors. If a car spots less than 4 doors, it will be a problem for both passengers and the driver. The reason is that there are occasions where you’d have to pick up more than one passenger. Another reason is that you might be ordered by a bossy kind of client who would prefer to relax in the rear seat.

  1. An Active Radio

This is another of the Uber car requirements in Nigeria to note. Having a working qualifies your car as the best car to use for Uber in Nigeria in this category. However, it does not necessarily mean that the radio is what keeps the car going. It is just to offer some sort of entertainment to clients who are often bored. Moreover, Uber recommends setting the radio volume at a level a bit beyond average. To get the best of sonorous bass, you might consider getting car audio and an amplifier to help relax the audio production. This is what I do with my Uber vehicle and it is such a relaxing thing to do.

  1. 4 Passenger-Seat Support

Vehicles without support for 4 seats are not accepted by Uber Nigeria. Your vehicle must have 4 seats for comfortability.

  1. Working Air Conditioner

Uber Nigeria expects intending Uber drivers to have a functioning air conditioner in the car. This is a way of offering nothing but comforts to clients. This would also be of a great addition to you as you would not sweat while stuck in holdups. Would clients love it either? No, they won’t. Ensure this to be in place in order to attract a good driver rating from clients.

  1. Functioning Window

Front and rear windows must be fully functional before acceptance by Uber Nigeria.

  1. Vehicle Must Not Be a Van/Truck

Cars with truck-like appearance are rejected. If you do not have such specified vehicles, you might want to get a required one on hired purchase.

  1. Government Cars are Not Acceptable

Avoid the use of cars that have some sort of marks or that belong to a particular organization.

  1. Salvaged Cars Would are Not Acceptable

Do not present salvaged cars that have been rebuilt. Such cars are not the norm in Uber Nigeria and would be rejected. Apply with cars that are not salvaged and you will be accepted. This is an approach by Uber to prevent any form of breakdown or whatever during trips.

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Documents/Paperwork Required by Uber Nigeria

  1. An Active Insurance

It is not a new thing in Nigeria that most car owners avoid having working insurance services for their vehicles. Well, Uber Nigeria requires this paperwork to ensure that your ride goes fully operational. This is equally helpful to you as an Uber driver because the cost of vehicle damages will not be on you. Without insurance paperwork, I’m afraid that Uber Nigeria will not consider your vehicle as the best car to use for Uber in Nigeria under this category. To be certain of your insurance, look out for the following:

  • The insurance policy must state that your vehicle is “comprehensively insured”.
  • The policy number must be clearly stated in the document.
  • The name of the insurance company must be clearly stated.

With the above in place, your vehicle is ready in this category.

  1. Report for Vehicle inspection

There are several companies that carry out vehicle inspection. This helps Uber Nigeria to ascertain the health of a vehicle before admission. Contact companies like Cars45 and VisaCheck to inspect your vehicle. To contact any of these companies for a vehicle checkup is quite easy. Simply head to the websites and select the appropriate link for the process-proper on how to inspect your vehicle. If you do know of any inspection company around you, apply there. This should cost between 2,000 Naira and 4,000 Naira. The estimated minutes for inspection is about 35 minutes.

Once done, obtain the inspection report for your vehicle. You’re to scan and upload this onto your Uber profile and it must be clear.

  1. Road Worthiness

Technically, not all cars are road-worthy in Nigeria. To confirm your car’s road-worthiness, head to the nearest secretariat in your state to complete all paperwork. You would be issued a document highlighting your vehicle’s road-worthiness. However, this particular document is only required for residents in Lagos. That is, if you’re in another state within Nigeria, you would not require the roadworthiness form.

Uber Car Requirements in Nigeria

How to Upload Documents to Uber

  • Go to
  • Login to your account
  • Find and click on your profile
  • Click on manage documents
  • Select the document you want to upload and click upload
  • Clearly take a photo of the document you want to upload or simply scan the document and upload it (I recommend scanning and uploading the document for a clearer view).
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Uber Driver Requirements in Nigeria

You Must Be 21 Years of Age

Underage Nigerians are not permitted to participate in the Uber program. You must be at least 21 to qualify for the millions awaiting you as an Uber driver in Nigeria.

Valid Driver’s License

Make sure to have a valid driver’s license or miss out. Also, do not use the driver’s license of another driver.

Know the Road Rules

You must knowthe basic road rules in Nigeria before qualifying as an Uber driver in Nigeria. It is an essential Uber driver requirement in Nigeria that aids assess the kind of drivers permitted to operate for Uber.

A Complete Vehicle Documents

Uber won’t admit you if you do not have all the vehicle documents to drive in Nigeria. Endeavor to have each of them in place to boost your chances of being admitted by Uber.

How Much Does Uber Pay Car Owners in Nigeria

An Uber driver in Nigeria earns 50,000 Naira average in a week.

However, this estimation is determined by certain factors including:

  • Uber plan (UberX or UberSelect)
  • Location
  • Working duration

How to Register for Uber in Nigeria

  1. Present your vehicle for inspection.
  2. Prepare the required Uber documents as mentioned in this article.
  3. Create an Uber account (scroll up to see how to upload Uber documents properly).
  4. Onboard process.
  5. Background check.

For the onboard check, Uber uses the onboard check process to determine your qualification into the drive-sharing program.

The background check stage is used to ascertain the following:

  • Vehicle record
  • Criminal record
  • Driving record
  • Overall information about you.

Author’s Final Thoughts

Here are all you need to know about Uber car requirements in Nigeria. These Uber Nigeria car requirements, as you can see, are not so stressing. They are just normal things a reliable vehicle should carry to ensure comforts.

Even when you eventually signup for Uber, ensure that all these things function properly. These would help you get good driver ratings from clients on every ride. With your Uber car ready, read how to make money with your car at any time of the day.

All in all, Uber Nigeria services are simply examples of what cab companies should be like. Follow the tradition and watch yourself earn big within a few days of driving. You can always check into Nairaland Autos for Uber drivers reviews and pieces of advice.

Do you know how to drive in Nigeria? You need to find out!